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Coming Up in January 2018

In Theatre on January 6, 2018 at 6:56 pm

And now for something completely different/less problematic/more like what I always used to do! All the Theatre you need to see (and more, or maybe less, I dunno) coming this January!  **UPDATED Jan 10 – added Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro **

ALICE IN WINTERLAND at the Gladstone. One day left for this bit of winter fun! Ends on the 7th (sorry this is late, I’m a bit rusty).


MR SHI AND HIS LOVER at the National Arts Centre Studio. Music and theatre combine in this hotly anticipated arrival to the big room. Plays the 3rd to 13th!

Getting to room Temp


GETTING TO ROOM TEMPERATURE at the Gladstone. Back from a hot run at Undercurrents, Arthur Milner’s tragicomic wonder starring Robert Bockstael is a sure thing. From the 8th to 13th.


AN INSPECTOR CALLS at Ottawa Little Theatre.  A slapstick live-action cartoon escapade (I’m assuming it’s Inspector Gadget who’s calling).  From the 10th to 27th.


LEGALLY BLONDE at Academic Hall, from the University of Ottawa Musical Theatre Society.  Mostly sold out, but if you hurry you can still nab a ticket to this toe-tapper, based on the classic movie GREMLINS (I think). The 10th to 14th.

887 at the National Arts Centre Theatre, from Ex Machina. Robert LePage returns with a tale of memory, childhood, and some amazing theatre. From the 10th to 27th.


MAD MARGARET (staged reading) at Arts Court Courtroom, from Counterpoint Players.  Part of the TACTICS workshop series, a reading of a new Shakespeare-inspired play about  one of his unsung heroines! On the 14th only.


Alexis Scott in GROUNDED (photo by Andrew Alexander)

GROUNDED at the Gladstone Theatre, from Bear & Co. A one-woman show starring the mighty Miss Alexis Scott (OTS represent!) is a show ya can’t miss. I said it! From the 18th to 27th.

TRANS-SCRIPT at the Gladstone, from Faith and Arts Ottawa. An original play based on transgender experiences, for two nights only!  The 21st and 22nd.

TWELFTH NIGHT at the Kailash Mital Theare (Carleton Campus), from Sock’n’Buskin. One of Willy Shakes’ finest and funniest gets the Socky treatment. From the 18th-29th, and 25th to 27th.

Young wife.jpg

WHAT A YOUNG WIFE OUGHT TO KNOW at the GCTC. From Hannah Moscovitch…what else do YOU need to know? Go! From the 16th to February 4th.

MOZART’S THE MARRIAGE OF FIGARO at St.Brigid’s Centre for the Arts, from UOttawa. Yeah, we still got opera in Ottawa! LEt’s keep it that way and fill the seats on this gooder. From the 25th to 27th.

A PROMISE IS A PROMISE at the Nepean Creative Arts Centre (the 26th), the School of Dance (the 27th) and Shenkman Arts Centre (the 28th), from Rag & Bone Puppet Theatre. Family friendly fun from some masters, in a show based on the work of Robert Munsch and Inuit Storyteller Michael Kusugak!

LE DIRE DE DI at the NAC Studio, from Theatre la Catapulte et Theatre Francais de Toronto. Directed by the great Joel Beddows! The 31st to February 3rd.

Plus of course, there will be shows popping up from lots of local stalwarts like Crush Improv, Ottawa Storytellers, GRIMprov, the Improv Embassy, Outtake Improv and more, not to mention the usual bits of fun at Live! on Elgin. And if you feel like travelling, there’s also the NEXT STAGE FESTIVAL in Toronto and the WILDSIDE FESTIVAL in Montreal this month! Pretty sweet!

And why this sudden return to promoting upcoming theatre after so much time away? Well, this one is unreservedly self-serving gang, I have to admit, on account of…



KILLER JOE at the Carleton Tavern, from Chamber Theatre Hintonburg. Hoowee! Yes, at the end of this month I get the privilege of making my return to the Carleton ‘stage’ with the most exciting theatre company in town. You heard me! I will speak more of this dark southern-gothic event in an upcoming post, but for now just be forewarned that the real trailer park boys and girls are coming your way from the 31st thru February 19th. Get your tickets now!

Updates as I find stuff I’ve missed! Drop me a line on Facebook or Twitter (links around here…somewhere) if you spot something that oughtta be here. Peace, love, soul, and fuck Albert Shultz (almost made it),

Kevin Reid

Coming next month…Clean House!  Othello! More Killer Joe! UNDERCURRENTS! And much more.  Be there!

Coming Up in February 2015

In Theatre on February 1, 2015 at 10:07 am

Good old February…short but always sweet for us theatre types, weather be darned. Who worries about freezing half to death when there’s awesome theatre to be had? Some kinda jerk, I bet.

MOSS PARK at the GCTC. Still time to catch the latest bit of George F.Walker in this 2-hander from . Until the 8th.

night sky

NIGHT SKY at the Ron Maslin Playhouse, from Kanata Theatre. The 3rd through 14th.

STUFF HAPPENS at the NAC Theatre. A little walk down memory lane, George W.Bush style, with the NAC ensemble as our guides, from the 3rd to 21st.


MARION BRIDGE at the Gladstone Theatre, from Three Sisters Theatre. A new company brings us some classic MacIvor…who could ask for more? From the 11th to 21st.

SCHOOL FOR LIES at the Algonquin studio Theatre N112 (Building N), from Algonquin Theatre Arts. The great Catriona Leger directs the kickoff play of the Gonq’s new season! From the 11th to 15th.

THE QUEEN OF PARADISE’S GARDEN at the NAC 4th Stage. Andy Jones doing puppet Theatre for kids, which should be about as memorable as it gets. The 16h and 21st.


SABRINA FAIR at the Ottawa Little Theatre. The classic tale (best known courtesy of Audrey Hepburn and Hollywood) gets some OLT lovin’ to brighten up your winter. From the 17th to March 7th.

MARAT/SADE at Academic Hall, from Ottawa U. I’m not writing out the whole actual name of this play from Peter Weiss (directed here by Third Wall’s own James Richardson, en route to his MFA), so go see it and I’m sure it will be on the program. From the 24th to 28th.


BANKRUPT at the Gladstone Theatre, from Plosive Productions. New Semi-Musical featuring Ottawa superstars the Peptides! From the 25th to March 14th.

ZOO STORY/IT’S WHAT DR.JENKINS WOULD HAVE WANTED at 241 Residence Commons (Carleton Campus), from Sock’n’Buskin.  A One-Act Double Bill from the Sockies for a mere 5 bucks!  The 25th to 28th.

GAME OF BONES at the Velvet Room, from Eddie May Murder Mysteries. The popular dinner theatre romp continues every Saturday…based on the classic fantasy teevee show MANN AND MACHINE, I think.

Don't have an image file for the sexy new logo, sorry.  Old school it is!

Don’t have an image file for the sexy new logo, sorry. Old school it is!

February means the return of Ottawa’s sweet Independent Theatre Festival UNDERCURRENTS, this time making its Arts Court debut as a satellite of the Ottawa Fringe Festival. And as usual , a might fine lineup to look forward to. The fest runs from the 12th to 21st…check the website for full schedule info!

Balcome and McBride, finding themselves.

Balcome and McBride, finding themselves.

FAR & NEAR & HERE from Thunk! Theatre. Expanded and reborn from their original run at the Fresh Meat Festival two years ago, Thunk! Is back to make some magic courtesy of Karen Balcome and Geoff McBride.

MARATHON from Aharona Israel. Described as an “authentic process of increasing attrition happening before your eyes, in real time” So, yeah, don’t miss it.


PUNCH-UP from Theatre Brouhaha. A comic smash at the Toronto Fringe, this Kat Sandler creation is gonna be just as big a hit in Ottawa.

MUCH ADO ABOUT FECKIN’ PIRATES from Parry Riposte. Margo McDonald and Richard Gelinas return as bickering, improvising pirates in a show that basically writes itself. Diddling a likelihood.

LOVE+HATE from the Peptides (image by Bonnie Findley)

LOVE+HATE from the Peptides (image by Bonnie Findley)

LOVE + HATE from the Peptides. A hit at last year’s Ottawa Fringe, you don’t wanna miss this return appearance of the Peppies musico-theatre extravaganza. You really don’t.

SPIN from Evalyn Parry. Because not enough theatre incorporates bicycles, and Ms.Parry is here to solve that problem!

AIR from Tottering Biped. Expansion, Descent, Ascent, and flight…all yours at PWYC pricing!


JERK IT from May Can Theatre. Anonymous tales of masturbation read aloud, because sometimes theatre really is that Goddamned simple.

UN CABARET TRENDY-TRASH SIGNE LES POIDS PLUMES from les Poids Plumes. I won’t even venture a guess as to what this one-night only French cabaret adventure will consist of, only that you probably want to be there to find out.  And speaking of French Theatre…


LA CORNEILLE at Theatre de L’Ile.  Until the 28th.

LES GRAND-MERES MORTES at the NAC Studio. For young audiences, the 14th and 15th.

LE PROJET BOCAL at the NAC Studio. The 18th to 21st.

L’HISTOIRE DU GRILLON EGALE DANS UN SALON at the NAC Studio. 28Th and March 1st.


‘BOUT TIME at Mother McGinteys, from Crush Improv.  3 on 3 Improv action!  Monday the 2nd.  And Crush will also be hosting a one-day Improv Workshop with Colin Munch on the 14th.

DJUSTICE UNCHAINED at the Lunenburg Pub, from Hall of Justice Improv. On the 8th.


EFT-UP COMEDY SHOW at Pressed Cafe, from Experimental Farm Theatre. On the 12th.

First and last Wednesday of the month at the Cock’n’Lion, from Grimprov.

DON’T QUIT YOUR DAY JOB at the NAC 4th Stage, from the Magnetic North Theatre Festival.  Anjual fundraiser featuring MC Pierre Brault and a host of Ottawa’s Finest, plus food and bevvie from the Clocktower Brewpub and Thyme and Again!

FUSE at the GCTC, from Propellerdance. Multidisciplinary and inclusive dance goodness, on the 12th and 13th.

More to come!  Peace, love and soul,

Kevin Reid (and Winston)

Coming Up in January 2015

In Theatre on December 31, 2014 at 6:30 pm

A sparse month so far…which is all the more reason to see EVERYTHING, right?

Lois Anderson and Natasha Greenblatt  in ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS.

Lois Anderson and Natasha Greenblatt in ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS.

ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS at the NAC Theatre. A Handful of chances left to see one of the funnest spectacles of the year past. Until the 3rd!

FREEZING at the Gladstone Theatre. Family musical goodness, carrying on into the new year. Until the 4th.

CLYBOURNE PARK at the Ottawa Little Theatre. Ottawa premiere of a seriously acclaimed play. From the 13th to 31st.


TWO at the Gladstone Theatre, from 100th Monkey Productions. Starring the titanic thespian team of Michelle LeBlanc and Richard Gelinas…I don’t even CARE what the show is about, the cast is all I needed to know (tho John P.Kelly directing is good news as well). From the 14th to 31st.

MOSS PARK at the GCTC, from Green Thumb Theatre. A two-hander from the legendary George F.Walker. From the 20th to February 8th.


BONNIE & CLYDE: THE MUSICAL at the Kailash Mital Theatre (Carleton U.Campus), from Sock’n’Buskin. Singing and shooting, what could be better? From the 22nd to 31st.


LIGHT at Arts Court Theatre.  From Lisa Jeans comes the latest entry in TACTICS, in a show that I think we’re all gonna want to see.  From the 23rd to 31st.  And Help out on their Indiegogo page too if you’re feeling generous this New Years!

GAME OF BONES at the Velvet Room, from Eddie May Mysteries. Dinner theatre based on the fan favourite fantasy television program I DREAM OF JEANNIE. Every Saturday.

TWELFTH NIGHT SEASON LAUNCH AND FUNDRAISER at the NAC 4th Stage, from A Company of Fools. Fresh from a hot run of their terrific SHIPWRECKED collaboration with the GCTC, the Fools are ready to let us know what’s in store for 2015 (and hopefully make enough money to pay for it in the process). On the 5th!


LE LONG VOYAGE DE PIERRE-GUY B. At the NAC Studio. From the 28th to 31st.



‘BOUT TIME at Mother McGintey’s, from Crush Improv.  Monthly 3 on 3 improv combat!
IN HIGH RESOLUTION at the Lunenburg Pub, from Hall of Justice. On the 11th.

GRIMProv at The Cock and Lion on the first and last wednesday of the month.

EXPERIMENTAL FARM THEATRE returns on the 15th, at Pressed Cafe!

Crystal Basement at the Atomic Rooster on the last Tuesday of the month.


ROBBIE BURNS: A MAN’S A MAN FOR A’THAT at the NAC 4th Stage, from Ottawa Storytellers. On the 15th. And the OST’s next (UN)TOLD open Mic night is the 26th at the Black Rose in the Market.

More to come!  Peace, love and soul,

Kevin Reid (and Winston)

Coming Up in December 2014

In Theatre on December 1, 2014 at 4:44 pm

Before getting disappointed by Santa, treat yourself and yer pals to some awesome theatre instead!

Margo MacDonald and Scott Florence as Pommes and Restes.

Margo MacDonald and Scott Florence as Pommes and Restes.

POMMES AND ‘RESTES: SHIPWRECKED! ON THE TEMPESTUOUS LOST ISLAND OF NEVER, at the GCTC from A Company of Fools. Ottawa’s legendary clown duo return, and bring some of literature’s greatest characters along for the ride. A wonderful and foolish adventure, take it from me. Until the 14th.

glass menagerie

THE GLASS MENAGERIE at the Gladstone Theatre, from Bear and Company. Tennessee Williams’ classic gets a gorgeous treatment from director Eleanor Crowder and a terrific cast. Ends on the 6th.

THE RAILWAY CHILDREN at the Ottawa Little Theatre. An ambitious and family friendly production to close out 2014 at the OLT. Until the 13th.


THE TEMPEST at Dunton Tower, room 2017 (Carleton U campus), from Sock’n’Buskin. Last weekend for SnB’s take on Prospero and company. The 5th and 6th.

THE TALE OF A TOWN from Fixt Point Theatre. Starting at the GCTC on the 4th, Shenkman Arts Centre on the 5th, and Arts Court on the 6th, this show will then proceed to unfold at mystery site-specific locations nearby. Unmissable. Performances at 7 and 9 each night!

A CHRISTMAS CAROL at Ottawa Little Theatre, from Dufflebag Theatre and the Ottawa International Children’s Festival. One night only on the 7th to get your Dickens fix this season!

LA CAGE AUX FOLLES at Centrepointe Studio, from Suzart Productions. I remember when this movie played in Ottawa for 2 years straight (no pun intended).  Go see why! The 4th to 7th.

THE RADIO SHOW: CHRISTMAS CLASSICS at the Gladstone Theatre, from Plosive Productions. The annual Radio show is back, with an appropriately holiday-themed collection of hits. From the 9th to 14th.


NARNIA at Centrepointe Studio, from 9th Hour Theatre. 9th Hour finishes up their CS Lewis season with n all-out musical based on the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. From the 11th to 21st.

ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS at the NAC Theatre.  A big event of a play to close out the year, featuring the NAC ensemble plus special guests!  From the 9th to January 3rd.

FREEZING at the Gladstone Theatre. A wintery musical to keep you warm over Xmas. From the 18th to January 4th.


FAIRY TALE ENDING: THE BIG BAD FAMILY MUSICAL at the Ron Maslin Playhouse, from Kanata Theatre.  Family musical fun, and it’s even Canadian.  From the 27th to 30th.

PAUL HUTCHESON’S NEW YEAR’S EVE on the 31st, presented by Black Sheep Theatre. He’s back, and he’s bringing his pals with him (including Katie Hood, I hear) to ring in the New Year! Always a fantastic time.


HUIT FEMMES at Theatre de L’Ile. Until the 6th.

PHEDRE at the NAC Studio. From the 10th to 13th.

‘BOUT TIME at Mother McGintey’s, from Crush Improv Monday the 1st, featuring two all-star teams vying for your love, in a special show to raise funds for the Youth Services Bureau!

crush 007

007 ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL at Academic Hall, from Crush Improv. Celebrate seven years of funny, Bond-style. Remember you can use the promo code Visitorium to get 5 buck off the ticket price if you buy in advance!

GRIMPROV at the Cock and Lion, first and last Wednesday of every month.

EFT UP COMEDY SHOW at Pressed Cafe, from Experimental Farm Theatre. More eft up fun on the 11th!


THE HALL-IDAY SPECTACULAR at the Lunenburg Pub, December 14th from Hall of Justice Improv.

CRYSTAL BASEMENT at the Atomic Rooster, last Tuesday of every month.


TONIGHT ON OUR STAGE at the NAC 4th Stage. A one-night only variety show on the 16th, with a killer lineup of talent including Dynamite Motel, GRIMprov, Feckin’ Pirates and more!

Keep checking back, I update often as new stuff (or old stuff I missed) comes along!  Peace, love and soul,

Kevin Reid (and Winston)

Coming Up in November 2014

In Theatre on November 1, 2014 at 5:34 pm

November!! It’s more than just terrible moustaches.

FISH EYES and BOYS WITH CARS at the GCTC, from Nightswimming. Fishy car double-billed fun to start the month off right! Until the 2nd.

THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST at the National Arts Centre Theatre. The Wilde party continues until the 8th, courtesy of the NAC English Theatre ensemble.

The Hunchinson Family Players (tm).

The Hunchinson Family Players ™.

THE HUNCHBACKS OF NOTRE DAME at the Gladstone, from Under the Table and Black Sheep Theatre. November 1st is your last chance to catch the Hunchinson family in this fantastic Hugo-inspired comedy!

JACK STRAW at the Elmwood Theatre, from Linden House. Finishing up on the 1st and 2nd, some period hijinks from the Linden House gang.

THE SHAPE OF A GIRL at the Avalon Studio, from Cart Before the Horse. Hard hitting youth drama, featuring the unstoppable Megan Carty. Until the 2nd.

THE MOUSETRAP at the Ottawa Little Theatre. Last chance for Agatha Christie mystery goodness, until the 8th.


WHERE POPPIES BLOW at the GCTC, from Salamander Theatre. Two performances of this Moscovitch goodness on the 2nd at the GCTC, plus a few others listed above and on the website at various locations!

DOCTOR JEKYLL AND MISTER HYDE at the Ron Maslin Playhouse, from Kanata Theatre.  Classic Victoriana in Kanata!  From the 4th to 15th.

THE DIXIE SWIM CLUB at the Gladstone Theatre, from Phoenix Players. Co-stars the legend Bobby Roberts…what else do you need to hear?? From the 6th through 15th.


YOUNG LADY IN WHITE at Arts Court Theatre, from Evolution Theatre. Evolution is back, with the lead show in the awesome new TACTICS series season! Catch this one from the 7th through 15th.

BILLY BISHOP GOES TO WAR at the Avalon Studio, from Plosive Productions and the Acting Company. Chris Ralph re-enlists for another go at this Canuck musical classic. From the 7th to 23rd.

DO YOU WANT WHAT I HAVE GOT? A CRAIGSLIST CANTATA at the NAC Studio. I don’t exactly know what Craigslist is, but I’ll bet these people will let me know, via song. From the 12th to 22nd.

ex short play 2014

THE EXTREMELY SHORT NEW PLAY FESTIVAL at Arts Court Theatre, from New Theatre Ottawa. Short plays your thing? Here’s where to find’em! The 19th to 30th.

glass menagerie

THE GLASS MENAGERIE at the Gladstone Theatre, from Bear and Co. That Tennessee whatsisname hits the Gladstone stage, along with a cool cast. The 20th to December 6th.

FIDDLER ON THE ROOF at Centrepointe Theatre, from Orpheus Musical Society. Fiddles, rooves….this one has it all!! The 21st to 30th.

THE RAILWAY CHILDREN at the Ottawa Little Theatre. Travellin’ children for the holidays! The 25th to December 13th,


THE TEMPEST in room 2017 Dunton Tower (Carleton U. campus), from Sock’n’Buskin.  A change of pace and venue to kick of SNB’s new season!  The 28th to 30th, plus December 5th and 6th!

AND TO ALL A GOOD KNIFE at the Velvet Room, from Eddie May Murder mysteries.  A bloody Xmas show with a killer cast to start the season right.  Starts Saturday the 15th, then every Friday and Saturday this month.
          – Theatre Francais

HUIT FEMMES at Theatre de L’Ile. The 5th through December 6th.

EAUX at the NAC Studio. For young and old audiences. The 1st and 2nd

DEUX at the NAC Studio. Join Mani and Manu for a intimate piece of theatre indeed. The 5th to 8th.

VIOL at Academic Hall, for Comedie des Deux Rives.  Ottawa U French Theatre takes on Titus Andronicus!  The 18th to 22nd.

KISS AND CRY at the NAC Theatre. A movie in miniature filmed and projected before your eyes, the 26th to 29th.

          – Improv and Others

‘BOUT TIME on Monday the 3rd from Crush Improv, more 3 on 3 improv battle goodness! And lots more Crush this month, as they’ll be at Maxwell’s on the 14th with special guests Dave Morris and Missie Peters from Paper Street Theatre, and on the 22nd at Patty Boland’s with former Crush member Jodan Moffat!  Plus, Dave Morris will be hosting an improv workshop on the 15th (11 -2)  at the Routhier Community Centre.

APROVALYPSE from Hall of Justice Improv at the Lunenburg, on the 9th.

HOW TO START (literally), an improv workshop from Dani and Chris of Experimental Farm Theatre. On the 12th at the Dalhousie community centre! And the next EFT-up comedy show is on the 20th at the Pressed Cafe!


UOttawa’s Improv gang, MI-6 is having their first public show of the year on the 25th at the Lnenburg pub!

Plus, I’m assuming, the regular first and last wednesday improv slots for GRIMPROV at the Cock and Lion (join them on the 5th for THE LEAP!), plus the last Tuesday show from CRYSTAL BASEMENT at the Atomic Rooster.

And new addition, the Acting Company will be hosting a showcase performance of their advanced improv class on the 10th at 8pm, at the Avalon Studio!

wolf pelt

WOLF PELT FUNDRAISER on the 5th, at Arts Court Courtroom. Join Cory Thibert and his moviemaking pals at Wolf Pelt as they screen multiple supercool short films for your amusement (and hopefully donations)

Undercurrents LOGO NEW 300dpi-01

UNDERCURRENTS LAUNCH PARTY on the 12th at Arts Court. Now that the little festival that makes February fun has made thee move to Fringe territory, let’s see what Pat Gauthier has in store for us this time around!

More to come…I know I’m missing a few French shows at least, if not much more…stay tuned, and get on out there!!  Peace, love and soul,

Kevin Reid (and Winston)

Coming Up in March 2014

In Theatre on February 28, 2014 at 5:54 pm

Theatre Marches on!  See what I…oh, never mind.  Let’s just get a jump on what’s happening in March, starting witht he fact that there’s only the first of the month left to catch ENRON at the NAC Studio, and more importantly (for me) the TROIS (THREE) mini-festival at Arts Court Studio, featuring GRIMprov in the gloriously goofy START START ENERGY OFFICERS, May Can Theatre‘s harrowing WHAT ABOUT HORSES?, and Dead Unicorn Ink‘s ensemble dramedy ACCEPTABLE APPEARANCE THEORY, co-featuring myself and the OTS Orphanage Players!  Come on out, enjoy 3 beers for 10 bucks, and watch 3 cool shows!!

Bobby Robert (back only), Aaron Lajeunesse, Victoria Luloff and Patrice Ann Forbes i THE ACCEPTABLE APPEARANCE THEORY from Dead Unicorn Ink (photo by David Pasho).

Bobby Robert (back only), Aaron Lajeunesse, Victoria Luloff and Patrice Ann Forbes i THE ACCEPTABLE APPEARANCE THEORY from Dead Unicorn Ink (photo by David Pasho).

Oh, and some other stuff is happening too…

UNDERBELLY at the Gladstone Theatre, from Black Sheep/Stars and Hearts.  An unmissable adventure into the mind of William Burroughs, courtesy of the amazing Jayson MacDonald!  Until the 8th.

Jayson McDonald in UNDERBELLY (photo by William Beddoe)

Jayson McDonald in UNDERBELLY (photo by William Beddoe)

HALF LIFE at the Ottawa Little Theatre. A meditation on memory from the kids at LOT.  Until the 8th.

JESUS EVEN LOVES A CRAZY HORNY FEMINIST at Arts Court. One woman fun from Jen Hayward, from the 3rd to 5th.

THE BALD SOPRANO at Academic Hall, from Unicorn Theatre.  Martin Glassford helms this piece’o’Ionesco over at Ottawa U.  From the 4th to 8th.

Bald Soprano

SPAMALOT at Centrepointe Theatre, from Orpheus Musical Society.  Bring out your dead!  From the 7th to 16th.

THE MAGICIAN’S NEPHEW at the Centrepointe Studio Theatre, from 9th Hour Theatre.  Some Narnia for young audiences from the 9th Hour gang! From the 12th to 16th.

JERK IT – MAY CAN DOES MASTURBATION STORIES at Arts Court Library.  Pretty much what the title says, folks…May Can Theatre gives us the dose of sleaze Ottawa needs.  The 13th only!

MUCH ADO ABOUT FECKIN’ PIRATES at the Gladstone Theatre, from Parry Riposte Productions.  Richard Gelinas and Margo Macdonald as clowning pirates, directed by AL Connors.  Seriously, there’s no good reason to miss this, people.  The 13th to 29th.

A MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM at the Kailash Mital Theatre (Carleton U), from Sock’n’Buskin.  A Shakespearean capper to the Sockies’ 70th season!  From the 13th to 15th.

DANCING WITH RAGE at the GCTC.  Real life canuck superheroine Mary Walsh brings the pain.  From the 18th to April 6th.

BREAK BEFORE BEND at Centrepointe Theatre, from Edge Youth Productions.  18th to 19th, teen musical theatre at the ‘pointe.

FRANKENSTEIN at the Algonquin College Theatre.  It’s alive…and it’s directed by Zach Counsil! 19th to 23rd.


THE DUMB WAITER at the Avalon Studio, from Third Wall Theatre.  The 3rd Wall gang returns to the stage with some classic Pinter, in the intimate Avalon.  From the 21st to 30th.

MURDER IN NOIRVILLE at the Ron Maslin Playhouse, from Kanata Theatre.  Hardboiled fun out Kanata way, from the 25th to April 5th.


DRAMA AT INISH at the Ottawa Little Theatre, from Tara Players and OLT. Actors vs.Ireland!  From the 25th to April 12th.

A LA RECHERCHE DE ESCARGOTS/SEARCHING FOR SNAILS at Arts Court, from the Ottawa Stilt Union. I don’t even WANT to know details about this bilingual show…the imagination of the Stilters is always worth the wait.  From the 25th to 30th.

SEEDS at the NAC Theatre. More Canadian star power as Eric Peterson tackles Annabel Soutar’s tale of Man vs. Monsanto.  26th to 12th.

FAMILY IN A BOX at the Glebe Community Centre, from GNAG.  Multigenerational drama from the Glebe’s very own theatre gang!  From the 26th to 29th!

DEATH OF A SALESMAN at the Carleton Tavern, from Chamber Theatre.  You can’t keep a good salesman down!  Chamber’s new take on the Loman family hits the tavern from the 26th to April 5th.  And trust me, it’s gonna be worth the wait.


THE OTTAWA THEATRE CHALLENGE on March 27th, at the NAC 4th Stage.  Combat, theatre style! So, expect some mimework.


CONFIDENCES TROP INTIMES at Theatre de L’Ile.  Ends on the 1st…dernier chance!

UN at the NAC Studio. 5th to 8th.

A TOI POUR TOUJOURS TA MARIE-LOU at Theatre de L’Ile.  Classic Michel Tremblay!   Starts the 19th!

MARIUS ET FANNY at Salle Odyssee.  the 21st and 22nd, part of Francofete!

LEO at Shenkman Studio, from Theatre la Catapulte and MIFO. The 21st and 22nd.

JEUX DE MASSACRE at Academic Hall, from Theate de la Licorne.  Ottawa U’s awesome French contigent comes out to play, from the 25th to 29th.

I’m missing a couple things here and there and will update shortly…stay tuned, and as always, drop me a line, here, on Facebook, or Twitter, if I’ve missed anything (which I totally have).  Peace, love and soul,

Kevin Reid, the Visitor (and Winston)

525, 600 Minutes (but feels shorter)

In Theatre on January 17, 2014 at 6:22 pm

Keeping busy, that’s my new mantra!  In the wake of, well, everything that done gone down recently (about which I shall not trouble ye here, gentle reader), your old pal the Visitor has a fervent need to keep his hands occupied with some good honest work…or, not finding that, some theatre work, which is even better.  Lucky for me it’s January, and January brings the wile-eyed hooligans of Sock’n’Buskin Theatre out of hiding to cause some much-needed winter mischief at the Kailash Mital Theatre on Carleton Campus.  This sounded swell to me so, with galpal superstar Rebecca by my side, we trekked on out to see what the Sockies had planned for their first show of 2014.

That show was the musical smash-phenom-thingamajig RENT from Jonathon Larson.  The show is a kind of lower East side update to the classic opera LA BOHEME, which oddly enough I have actually seen.  But I never did see RENT, so this was one I was anxious to check out.  The Sockies’ last musical, ROCKY HORROR, was an absolute blast and a half.  And they even brought the director of that show, Geoff Burnside, back for this one.

The show honors its Opera inspired Bohemian roots as we follow a trio of would-be couples and various misfits through a year in their penniless but passionate lives in the slums of New York.  At the heart of it all is our central sort-of everyman Mark (Elijah Mucciaco), an amateur videographer trying to record everything around him with the help of his roommate and best pal Roger (Jordan King).  Roger is a struggling musician who, to me at least, bears a wonderfully striking resemblance to Shaggy from Scooby-Doo, and from the looks of his life at the moment he should have stayed in the Mystery Machine.  No job, no cash, reeling from a recent tragedy, and now his former buddy and current landlord Benny (Tim Baretto-Burns, wonderfully smarmy) has turned on him and Mark, threatening them with eviction.

Enter Mimi (Ciara Roberts), a dancer and drug addict, into Roger’s life and things really get rolling.  Their rocky, stop and start relationship carries on alongside the relative bliss of Collins (David Shiff) and his Angel (Alex Brunjes, being terribly fabulous as the heart of gold drag queen), and the nonstop fireworks of Mark’s performance artist ex Maureen (Annie King-Smith) and her straight laced lady love Joanne (Stephanie Hughes).  We watch their fights and foibles and falls and, with the help of an onstage band (musical direction courtesy of Chris Santillan), we get to hear them sing about all this madness.


RENT is a good fun production but I’ll be honest…I thought it got off to a bit of a shaky start.  I spent a lot of the first act not quite convinced by the production, despite some consistently strong work from Jordan King as Roger and Ciara Roberts as Mimi.  Mucciaco and Hughes likewise have a terrific duet in the first act, the Tango Maureen…and Maureen herself is a grand shock to the system when Annie King-Smith explodes into the story with a voice that sounded like it was bellowing forth from some nearby giant (girl got PIPES, dig).  But still, overall it felt a bit shaky.

But the second act, the second act…oh, my.  Worth the price of admission all by itself, resetting the bar high right from the get go with a terrific full cast production of the showstopper Seasons of Love.  In the words of galpal Rebecca, a lady who knows her some Rent, “They OWNED dat shit!”  Everyone in the cast collectively stepped up their game in act 2 with gorgeous number after number, and a couple of genuinely tear-inducing moments, most notably from David Shiff in a reprise of the first act’s Cover You that was an eye-opener for me.  Everything hit right up to the emotional finale, and I left with a nice silly smile on my face.  In the end, the Sockies quite obviously poured their collective hearts into this show, and that will win me over every damn time.  RENT is a fun show indeed with some talented folks on stage, and while not perfect, its huge heart is in the perfect place.  And speaking of heart, and from recent experience…support student theatre, willya?  You’d miss it if it wasn’t here. Peace, love and soul,

Kevin Reid, the Visitor (and Winston)

Coming Up in January 2014

In Theatre on January 2, 2014 at 12:30 am

New Year!  But slow month, it looks like, so make the most of what we got (see it ALL, I mean).

THE SOUND OF MUSIC at the National Arts Centre.  Still singing until the 4th!

COMPANY OF FOOLS 12th NIGHT FUNDRAISER on the 5th, at the NAC 4th Stage.  Wherein the Fools announces their new season, crown a new king or queen, and just generally makes fools of themselves, as only they can.

SHAPE OF A GIRL at the Avalon Studio, from Cart Before the Horse Theatre.  A one woman (plus Chorus) show from writer Joan Macleod and director Paul Griffin that sounds like a nail-biter.  10th to 12th, 17th to 19th.

RUMOURS at the Ottawa Little Theatre.  Farce ala Neil Simon! From the 14th through February 1st.


STORIES TO THE SOUND OF THE DRUM at the NAC 4th Stage, from Ottawa Storytellers. A one-man show featuring Metis/Mi’kmag performer Robert Seven Crows…part of Ottawa StoryTellers’ SPEAKING OUT, SPEAKING IN feature series taking place monthly until June.  On the 16th!

RENT at the Kailash Mital Theare, from Sock’n’Buskin. The Sockies do good musical and this production of the suburban version of LA BOHEME should be no different.  From the 16th to 18th, 23rd to 25th.


DETROIT at the Gladstone Theatre, from Plosive Productions. Chris Ralph directs this Plosive show from writer Lisa D’Amour about neighbourly combat in suburbia.  From the 17th to February 1st.

ONE MAN, ONE WOMAN, ONE NIGHT ONLY!  At Arts Court Courtroom, from May Can Theatre and Norah Paton. An evening of theatre featuring May Can’s THE ROOM OUTSIDE THE ROOM starring Tony Adams, and Norah Paton’s FORSAKEN DAUGHTERS OF WINTER, recently seen at the Fresh Eat Festival!  Don’t miss this one on the 17th.

WAR HORSE at Southam Hall NAC.  A giant puppet horse, as I understand it…all I need to know!  21st to the 26th.

KIM’S CONVENIENCE at the NAC Theatre, from Soulpepper. Ins Choi’s award winning play about a Korean-Canadian convenience store owning family.  22nd to February 8th.

GRAIN OF SALT at Various Locations, from 9th Hour Theatre.  An original verbatim piece about Christianity and people’s thoughts about it.  Check their website for the different locales, from the Mercury Lounge to Pressed Cafe and more!  Plays from the 22nd to 31st!


CLUE-LESS at the Velvet Room, from Eddie May Mysteries.  Every Saturday this month, get your eat on wand watch some of Ottawa’s finest solve a theatrical mystery!

And the OTTAWA STILT UNION have a sweet offer this January, for an awesome Acrobatics workshop taking place over the weekends of the 11-12th and 17-18th.    If you’re at all interested, these guys are some of the best.  Don’t miss out…registration deadline is the 5th!


FLOTS, TOUT CE QUI BRILLE VOIT at the NAC Studio.  Theatre designed for a very young audience, but knowing French creators, probably still immensely entertaining for adults too.  The 25th and 26th.

CONFIDENCES TROPS INTIMES at Theatre de L’Ile.  Starting on the 29th, and going right through until March!


POP FICTION at Arts Court Studio, from Groupe des Deux. Described as a ‘co-lingual’ show, which I’m pretty sure means ‘bilingual’, but directed by Natalie Joy Quesnel so who cares!  It’ll be amazing.  From the 22nd to Feb 1st.


CRUSH IMPROV has a busy month…they’ll be back at Mother McGintey’s in the Market on Monday the 6th for their regular scheduled ‘BOUT TIME featuring to teams so epic I’m already very sad I’m working that night.  CAPITAL CRUSH returns on the 25th at the Centrepointe Studio, a team vs team long-form battle royale.  And Crush does DETROIT at the Gladstone Theatre on the 31st, an improv take on the new Plosive show following that evening’s performance (see the listing above for more info!).  Crush is also offering a new workshop on the 17th at Centrepointe Studio…pre-registration is required, you can check their website for more details!

GRIMPRov should be back on the final Wednesday of this month at their usual haunt, the Cock and Lion, likewise CRYSTAL BASEMENT plays on the last Tuesday every month at the Atomic Rooster.

And if that just isn’t enough theatre for you, there’s always some nearby out-of-town action going on, like…

NEXT STAGE FESTIVAL from the 8th to 19th at Factory Theatre in Toronto.  Featurig that Randy and Evi Quaid show!

WILDSIDE FESTIVAL from the 3rd to 12th at the Centaur Theatre in Montreal. Featuring Blue Box and Little Orange Man!

Was I missing something?  I hope I was missing something, I want more!  Let me know, and I’ll see ya out there!  Peace, love and soul,

Kevin Reid, the Visitor (and Winston)

Girls vs Boys (Shakespeare style)

In Theatre on March 14, 2013 at 8:06 pm

Well blow me down and call me a bard, it’s time for my first Shakespeare review of the season!  Well, if you don’t count HIP HIP SHAKESPEARE LIVE MUSIC VIDEOS, and I would not judge you if you did.  But this time it’s the right proper Billy Shakes text we’re talking about, and that’s always a good bit of fun.  The relentless theatre hoodlums at Sock’n’Buskin were behind this particular classic, the second production in their shortened two-show season.   An interesting change of pace after the raucous musical behemoth that was ROCKY HORROR, they opted to settle in to one of the bard’s less performed shows, the romantic c LOVE’S LABOUR’S LOST.  Other than the slightly weird Kenneth Branagh movie (the one with all the 30’s dance tunes), I’d never seen this show done.  It was, I have to admit, about time.


Set in the kingdom of Navarre, its ruler Ferdinand (Luke Bradley) has decided that he and his three best pals should swear off women and fun for three whole years to devote themselves to study. A crazy plan, obviously, but Longaville and Dumaine (James Hargrove and Peter Knowton) quickly swear their oaths.  Ladies man Berowne (Will Lafrance) is less enthusiastic, reminding the King that a Princess (Reena Belford) and her gentlewomen Rosaline, Maria and Katherine (Alison Almeida, Caitlin Borthwick and Jennifer Hurd) are on their way for a diplomatic visit.  Undaunted, Ferdinand insists the ladies bunk in the woods rather than be allowed to enter his castle…except that, in telling them this, the lads all immediately fall head over heels for the gals, and we’ve got ourselves a rom-com!

And what would a comedy be without some wacky ancillary characters, messing up the works?  Well, this shows got’em in spades: dimwitted Costard (Kevin Nimmock) has been caught making time with popular local wench Jaquenetta (Julia Allen), which has aroused the ire of flamboyant Spaniard Don Armado (Johnathan Vien), who fancies a little wenching of his own.  He’s aided, and subtly insulted, by his attendant Moth (Lauren Walker) and the aptly named Dull (Sophie Crump), and trades occasional repartee with upitty duo Holofernes and Nathaniel (Euan Wheaton and Michael Anderson).  The King and his boys, meanwhile, are trying every trick they can think of (short of being sincere, naturally) to woo their ladies…it doesn’t help their case that smooth-talking Boyet (Ian Gillies) is running interference on the ladies’ behalf.

Much silliness ensues until the surprisingly earnest sneak ending, and with the help of director Dave Dawson, the S’n’B production entertains throughout.  Although the set is a little threadbare, perhaps betraying a few of the companies recent cashflow woes (although I’m sure Awesome Jeff did his best, and the climbable tree centerpiece IS a beauty), there are more than enough fun and solid performances in the show to make it a helluva good time.  Right off, I was well and truly impressed with Will LaFrance as Berowne, who makes an amiable rogue indeed and tackles several hefty Shakespearean monologues with spectacular results, and a sly grin to boot.   His lady of choice, Rosaline, gives as good as she gets thanks to the mighty charm of Alison Almeida…although it’s princess Reena Belford who gets the lion’s share of the dialogue on the ladies side, and she nails it in a classy performance.  Luke Bradley, meanwhile, has an understated but very funny turn as Ferdinand, often making you laugh before you even realize what’s just happened.  John ‘Bubba’ Vien makes a great comic turn as the loopy Don Armado (even if we did miss a golden opportunity for  a wacky racist accent..!), and Lauren Walker as ever-attendant Moth also acquitted herself well.  Following his great turn in ROCKY HORROR, I’m finding that Euan Wheaton may be one to watch out for, awfully damn funny as the uptight Holofernes.  And Ian Gillies, the man whose voice could melt butter from 1000 yards, was spot-on as the scene-stealing Boyet.

Special shoutout to the costume kids Jasmine Murray-Bergquist and Sarah Zaidi for some excellent and regal duds, especially Luke’s killer red top and Reena’s lovely dress.  They did great work, especially on what I expect was a tight budget…and I hope Ottawa will do their part to help’em out by trucking themselves over to Carleton Uni’s Kailash Mital Theatre and catching this dandy ensemble do their stuff before it’s all over on the 16th.  Keep these kids in Socks and Buskins, everyone, and enjoy some heartfelt Shakespeare while you’re at it.  Peace, love and soul,

Kevin Reid, the Visitor (and Winston)

Coming Up in March 2013

In Theatre on March 1, 2013 at 5:59 pm

Whee, another Theatre month begins in O-Town, and the skies have sent a fluffy blanket of snow to celebrate! Lots to look forward to, so let’s start looking!


PRIDE AND PREJUDICE at the Ottawa Little Theatre.   Ending on the 2nd, a jolly fun rendition of Austen’s hit.

GOD OF CARNAGE at the Irving Greenberg Theatre (GCTC), from Third Wall Theatre. Until the 3rd, Third Wall’s return to the big time with a vicious and inspiring Ontario premiere of Yasmina Reza’s biting look at the civilized world.

ABSURD PERSON SINGULAR at the Gladstone Theatre, from Seven Thirty Productions. John P.Kelly directs Alan Ayckbourn’s play, with a killer cast (including recent Prix Rideau Award-nominee Michelle leBlanc!).  From the 5th to 23rd.

INNOCENCE LOST at the NAC Theatre.  Based on a true story, so probably both amazing and depressing at the same time.  Until the 16th.


PRINCESS IVONA at Academic Hall. Directed by MFA candidate Ekaterina Shestakova, a dress-to-impress extravaganza from the 5th to the 9th

ROCK OF AGES at NAC Southam Hall.  Some Broadway style hair metal,  all big and loud and stuff!  From the 5th to 10th.

HROSES: AN AFFRONT TO REASON at the Ottawa Dance Directive Studio (Arts Court), from Evolution Theatre and Mi Casa. My own personal pick for show NOT to miss this month, two of my fav’rit companies team up to bring what is sure to be an amazing show.  From the 7th to 16th.  And don’t worry, it’s fine to just pronounce it ‘Horses’.

THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES at Bronson Centre, from VDay Ottawa. A kickin’ annual tradition to celebrate Women and their awesomeness, this time on the 8th and 9th.

THE DROWSY CHAPERONE at Centrepointe Theatre, from Orpheus Musical Society.  Big time musical theatre from the people who know how it’s done, from the 8th to 17th.


LOVE’S LABOURS LOST at the Kailash Mital Theatre (Carleton University Campus), from Sock’n’Buskin.  Following their ROCKY HORROR success with some Billy Shakes, and I’m pretty stoked.  From the 13th to 16th only!

MFA 4th YEAR DIRECTORS SERIES at Studio Leonard-Beaulne, Ottawa U campus.  A regular occurrence, and one of Ottawa’s best-kept shows put on by the best of the best of Ottawa U’s directorial crop, this time featuring Team Visitorium superstar Danielle Savoie, plus a French show from director Alex Beraldin!  Open dress on the 14th, proper shows on the 15th and 16th, starting at 8 pm.

DEATHTRAP at the Ottawa Little Theatre.  I remember seeing this movie as a wee little thing, and it spooked the crap out of me…kinda excited for a rematch!  From the 19th through April 6th.

33 SWOONS at Algonquin College.  A trio of short plays by Anton Chekhov and director Mary Ellis, with a perhaps inordinate amount of swooning.  You be the judge.  From the 20th to 24th.

THE WIZARD OF OZ at the Greely Community Center, from the Greely Players.  Put some Baum in your theatre month with this fun-sounding show in ye olde Ottawa Valley.  From the 20th to 24th!

HARVEY at the Ron Maslin Playhouse, from Kanata Theatre.  The classic tale of man’s best friend, a giant imaginary rabbit.  From the 26th through April 6th.


FALSE ASSUMPTIONS at the Gladstone Theatre, from Ottawa Theatre School and Plosive Productions.  The latest From Lawrence Aronovitch, and starring the current crop of 3rd year OTS gangsters, this world premiere about Marie Curie runs from the 26th to the 30th only, so don’t miss out!

THE OTTAWA THEATRE CHALLENGE at the NAC 4th Stage. A multi-theatre company event/battle in celebration of World Theatre Day!  Details to come I hope!  On the 27th.

BECKETT’S BRIEFS at the Glebe St.James United Church.  Also on the 27th, the latest in the Third Wall Empty Space reading series, this time with some of Sam Beckett’s dandies.  Featuring Todd Duckworth, James Richardson and Kristina Watt!


OULIPO SHOW at the NAC Studio.  Ends on the 2nd!

L’AMOUR EST AVEUGLE at Theatre de L’Ile.   Starting on the 6th and playing through til April 6th, another gooder from Theatre de L’Ile, just nominated for best French Production BOEING BOEING in the Prix Rideau Awards!

LA VOIX HUMAINE at Studio Leonard-Beaulne.  From the 7th to 9th (6 pm start time), and I don’t really have much more information than that!  Except it’s a Jean Cocteau bit, and he seemed to have some talent to spare, so there’s that.

LE 20 NOVEMBRE at the NAC Studio. Don’t know what it’s about, but the posters crack me up!  From the 12th to 16th.

APPELS ENTRANTS ILLIMITÉS at the NAC Studio. Formerly known as PORTES.  From the 20th to 23rd.


CRUSH IMPROV – The classic three on three ‘BOUT TIME show returns on Monday the 4th at Westboro Masonic Hall, a new venue for the gang and yes, the bar will be open (still trying to find out if we can bring Hintonburger).  Plus the Crush gang will be performing their latest SPOTLIGHT ON… show at the Gladstone on the 11th, with special guest John P.Kelly (and there’s a cat you just KNOW has some good stories to tell…).

GRIMPROV – JCPI: Jesus Christ Private Investigator on Wednesday the 6th at the Cock’n’Lion.  If that doesn’t intrigue you, nothing will.

CROSS-CANADA SHOWCASE at Studio Leonard-Beaulne.  Hosted by Crush Improv and featuring guest stars from coast to coast, I’ll update with names and details as they come in!  Sounds like a pretty goddam good way to spend a Monday, tho.

MI-6 – Wednesday March 13th: Lunenburg Pub 7:30PM-9:30PM, Pay-what-you-can, Whose Line Is It Anyway style. fb event here:   And Tuesday March 19th: Maple Sugar Festival Improv night at Richelieu-Vanier Community Centre, 300 des Pères Blancs Avenue, 7PM-9PM. Free admittance, bilingual show! Event details:

CRYSTAL BASEMENT…let me know when your next shows are, and I’ll put them here, deal?  Deal.  That goes for any other of you little Improv Bastards who pop up.  WHO’S ONLINE ANYWAY, I’m looking at you…


OUTSKIRTS OF TOWN from Ottawa Dance Directive, at their studio (Arts Court).  Until the 2nd…dance show!

LA TRAVIATTA at Southam Hall (NAC), from Opera Lyra.  An ‘in concert’ opera, so the whole gang…cast, orchestra, thee works…are all up on stage together.  Should be a musical night to remember, gang.  The 21st and 23rd only!

MARX BROTHERS and RAY HARRYHAUSEN FILM FESTIVALS at the Mayfair Theatre.  Too cool not to mention, check the main Mayfair website for showtimes and details!

NAC DANCE has some good stuff coming too (including the ballet of SLEEPING BEAUTY from the Royal Winnipeg), so check out the link for all the details!

Did I miss anything?  Of COURSE I did!  Let me know what it is!!  I WANT TO KNOW!!!  Right, I’m off, gotta eat, gotta see a show, gotta write about the show, gotta sleep, gotta go to work…you know the drill.  Peace, love and soul,

Kevin Reid, the Visitor (and Winston)