A dash to my second venue of the night…it was my last evening of shows at the 2014 Montreal Fringe Festival, and my schedule was a bit tightly packed. And if that’s any sort of accidental double-entendre, I blame it on the influence of the lady whose show I saw that night. Any person selling commemorative sex-towels as merchandise is BOUND to put a naughty idea or two in your head.

The show was SHIRLEY GNOME: SHE’S PRESENTING, taking place at Montreal’s petit campus venue just off St.Laurent. I got my complimentary pink clip-on mini-cowboy hat at the door from the lady herself, just before I bought a beer and took my cabaret-style seat at the wonderfully dingy club and waited for the fun to begin. Shirley herself soon took to the stage, making her own introductions and carrying a sweet guitar. A musical revue-style show, Shirley is a really funny and engaging host as she belts out her retinue of songs, each one dirtier and funnier than the last…well, okay, the opening song MASTURBATION OVER BREAKFAST may actually have ended up as my fav’rit, but there’s something for every different kind of pervert in Shirley’s considerable bag of tricks. Animals? Got it. Fucking while stoned? Covered. Sexually attracted to a friend? Shirley will guide you through that tricky situation with a song and a smile.


Shirley’s a clever and prolific songwriter and has an amazing voice that makes even the filthiest lyric go down like a nice cold beer. Her mid-song repartee is top-notch too, and WILL make you want to have a drink or ten with her, and soon. And did I mention that, as I was writing this review, she got nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award? So yeah…the lady’s funny, too. Like, DAMN funny. My one regret from the show is that I had to run out so fast to my next show I didn’t have the chance to buy any merch. If she ever makes it to Ottawa to steam the capitol up a few degrees, I’ll correct that mistake. Peace, love and soul,

Kevin Reid

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