THE VISITORIUM is the web home of one Kevin Reid, aka The Visitor (it’s a long story), an Ottawa based theatre fanboy and amateur reviewer.  The Visitorium opened in June of 2010 to mild applause, and has been growing steadily ever since.  While most of the content is Theatrical review, previews and interviews have started to creep in there over the months, as well as several notable guest reviewers helping Kevin out with the mighty task of covering the Ottawa Theatre scene. It’s a bigger job than it looks!

If you have a show you’d like Kevin and the Visitorium to cover, promote or preview, drop us a line at:   visitor.tba@gmail.com

After that, feel free to like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter, because that makes Kevin feel all appreciated and stuff since you people never leave comments, damn you.  And if you want to know a bit more about why this weirdo does what he does, check out this video interview courtesy of Cory Thibert of May Can Theatre:




  1. Hi “Kevin”
    I just wanted to thank you for coming to our performance (Art DeXo) and having an open mind! It makes me so thrilled to know that you enjoyed yourself. This has been the only fringe that I’m feeling like dance just doesn’t fit in, which is a shame since both Ottawa and this fringe are so awesome! Hope to run into you soon!

  2. Hey Kevin

    Thanks so much for the kind words about “SmackHeaded Peter” – I will pass them along to the director, the cast and the writer.

    All the best

    Marilla (Mother Cheapside)

  3. Just wanted to let you know that Sweet Tarts Takeaway is a finalist in the Entertainment Category of the Pilots Competition at the Banff World Media Festival.

    We are one of six finalists in the category, and the only comedy (the other finalists include game shows and reality tv programming). The winner will be announced at the competition on June 13 in Banff. I and one of the actors (Jerome Bourgault) will be heading to Banff to represent the show, which involves all local talent.



  4. Kevin!
    Loooove the blog. Thorough and well written. Gettin’ all sentimental like for the Nation’s Capitol.
    Thanks for the kind comments at the AFG.
    I’m in Nanaimo now (loooong story…one worthy of tabloid sensation….email me for details.)


  5. Hi Kevin!
    We’d love to share The Troubles with you at Venue 7!
    The shows done well in Vancouver and so far we’re hearing very positive feedback in Victoria. I’d love to know what you think,
    Anne-Sophie Woolnough

  6. Anothr one not to miss- Macbeth at the Galdstone October 2012. There may even be free food! Want some tix? Go on the Salamander Theatre for Young Audiences website and email us.

  7. hi kevin
    and warm winter greetings from udaipur rajasthan … saw your praise for sarah conn’s “rituals of the unfamiliar” … ah the wonderwebworkings!
    please ensure the writersfete.com – (8-10 mai) – and the tadafestival.ca (late sept this year) are on your radar …
    best regards .. peter gillies

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