Montreal FRINGE-COMA 2014 – OVER IT

Sticking around downtown this day for a double bill at the cozy Montreal Improv theatre, because I already had more then enough walking in store for this particular day of Montreal Fringe, oh yes. But that suited me just fine anyhow, as the next show in question looked like a fun, shorter piece that I wanted to give a look-see.

A one-woman show (always my fav’rit) from Dressed by Mum productions, Laura Pearson’s OVER IT is an ambitious solo endeavour indeed, written, directed AND performed by the sprightly Ottawa U grad (yay!). The story follows Justine, a diplomat’s daughter as she unintentionally travels the world, trying to figure out which place to call home. But where do you say you’re from when you’re born in one country, raised in another, and now living in a third, all before you hit your teens? Add in some major friction between her poorly matched parents and Justine is being torn in multiple directions at once, searching for an identity she’s not even sure exists.


OVER IT is a charming and brave show, and Laura Pearson has energy to spare that she happily brings in full force to the stage, most evident in a few comically staged dance routines from her alter-ego’s youth. She also is clearly a pretty gifted comedic performer, and really shines in split-character moments with Nadine’s goofy childhood friend and dance partner Katie. A few of those character transitions needed some smoothing over, and the show itself could have used a touch of outside dramaturgy, freeing Pearson up to really sink into her roles. The story itself is very heartfelt, and could easily have been delved into with more substance, though Pearson’s writing is solid. This is a strong and ambitious actor with potential to spare, my friends…if you have a chance, check her out in this sweet and funny piece before she OWNS this town in a few years. Seriously, keep your eyes on this one. She’s goin’ places. Peace, love and soul,

Kevin Reid

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