Montreal FRINGE-COMA 2014 – Video Postscript

mtl fringe…and that was that!  I’m back in Ottawa now, trying to get all my shit together to tackle our own Fringe, and my brief madcap assault on the Montreal Fringe festival is over.  It was a wild time, and if anyone got lost in the bedlam of posts I was throwing up all over the place, here’s a handy alphabetic list of all my show reviews:

12 tongues

Aiden Flynn lost his Brother so he Makes Another


Bandolier of Dreams

Crook of my Dreams

the Dysmorphia Diet

Garden of Knives

God is a Scottish Drag Queen II

Gravity: a Tragedy

High Tea

Housebum: a Superhero on Trial

IMO (In My Opinion)

Kitt and Jane: A Survival Guide for the Near Post-Apocalyptic Future



My Playwright Sister

Over It


the Quitter

Real Dead Ghosts

Shadow Waltz

Shirley Gnome: She’s Presenting

Loved a LOT of these shows, and appreciated them ALL.   Hope to see lots of these performers, and shows, in Ottawa some day.  Such a great Festival.  I have a lot of other stuff to ramble on about, but quite frankly, my typing fingers need a break after this weekend.  So, I’ll just let this guy tell you all about it.  He goes on a while,, I totally understand if you don’t watch.

Peace, love and soul, Montreal Fringe,

Kevin Reid

PS: Just in case my dumb joke in there sounded like a dig at all, those 2 hostels REALLY ARE amazing, and highly recommended.  For reals.

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