So besides this little trip to Montreal Fringe, I’ve of course been kind of a regular at the Ottawa Fringe for going on seven years now. On top of that, I’ve made theatrical roadtrips previously to both the Victoria and Toronto Fringes. At both of those, actually, I had the chance to catch a certain performer in action and, on both occasions, got royally sold-outted for my troubles. This was clearly a cat who required some advance planning to snare, so when I found out he’d be here for the Montreal Fringe, I booked my ticket as far in advance as I could manage. Third time was gonna be the charm for my, by cracky.

And it worked! Here in Montreal I finally got in to see the infamous Mike Delamont, and his even infamous-er alter ego in his latest touring show GOD IS A SCOTTISH DRAG QUEEN II. More a continuing adventure than a sequel, the show features Delamont as the aforementioned Scotch-tongued powersuit-sporting ultimate deity of deities, sharing some omnipotent Heavenly wisdom with us mere mortals, and cracking us all right the Hell up in the bargain.


Riffing on a collection of themed topics including churches (too scary), circumcision (ouch), Noah’s Ark (bullshit) and much more, while occasionally and often veering off into unscripted tangents, Delamont’s God is an astoundingly hilarious higher power, bringing the house down with practiced charm and dynamite material. It isn’t hard to see why he sells out so much, and I’m happy to say his set is indeed worth the wait. He has a keen eye for the hypocrisies in everyday AND religious life, although the show isn’t anywhere near as blasphemous as some might fear. Delamont has no hatred of Christianity…it’s some of the nutjobs claiming to be Christians that get him steamed. Well, them and cats. See the show, folks, and all the divine wisdom will be revealed to you, one joke at a time.  Peace, love and soul,

Kevin Reid

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