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The Fraud and I

In Just me doing stuff on September 26, 2014 at 10:18 pm

I never really knew how to connect to ‘the world’.  I know even less now.

Since coming back from Clown Camp on Manitoulin Island, I’ve only seen one bit of local theatre and already missed plenty.  Tonight, I missed a little more, only because they invited me and I knew I wouldn’t have the time to write about it afterwards, with my current schedule.  So I ditched, and feel like a piece of crap as a result.  Apologies all around to the OTTAWA IMPROV FESTIVAL, I’m the worse for missing you.

One day at Camp, I played out a Clown ‘turn’ for the group (a scene, basically), as we had a couple times before and would several times again.  And this particular time, I HATED it.  And I spent the rest of the day and night ignoring the rest of the students and wallowing in the filth of my own mind, screaming at myself what a fraud and a faker I was, and that as soon as possible I should contact the Fresh Meat Festival  and tell them to cancel my show, because there was no way an imposter like me could ever go on.


Pictured: an Imposter like Me.

But I did.  I forced myself to remember one of the hallowed rules John Turner taught us at that camp, and I made it through.   And now I’m still trying to remember.  I have lots of nights of rehearsal now, some for THE HAIRY APE with Lisa, Donnie and the gang, and the others for my Fresh Meat show FASTER THAN THE SPEED OF DATING with Maddy and Jodi.  And I wish those rehearsals were EVERY day, because I don’t know what to do with myself otherwise.  People still want me to be ‘the Visitorium’, and Hell, so do I.  I’m stuck right now between two halves of the same world, and don’t really feel like I belong in either.  Am I a performer, a reviewer, or what?  I don’t goddamn know. I sure don’t tonight, at least.

I don’t expect this gets easier, so don’t worry about commenting (tho unless you’re a spambot, you don’t anyways).  I’m just talking out loud, and trying to figure out what happens to this bit of cyberspace while I’m ‘finding myself’.  If you’re reading, then thanks for that.  If not, then how are you reading THIS…?

Whatever.  Good fortune to you, and hopefully to me in the bargain.  Peace, love and soul,

Kevin Reid (and Winston)

PS: The Fresh Meat show will be AMAZING.  Maddy and Jodi will see to that, don’t worry. 😉


Monday Foofarah! – May 14 2012

In Just me doing stuff on May 14, 2012 at 10:25 pm

Awright!  There’s lots to get through on this week’s FOOFARAH, and I’ve been drinking for a while now already, so let’s get truckin’, shall we?  As ever, first things are first:


DEATH AND THE MAIDEN at the Gladstone Theatre, from Plosive Productions.  Your last week to catch this killer thriller starring Chris Ralph, Genevieve Sirois and Paul Rainville.  Don’t be a chump, check it out!

BEYOND A JOKE from Ottawa Little Theatre.  A nice, goofy farce about a pile of dead bodies in a quiet English village.  Funnier than that makes it sound.  Last week also, so get out there!

KING LEAR at the National Arts Centre.  The much anticipated Aboriginal casting of Billy Shakes’ epic gets a full-tilt treatment… grand cast, gorgeous costumes, just a great big spectacle.

ROMEO AND JULIET from the Kanata Players, at the Ron Maslin Playhouse.  A new telling of Billy’s tragic classic, starring a few of my fav’rit young actors.  I’m finally making my way out to Kanata for this one, you should too!

POUTINE MASALA at the Mainline Theatre.  Okay, this one’s a Montreal show, and..why?  Well, it’s because I was actually supposed to go and review this show on Wednesday, having been invited on my first out-of-town gig ever.  But alas, I’m unable to secure the needed time off of drudgery, boo.  So, I just wanted to drop a shoutout, and hopefully any MTL gangsters reading this will check it out for me.  It sounds fanTAStic.

And most excitingly…

THE 14th ANNUAL YOUTH INFRINGEMENT FESTIVAL at Arts Court!  May is turning into a real cool little pre-Fringe festival month…first the Extremely Short Play Festival, then SubDevision, and now the (ironically) oldest one of the three, Youth Infringement!  Seven shows over five days, all from local youths who are giddy and excited about creating theatre.  Do I NEED to spell out the reasons why we in the community need to support this festival (and yes, OTTAWA CITIZEN, I mean you too…you want to be a part of the community, don’t you?  Like a GOOD Citizen?)?  The participating shows are BEST LEFT UNSAID by Colin Giles, BLIND DATE by Matt Hertendy, HYDRANGEA by Kyle Cunningham, JUDGEMENT DAY by John Ryan, LONG DIVISION by Kyle Cunningham (again), PLEASE SAVE THE QUEEN by Maggie Matian, and THE RESTAURANT by Lucas Armstrong.  I’ll be there for sure on tomorrow’s opening night..will I see you there??  You’d better have a good excuse if I don’t!  In the meantime, since it’s kinda summer-y outside, here’s a tune you won’t get out of your head for a few weeks, courtesy of my pal Chris in Korea.  You’re welcome.

AFTERGLOW:  Have I raved about SUBDEVISION enough yet?  Yes, I suppose I have, mostly Here, but it was well deserved.  That opening night at St.Pauls was maybe the most numinous (look it up) experience I’ve had in theatre since Emily Pearlman’s living room (you should have BEEN there!).  I was too busy with other shows to catch it a second time, but I was sorely tempted, believe you me.  I did, however, crash the final afterparty at the Novotel bar after the third night of the fest, and I’m SO glad I did.  So many amazing people there, and they were all…how can I put this?…Willing to speak to me!  I know that probably shouldn’t still amaze me like it does, but it kinda does!   I didn’t stay late, but I loved every second of that night, talking with some of the most dee-liteful and inspiring peeps I ever did know.  Slowly, EVER slowly, I’m starting to feel like I belong in this community…it’s a good feeling, I have to say.  Though I still have lots of work to do, and miles to go before I sleep.

Props, by the by, to Globe and Mail dude Kelly Nestruck for dropping in on SubDevision AND the afterparty that night, and even tweeting favourably about it afterwards.  That puts him well ahead of 99% of our local media (although I hear Patrick Langston also made it to the shows that night, so bloody good on him, too…even if the Ottawa Citizen still has its newspaperly head in the sand concerning the arts in Ottawa).  But lets not get into THAT particular kettle of fish again this week…instead, let’s celebrate the arts by showcasing one of the greatest meetings of theatre and music in human history…MOTORHEAD’s guest appearance on THE YOUNG ONES:

ONE MONTH TO GO:  I’ve been crazy busy with the blog lately.  It’s pretty much a full-time second job now, and not a waking hour of my life goes by without me thinking about either it or theatre in general.  Which is just how I like it.  But I’ve been SO busy, I just realized I’ve hardly had any time to get excited about FRINGE!  And today marks the one-month point…that’s how long we have until the Ottawa Fringe Festival launches its 16th incarnation, and by God, there’s work to be done!

Sooner than you imagine, I’ll be launching into my third annual FRINGE-COMA, doing my level best to write about every last damn Fringe show I can see, and trying to stay alive through the process.  But, I feel the need to step it up a notch this year…no slacking like in previous entries, yeah?  So I  have a couple of announcements/pleas to make public here and now, because there ain’t no more time to lose!

1 – Do you have an upcoming Fringe show in Ottawa?  Do you have any special media, photos, videos, etcetera, that bloggery types like me might use in our writeups of your show?  Do you want some extra attention, media, shoutouts or, dare I suggest it, interviews?  Then what are you waiting for?  Give your old pal the Visitor a call, and I’ll see what I can do!  I have some down time coming between now and Fringe, as the regular theatre seasons fade out, and I’d like to spend it ruthlessly promoting upcoming Fringe productions (not to mention prepping for active Fringe-reviewing itself).  Send whatever media stuff you have to, and I’ll do my best to get it onto the blog.  Let’s make this year the biggest Ottawa Fringe turnout EVER.

2 – Since I seem to be writing checks my body has little chance of cashing, let’s keep going…this year, I want to review EVERY Fringe show.  And, okay, that’s impossible for just me (although technically, this year it IS possible to see every show, thanks to some mathematical magic from the Man of Mans), which means, I need recruits!  I’m sick of those high-and-mighty Fully Fringed muckity-mucks lording it over me!  Help me beat them at their own game, and join Team Visitorium this Fringe!   Do you love theatre, and are able to write?  Are you full of beans and jam?    Can you manage positivity in a review, even IF you didn’t love the show (And do you understand the difference there?)?  Will you work for no pay (I can’t even swing you tickets), but merely for the sweet recompense that is BUCKETS OF GLORY??  Writing for the Visitorium is pretty much like writing for Fully Fringed, only WAY FUCKING COOLER.  I’m totally serious, I have a cape and everything.  Drop a comment, let me know if you’d be interested in writing a guest-review or two during the Fringe, and mayhap I can make this idiot scheme of mine reach fruition!  It will TOTALLY help if I already know you somehow, as Winston fears strangers.  By the way, I ADORE Fully Fringed, this is simply healthy sparring between friendly competitors going on here.

But seriously, I’m going to fucking BURY them.  Here’s some go-go dancers!

I’m running out of stuff now…I’m still trying to ignore all those mad things I just wrote that are going to result in WAY more work for me (positive, be positive!)  Although I would like to express my sincere hopes that everyone enjoyed themselves at the 1st ever Ottawa ComicCon this weekend, while I was STUCK AT GOD-DAMNED WORK the whole time.  Screw you, work, I’m gonna go see The Avengers again this week (maybe or maybe not for the third time) in protest.  Also, I’m working on a plan for a theatre event based on a comic book, among other things.  I’ll keep you posted.  It only gets bigger from here on in, folks.  Peace, love and soul,

The Visitor (and Winston)
EMERGENCY POSTSCRIPT!  I just got in my e-mail a special missive from the good folks at the Gladstone Theatre, who have gone and sneakily announced their upcoming Season…but this time, a FULL ON YEAR, not just a Winter or Spring or what not.  It’s late, but I thought I’d update the Foof and share the glad tidings with you:

STONES IN HIS POCKETS by Mary Jones, from 730 Productions, Sept 7-29.

HOW IT WORKS by Daniel MacIvor, from Plosive Productions, Oct 5-20

NOVEMBER by David Mamet, from 730 Productions, Nov 21-Dec 8

MIRACLE ON 34th STREET: THE RADIO SHOW, from Plosive Productions, Dec 14-23

DR.HORRIBLE based on Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, from Black Sheep Theatre, Jan 16-Feb 2 (Sidebar…FUCK yeah.)

BILLY BISHOP GOES TO WAR by John Gray, from Plosive Productions, Feb 8-23.

ABSURD PERSON SINGULAR by Alan Ayckbourn, from 730 Productions, Mar 5-23

THE TAMING OF THE SHREW by Wm.Shakespeare, from Bear and Company, April 19-May 4.

Right, that’s the last special surprise before bedtime…I’m off again (possibly to rewatch Dr.Horrible, for some odd reason…)  Get excited, Ottawa, good things just keep on coming!

Monday Foofarah! — Monday May 7th 2012

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Tonight was a pretty great night at the Elmdale Tavern.  Showed up early for the monthly Crush Improv ‘Bout Time show, bag of delicious Hintonburger takeout on hand to fill me with goodness.  Chatted with Jen Jarvis, reg’lar doorgal at the Crush events, and fresh off her Roller Derby debut in Kanata a few nights prior (sorry I missed your premiere, Jen, but more on that later).  Then, as I sat by my lonesome waiting for the show to begin, I was joined at the last minute by local superstars Cat Leger, Tania Levy and Pat Gauthier!    Very cool, and the show (teams TWO AND A HALF WOMEN vs. FROGSONG) was a serious improv gem…Glass-bottom boat indeed, good sirs.  Many laffs were had, three quarts of Labatt 50 imbibed, and it’s now 11 o’clock at night, and I have less than an hour to post some FOOFARAH while it’s still Monday, local time.  Don’t worry.

I have a plan.


SHAKESPEARE’S DEAD from A Company of Fools.  Playing until the 11th (Friday) at various locations…check for details, then check out a surefire good night out!

BEYOND A JOKE from Ottawa Little Theatre, playing all week and into next at Ottawa’s longest running community theatre company.

THE EXTREMELY SHORT PLAY FESTIVAL from New Theatre of Ottawa, at Arts Court.  11 original plays, back to back, every night until the 12th.  You WILL love more than a few of these shows.

KING LEAR at the National Arts Centre. Highly anticipated, Peter Hinton’s vision of an all-aboriginal version of Shakespeare’s classic comes to life, and you don’t wanna be the person who missed it.  Get your tickets NOW. Previews start tomorrow, premiere on Friday.

MY MOTHER’S LESBIAN JEWISH WICCAN WEDDING from Goya Theatre, at Centrepointe.  From the 10th to 13th, some musical fun from people who know how.

DEATH AND THE MAIDEN from Plosive Productions, at the Gladstone.  Continuing all week, a tight thriller with a killer cast. VERY worth checking out (now with special lowered rates for students/artists/unwaged!).

SUBDEVISION from various, at St.Paul’s Eastern United.  10th to 12th, you can read a little more about this incredible mini-festival Here.  Do NOT miss out.

EMPTY SPACE FINALE from Third Wall, at Cube Gallery.  One night only, on the 9th, a night of Oscar Wilde shorts read by, among others, the lovely Katie Bunting.  Who could ask for more?

And now, here’s something I stole from the the Facebook page of Stefani diGaetano:

– WHY I MISSED ROLLER DERBY:  Okay, so I was ALL set to trek out to Kanata this Saturday to check out some local Roller Derby action.  What the Hell, after seeing ROLLER DERBY SAVED MY SOUL three times, I might as well get a little more of the real deal, right?  It’s not like I’m gonna get a chance to see Nancy Kenny’s award-winning one-woman show in Ottawa again anytime soon…right..?

Pause for dramatic effect.  ANYways, I was all set to go.  But then the pal I was planning on seeing it with never got back to me, and I didn’t fancy the trek all the way out to Kanata on my lonesome.  Worse, I didn’t look forward to the long, lonely trip BACK.  That’s what kills, me, really…the thought of that long solitary bus ride home has killed more than a few planned nights out for me, I admit.  Hey, I never said I was stable.  But the thing that sealed my lack of derby that evening was…and geek confession here…when I remembered I hadn’t seen THE AVENGERS yet.  And sorry, Derby gals, but I HAD to see me some Avengers.  So, that’s my sad real reason…I was catching Joss Whedon’s take on Earth’s Mightiest Heroes downtown, and…fuck it, it was AWESOME.  I think my fav’rit part must have been the epic Hulk/Thor battle.  If you’ve seen it, you’ll know what I mean.  If not, I managed to sneak a copy of it for you now…enjoy!

Now I’ll admit, I WAS expecting the effects to be a little more impressive, but really, it’s all about the story, is it not?

MONTREAL:  Okay, so there’s this weird thing that’s been happening.  I recently got invited, rather out of the blue, to a show playing at Montreal’s Mainline Theatre.  I think it had something to do with my recently being added to the media list for Theatre la Catapulte, as the invite happened only days afterwards, but whatever…it was still cool as fuck!  I replied affirmative and, luck willing, I’m gonna head down to Montreal next week for a day and check out the show (it sounds AMAZING).

Only…it didn’t stop there.  Since receiving that particular invite, I’ve gotten missives about THREE other shows in la Belle Provence, and I’m not sure what to make of it!  There are still shows in OTTAWA I don’t get invited to!  Seriously, there are people who invite the Capital Critics Circle to shows, and NOT me!  Still, I shouldn’t judge…some folks may LIKE being insulted while someone is misspelling their show’s name.

…But MONTREAL!  Among the invites I got recently was one to Yana Kesala’s Fringe show (that I caught in Victoria, to my delight) THE UKRAINIAN DENTIST’S DAUGHTER.  I’d love to see it again, but Montreal and Ottawa Fringe overlap entirely this year, and I’m a hometown boy.  Another Victoria pal coming to Montreal this year is Shane Adamczak of Weeping Spoon Productions, aka Zack Adams.  His show LOVE SONGS FOR FUTURE GIRL was one of the funnest at the Vic-Fringe last year, and I’m jealous as Hell that Montreal is getting his new epic, A COMPLETE HISTORY OF ZACK ADAMS this year.  Those of you in the know, and with big hearts and a love of indie theatre and all that, might want to head over  to his website, and donate to his travel fund.  Trust me, it’s a good cause.  And Zack, since I’m too low-tech to donate online at the moment, pimping you thus is the next best thing I can do.  Also, come to Ottawa!!

CITIZEN TO CITIZEN: I’ve been trying to increase my output here at the Visitorium of late…it ain’t easy.  Thanks to special guest-reviewers like Nadine Thornhill and Danielle Savoie (national treasures each, and no fooling) I’ve gotten in a couple of posts I otherwise wouldn’t have managed, and I’m looking to expand further.  It’s not entirely out of ego (though I apparently DO possess such a creature, much to my surprise).  A lot of it is motivated by the realization that this silly, Fringe-obsessed whim of a blog I started a couple years ago (almost) is now one of the increasingly few sources of theatrical review available in Ottawa.

And holy Motherfucking HELL does that make me ashamed.  I mean, when the Ottawa Sun stopped Theatre reviews, no one really acted surprised.  When Al Bundy eventually dies in some fictional universe, on the toilet, mid-shit, the Sun is the paper he’ll be reading.  It’s a right-wing cartoon of a rag that almost literally exists because of Sports and Tits. I GET that their readership (if the word ‘read’ can legitimately be placed in there) is not only uninterested, but actively hostile to any sort of art that doesn’t include exploding cars (and yes, I’m well aware how that comes off in a post that already praised The Avengers.  Fuck you, I have layers.)

But the Citizen..?  Dude, you were supposed to be our NEWSPAPER!  Now all of a sudden, there hasn’t been any professional show reviews in weeks!  Although you still post a weekly ‘Cappie’ high school production review…an interesting choice.  And I’m not dissing on the Cappies, I love’em, link to them, and my site has reviewed a couple of HS shows too!   In fact, the show Nadine reviewed for me about ten days ago now, Nepean High’s production of XANADU, was just today covered in the Citizen.  TODAY.  Ten days AFTER the show closed.  Hell, even MY review was too late, but come on..!

Is this it?  Is the signature paper of Canada’s Capital, the city that houses the National ARTS Centre, going to completely ignore professional, local theatre?  SERIOUSLY?  And make no mistake, Ottawa Citizen, I am CALLING YOU OUT on this one.  A token posting of a Cappie review, awesome as that gang is (and they are), rather defeats its own purpose.  As my friend the PH pointed out, why support High School Theatre, if you’re only going to ignore them once they turn pro?  You could do so much good, SO much more than I can with my shitty blog (and to your shame, I’m currently beating your ass in the ‘doing good for local theatre’ department, thank you very much).  Step up, Citizen. Or at least, stop accepting all those promo tickets for opening nights (I recognize your people now), and then not bothering to review the shows.  That’s fucking PATHETIC.

God dammit, I need some metal.

Awright, I think I need to sleep this night off…I’m getting all worked up, and I have to work a double tomorrow on what is supposed to be my day off.    Do me a favour and go see some cool-ass theatre this week, hokay?  And maybe tell me about it if you do.  I suddenly feel the need to know if I, you know…matter.  Although that’s WAY less important than you actually seeing the theatre.  THAT’S what matters.

Oh, and congrats to tonite’s Improv host Dan Lajoie, who was made a full-fledged  member of CRUSH IMPROV after the bout, as well as local legend Glen Gower becoming their official musician.  Nice to hear some good stories every now and then, hey?  Peace, love and soul,

The Visitor (and Winston)


Monday Foofarah!

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I’m home at last after some major grocery shopping and a crummy five days of drudgery at the day job, chilling with Winston the Cat, sipping a tasty beverage and listening to the new Mel C album (why didn’t someone TELL me Sporty had a new album out??).  And I’ve come to accept that the Foofarah seems to have evolved into a biweekly thing…which is only a downer if you consider that the reason I DON’T do one every second week is because I’m just too goddam depressed to write one.  Unless that actually amuses you, which I hope it does, and even if not, who cares?  This is the OTHER week! And just what IS going on this week, you ask?

IN TOWN THIS WEEK:  Well, over at the NAC, the de-lovely COMMUNION from Danny Mac continues, to what I hope are packed and enthusiastic houses.  Starting this Wednesday are three shows you just GOTTA catch…from Director Al Connors and based on the show from A Company of Fools, Algonquin theatre presents SHAKESPEARE’S INTERACTIVE CIRCUS on the campus for four days.  Over at the Ottawa School of Speech and Drama, the Ottawa Theatre School present THE SUICIDE, directed by the man Pierre Brault.  And at Arts Court, Evolution Theatre provides one of my must-sees of the year, the double-bill of MARY MAGDALENE AND ADVENTURES IN SOBRIETY and [boxhead], which if you scroll not too far back on this blog, you’ll find me discussing interview-stylee with their respective casts and crews.  And on the 19th, Phoenix Players debut their three-day run of BEDROOM FARCE at the Gladstone. and if only for the glorious effort they’ve put in at promotion, you should check it out.  Plus, Fringe musical MOMMA’S BOY returns for a few days over the weekend from Bear and Co.  Lots to do!  Oh, and that silly Prix Rideau Awards thingamajig…

Mel C break!!!

SHORTS:  Next month, New Theatre of Ottawa will be presenting their EXTREMELY SHORT PLAY FESTIVAL, which I TOTALLY wimped out and didn’t enter.  But while I work on getting an interview with THAT gang of good kids, here’s another fun thing they’ve got going: The EXTREMELY SHORT STORY CONTEST!  Hosted on playwright (and festival-winning entrant) Lawrence Aronovitch’s blog, the rules is simple…simply post your six word (or less) play in the comments section of the contest thread.  The winner will be announced on May 1st, and will win tickets to the show.  Sounds cool, right?  That’s because it is.  And I hope you can enter as often as you want to, because unless someone tells me I can’t, I’m posting an entry EVERY DAMN DAY until the contest’s over. And maybe for a while after that.

AN APOLOGY: An Edited apology at that, as I’ve found myself needing to pretty much eliminate the original goofy rant I had posted in this spot, as I may have not written it as clearly as I meant to in the first place..?  Not a shock, but there you go.  As a result, people seem to think I meant something entirely other than what I actually DID mean to convey, and I don’t have the particular desire to keep it alive any longer.  Suffice it to say, I personally was quite modestly pleased with the guest post I recently did for Nadine Thornhill’s  Adorkable Undies, and am gladdened that a few of you out there were too.  Now dance!

Don’t it tho?  What the Hell else is going on?  Well, I’ve been reading some George Carlin recently, and one does not peruse Robert Anton Wilson’s  fav’rit philosopher without being profoundly moved.  A few choice excerpts from the current tome:

“All patriarchal societies are either preparing for war, at war, or recovering from war.”

“Christians must be sick in the head.  Only someone who hates himself could possibly think of the pleasures of masturbation as self-abuse.”

“Whenever you hear the phrase Zero Tolerance, remember, someone is bullshitting you.”

“Why is it the only time you hear the word figment it’s in relation to the imagination?  Aren’t there other kinds of figments?”

I picked this book (‘WHEN WILL JESUS BRING THE PORK CHOPS?’) up, used, at the St.Vincent dePaul on Wellington, which I’ve found to be a GREAT source of unexpected literary greatness.  I’ve nabbed several vintage Monty Python books there, a Rick Mercer volume, and my recent prize of the Book of the Subgenius, and highly recommend that you shop there as much as possible.  I leave you now with a bit from a great Carlin routine I have on vinyl, his take on Muhammed Ali during the Vietnam war.  Sheer genius.  Have fun in Valhalla, George!

Peace, love and soul,

The Visitor (and Winston)

Monday Foofarah! Cease and Desist Edition

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Well, here I am sitting at home, missing an evening out at the Crush Improv Cross Canada Showcase  just to hang out at home in mah blazer with Winston the Cat, celebrating the birthday of one KATIE THE HOOD:

Katie, of course, is the critter-lovin’ phenom behind THE ANIMAL SHOW, one of the bestest Fringe theatre shows in the history of EVER.  She’s also someone who I met in person once, and she STILL acts like she likes me!    Katie is the bee’s knees, world, and if you don’t like that then I don’t like you.  Happy, happy birthday, Miss Katie the Hood, Ottawa luvs ya.  And we ARE getting LITTLE ORANGE MAN during our Fringe fest this year, maybe we can tempt you over for a visit..?  But Fringe, wow…I’m getting ahead of myself…

IN TOWN THIS WEEK:  Let’s see, there’s GCTC’s EAST OF BERLIN, playing til Sunday (come on Saturday, I’ll be volunteering!), and Ottawa Little Theatre’s SELF HELP all week as well.   THE COMMUNICATION CORD plays all week at the Gladstone theatre, and FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS runs its second week at the Ron Maslin theatre in Kanata. At ARts Court, TotoToo’s OTHER EYES plays from the 4th to 7th, and I just got wind of a special one-night only performance of the legendary COUNTRIES SHAPED LIKE STARS on the 7th.  I’ll share more info with you once I’ve secured MY ticket, thanks very much.

But time for a video (which I sure hope isn’t a copyright infringement of any kind on my part…YouTube is safe, right..??), and since today is the day of the amazing Katie Hood, let’s do one for her:

Wow, now what…I forget what I usually DO in these posts.  No auditioning lately, bit dry there…there WAS that odd cease and desist letter I got a couple days ago, but time enough for that later.  Although here’s an idea that’s been punting about in my brain for a few days, and that’s the notion that we need a…

QUARTERLY REPORT: So what’s the Ottawa Theatre scene looking like, three months into the year?  I’ve caught about 33 shows (including, oddly enough, ’33), and so far I have to say it’s looking like a tits-out FANTASTIC year brewing for us.  Amazing productions like WE WANT LIFE, MAMAMOUCHI and LA CIMITIERE DES VOITURES, a memorable second year for UNDERCURRENTS, great performances in CYRANO DE BERGERAC, FALLING OPEN, THE PLAYERS ADVICE TO SHAKESPEARE, EAST OF BERLIN, the return to Ottawa of BLOOD ON THE MOON and GIANT INVISIBLE ROBOT…shit be smellin’ SWEET, yo.  That’s not even mentioning Alain Chauvin’s awesome double bill in both THE LARAMIE PROJECT and ACTOR’S NIGHTMARE, both great shows.  And the best community theatre I’ve seen yet,  LOST IN YONKERS.  Good times.

And now, because it’s the closest thing to a GIANT INVISIBLE ROBOT video I can find:

CEASE AND DESIST:  Oh yeah, THAT thing.  Well, it turns out that in my somewhat dumb zeal to talk about and promote local theatre, I ended up using a couple of promotional photographs that the photographer wishes I had NOT.  Fair enough, sez I!  I immediately replied to his cease and desist letter, removing said pictures with, hopefully, no hard feelings.

…Except, his ‘cease and desist’ letter didn’t actually look right.  It took the odd form off a pair of invoices, charging me a decent sum of cash up-front for the photos in question, never ONCE asking me to take the pictures off my site at all.  Which must certainly have been a typo, as I’m SURE a photog of any caliber wouldn’t stoop to gouging cash out of an amateur theatre blog, hoping I would be so cowed and intimidated by his ability to create PDF files out of thin air that I would simply throw my money at him, money which would be better spent on the theatre we BOTH supposedly strive to promote.  A typo, then, for sure.

An aside here….I know I’ve got LOTS of photos on my site here, including a prodigious many by the amazing Andrew Alexander, and I know I never credit them enough.  They make our Ottawa actors look GREAT, and by extension, my shitty blog.  I know I don’t ask permission enough, and that’s almost entirely out my own pathological fear of human contact.  It’s a thing I’m working on, I swear.  So, good on ya, Theatre photogs, you’re all the goods.

Except for maybe ONE guy.  For that guy…this one’s for you:

So that’s it then…I still have an extra ticket for THE COMMUNICATION CORD tomorrow nite, and as usual am hopeless at finding a date.  Takers?  Don’t be shy…if  weirdo-photographer guy can find me on the interwebs, you can too!  Tho if he has his way, I may not have much money to buy you drinks, be forewarned.  Can we still be friends..?
Peace, love and soul, and Happy Birthday Katie,

The Visitor (and Winston)

Monday Foofarah!

In Just me doing stuff on March 19, 2012 at 9:50 pm

Sitting in the apartment with Winston the Cat, wondering why the Hell it’s so hot in the middle of March in Ottawa, and fighting off yet another bout of the mean reds.  And they’re really starting to annoy me, dig?  Tonite is like my Friday nite, I have the next two days off, and I have shit to get DONE. I’m way behind on my Penny Plain review (it’s coming, I swear!), I haven’t done a Foofarah in two weeks, and my mood is threatening to kibosh this one too.  Well, I’ve had enough.  Bite me, sour cloud of despair, you’re fucking FIRED.  At least for a few hours.

…Although, on the topic of grim worldviews, this is my new fav’rit Ramones song:

I just wanna walk right out of this world, ’cause everybody has a poison heart.  Nobody could sing like Joey, and that’s a Foofarah Fact.  Now, to business, if we must:

IN TOWN THIS WEEK:  I’m dropping the first/lat/whatever chance to see moniker, because quite frankly, this way is easier, and sometimes I’m lazy.  What, I’m getting paid for this?  Anyhoo, to start off there’s the aforementioned PENNY PLAIN at the NAC and yeah, it’s very worth seeing.  Plus Sock’n’Buskin’s COMPANY continues, and that’s a great fun time too.At the GCTC , EAST OF BERLIN starts up on the mainstage, and 9th Hour’s CRIME AND PUNISHMENT debuts in the studio.  SELF HELP gets underway at the Ottawa Little Theatre, and II kicks off at La Nouvelle Scene.  All this plus the NAC is announcing their next season lineup this tuesday, and for some insane reason yours truly will be there.  Seany must really like brunch at the Clocktower, is all I’m saying.

GRUPPO RUBATO:  Hey, so on Saturday nite this week, a holy Irish day of rest or some such affair, venerable Ottawa-based theatre kidz Gruppo Rubato held their 10th Anniversary fundraiser!  And although I had planned to catch WE WANT LIFE a second time at the OSSD that evening (sorry, OTS gang, hope ya packed the house without me!), in the end the promise of a well-stocked bar swayed me.  That, and GR’s show AIRPORT SECURITY was actually the second ever show I reviewed on this Chud, so they get props for starting me off on the right foot. Also, I feel kinda bad that, with their long and successful history, AS is the ONLY Rubato show I’ve ever seen.  So it was nice to catch a sneak preview-reading of their upcoming show SNAPSHOT, by the wunnerful Kate Smith, Peter Froelich and Teddy Valentine (who I’d never seen on the stage before, so THAT was coolness).  It was a fun little night, even though I was being a mildly panic-attacked stick in the mud throughout, but people expect that of me by now, right?  Part of my lack of charm and what not.  Bah.  Her’s a fun ’80’s music video to distract you!

COMIX:  Yes, I’m still obsessing oddly about comic books, having spent a goodly chunk of my gold in the last month or so on classic Marvel comic trade Paperbacks…right now I’m making my way thru the first volume of CAPTAIN AMERICA and DAREDEVIL, as well as some big AVENGERS story arcs, like Englehart’s DEFENDERS WAR and Shooter’s KORVAC SAGA.  Still no joy in tracking down a copy of the KREE/SKRULL WAR, but maybe I’ll find a copy here:

Wowzers, how long has it been since Ottawa hosted a PROPER comic convention?  I remember attending MAPLECON way, WAAAY back when, and even then the best they had for guests was, like, Dave Sim and Fred Hembeck (tho I STILL am thrilled I got to meet Fred Hembeck).  I’m gonna go, almost entirely for the dealer’s room…don’t give too much of a shit about ‘special guests’ or the like, and I already HAVE Ferrigno’s autograph, thanx very much…I’m hoping to pick up some original HOWARD THE DUCK, and maybe a nice copy of MAGNUS ROBOT FIGHTER #1 from Gold Key.

It shall be mine!

Maybe some classic ZENITH, or that old OZ SQUAD series I always thought looked cool.  I dunno…whatta you think?

Well, that seems defeatist, Stranglers. Rockin’ tune, but still…

DEAR RADIO:  Here’s something that’s been kicking around for a while in my horrible, horrible brain.  See, I have to listen to the radio a lot at work, and the interesting thing about radio is what a dark ages, backwoods hellhole of talentless fiends it is.   Radio is what people who don’t like theatre THINK theatre is.  Radio advertising is where writers go to cry themselves to death.  Our kitchen dial seems to be stuck on Live 88.5 a lot lately, which at least means I don’t have to listen to Lowell ‘Feminazi’ Green or Randal ‘Clown-Shoe’ Moore too much, but it still grates on my remaining few nerves. A Couple of helpful suggestions, then, to the Live 88.5 team:
– Please tell ‘DJ Noah’ to stop whining at me to ‘make some noise’.  He’s the DJ, HE should be providing the god-damned noise.  Also, the last thing a good DJ needs?  A catchphrase (much less two).

– re: your current Ipod giveaway ads: Trend-SETTING and Trend-STARTING are the SAME FUCKING THING.  I should not have to point this out to anyone.

– I actually DO quite enjoy Jen Traplin’s VINYL RECYCLER show.  But does the intro HAVE to be so aggressively stupid?  You know we STILL call them albums, right?  And that vinyl is more popular now than it has been in years?  You haven’t unearthed the lost ark or anything, just play fun music and stop trying so hard to be clever.  It hurts my brain.

– I know you only host Alan Cross’ new show (a barely-disguised rehashing of every episode of his LAST, identical show…nice music, tho), and have no control over it, but…could you maybe suggest to him he could stop with the bit where he stammers and pretends like I, the listener, just got confused at some supposedly ASTOUNDING tidbit he just dropped, and he has to repeat himself?  It gets tiresome.  Yes…yes, that’s right…I said TIRESOME (see how annoying it is?  Make him stop.)

That’s it, I guess…sorry to bash, I guess it always IS easier to pick apart than to help.  So lemme help…PLAY MORE SCOPITONES!

Altho, true, it WOULD lose a lot without the visuals.  You lose again, radio!  If it weren’t for REMOTE PLANET and THE HEYMAN SHOW, you’d be fuckin’ lost.  But now I gotta go, time to chill out, plot my posting for tomorrow, and maybe watch a film.  MAN WITH A MOVIE CAMERA, anyone?  Or am I too drunk now?  Probably.  I guess I could manage some MENTALIST or NEW GIRL, shithead that I am…see ya at the theatre, gang. Peace, love and soul,

The Visitor (and Winston)

Monday Foofarah! Still here..!

In Just me doing stuff on March 5, 2012 at 8:42 pm

Am I still doing this?  I dunno, gang, I feel like the FOOFARAH’s days are numbered…maybe it’s like a Replicant, you know?  ‘Twice as Bright, Half as Long’ and all that?  Who can say, but I keep missing them, and if it weren’t for the fact that I’m on sick leave from CRUSH IMPROV tonight, I’d probably be skipping this one too.  But, since it’s just semi-delirious me stewing at home, getting HEck kicked outta me by a sore throat and staving a brutal fever with everything in my admittedly-weak medicine cabinet, I suppose I DO have a few things to share with y’all.  Starting with:

FIRST AND LAST CHANCE TO SEE:  Lotsa good stuff!  Over at the OSSD, Andy Massingham’s WE WANT LIFE, featuring the Ottawa Theatre School grad class, debuts, and it sounds just goddamn dandy.  At Arts Court, New Theatre Ottawa’s THE PLAYER’S ADVICE TO SHAKESPEARE launches, starring the great Greg Kramer!  At the Gladstone, Bremner Duthie’s ’33- A KABARETT wraps up its amazing run, and Paul Hutcheson returns to Ottawa with his one-manner THIRD TIME LUCKY.  At Carelton U”s Bell Theatre, THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES plays on the weekend to benefit the Ottawa Rape Crisis Center.  And RENT finishes this week at Centrepointe, from Orpheus Musical Theatre.

BETTER LATE THAN NEVER:  A few days ago, I made it out to Cafe Alt on Ottawa U campus to catch a staged reading of Michel Bouchard’s THE CORONATION VOYAGE, from the good kids at Obviously A Theatre Company.  It was only a two-day, pay what you can run, intended to raise funds for their planned summer project.  Sadly, I slacked off and didn’t get any sort of review posted in time for the second showing, so I hope they had good numbers (not that I’m under the illusion I help that much at the best of times, but still…) .  Anyhoo, I wanted to get something officially noted that I had a great time at the show, and for a reading the gang really put their backs into it.  It’s always a pleasure seeing Visitorium-Award-Winning actor Jacki Brabazon on stage, and she done real good as expected, mainly paired with the seriously intense Guillaume Saindon as a rival pianist…well, sort of…I won’t spoil the story for ya.  Suffice to say, it was a cool show, and I hope some of y’all managed to check it out.  OATC…this one’s for you:

AUDITIONIZING:  Had my first proper audition in way too long this weekend.  And I seem to have stumbled upon a brand-new audition prep tactic.  Step 1 – Become debilitatingly sick on the morning of the audition.  Step 2 – Try not to fall down.  To my credit, I only fell down the once, and even THAT was only metaphorical.  Haven’t heard back, so I think nothing has come of it…except of course that I finally got out and auditioned again, so THAT was good.  Try, try again, right?

POLITICS:  This is all I have to say, via poor PaintshopPro Skillz (I can’t even afford Photoshop):

WORD.  Hope that wasn’t too heavy handed for any of ya…here’s some Punk Rock Japanese Kittens, to settle you back down again:

What else, what else…Got some Comfort-Food comix for my recuperative period…volume 2 of X-MEN (1st Juggernaut and Sentinels, whee!) and vol.1 of Daredevil.  And can I just say, officially, how excited I’m getting for the VALIAN comics relaunch this summer?  The new X-O Manowar looks killah cool, and unlike the pisspoor Acclaim reboot, they actually paid attention to what makes the character cool.  Here’s hoping they can latch onto the rights to the Gold Key Characters, now that their revamp over at Dark Horse has been prematurely cut short.

No, but seriously, this DOES look pretty cool. Come on...

Meanwhile over at DC, they’ve taken the great Captain Marvel, childlike hero of magic words and lightning dreams, and reinvented him as a gritted-teeth, hooded-cloak wearing superstooge.  Thanks for ruining everything, New 52.  I think I’m done with you now.

About to head out…starting to get a little groggy again, I think my fever is making a last-minute comeback.  Time to go and see if there’s any inch of my bedspread I haven’t sweated thru yet!  And how much am I looking forward to another insomniac night, tossing and turning, all alone with my consistently dark and shitty thoughts?  Yikes.  Fear and loneliness, I’m getting tired of you even as concepts, much less lifestyles.

Shit, that got dark on me right quick. Here’s the preacher Rollins to play you out folks, try and stay healthy out there (and if I manage to bounce back, I’ll see ya at the theatre this week):

Peace, love and soul,

The Visitor (and Winston)

Monday Foofarah!

In Just me doing stuff on February 20, 2012 at 9:27 pm

What’s up, whoever reads this?  Stuff?  I bet you’ve got stuff going on.  Awesome.  Awesome.  Stuff.  Well, I won’t waste any more time, let’s get to it!

FIRST AND LAST CHANCE TO SEE:  Mister Bremner Duthie hisself returns to Ottawa with his cabaret one-manner ’33 at the Gladstone starting this week, and ya know you can’t miss that.  Third Wall continues its Empty Space series with readings from the works of Vaclav Havel this Wednesday in the Glebe (not last week, like I overexcitedly posted in the last Foofarah…ooops), while over at the Bronson Center this Friday and Saturday you can catch yourself come VAGINA MONOLOGUES, because a) my old scene partner Julie is in it, and b) what’s better than Vaginas?  Nothing, that’s what, so go.

NONCOMMITTAL CHANCE TO SEE:  TRANSLATIONS at the OLT, which continues thru to next week.

So, what else has been going on?  Been having some theatre downtime since the Undercurrents festival ended.  And as we all know, there’s NOTHING WORSE than theatre downtime.  And so, predictably, your poor Visitor has been having some ups and downs…a treacherous assault by the twin Demon-Nuns of Chapel Perilous this weekend set me back some, it’s true…in fact, my life may never be the same!  But oh well, I have my new power-totem, a cat in my lap, and enough Whiskey to get me through the night.  And now, according to Twitter, here’s the trailer for the movie Mikaela Dyke is watching RIGHT NOW!!

COMIX: Well, my plans to sit and read some old comix got kiboshed today (go FUCK yourself, ‘Family Day’!), which kinda ticked me off.  I was JUST about to hit the transition point where Steve Ditko gave up the drawing chores on AMAZING SPIDER-MAN to John Romita…a pivotal moment in comic history, I’m sure you’ll agree.  But I’ll have to get to that tomorrow, sigh.  I DID manage to watch X-MEN: FIRST CLASS this week, and that was kinda pretty fun.  Shame they actually went to the trouble of creating a black character JUST to have him die right away (and the other black character turned traitor, like, INSTANTLY).  Even bigger shame about how shitty an actress White Queen chick was (note: I did research, and it was January Jones, who is on some big-deal show called MAD MEN.  Which I’m now in even less of a hurry to check out.  Still, cool name, tho. ‘January Jones’.)

And now, the anthem of my life, courtesy of the Buzzcocks:

FRINGE: Only four months now until Fringe here in Ottawa, and I’m starting to get ‘cited.  Also trying to decide if I’m gonna go for another Fringe road trip, ala Victoria last year…suppose I’ll wait and see how much I get back from the taxman and all.  I do know there’ll some cool beans shows coming here this year, and I just got word that an ULTRA-MEGA-AMAZING show might be wending its way here, if the right venue can be found, which I will dutifully do my part to do. Ottawa, you WILL thank me if this comes off.  And, y’know, the people who actually DO the show. Thank them more.

Not much else to blather about, without getting all emo about shit…I would like to make a last gratitudinal shoutout to UNDERCURRENTS for a fine fest (especial thanks to birthday boy and Fest Producer Pat Gauthier!).  I caught ’em all, and had a blast all around.  Gotta say, WEETUBE 5400, while hardly your traditional ‘theatre’ (one savvy fellow the other night called it ‘punk’, and he was SO right on with that comment), was a big fav’rit of mine, and not just for the drinking and cookies.  And here, as we close, because Nadine missed it when she saw the show…give it up for some Big Booty Bitches.  Peace, love and soul,

The Visitor (and Winston)

Monday Foofarah!

In Just me doing stuff on February 13, 2012 at 9:38 pm

What’s that?  There was no FOOFARAH last week and you’re losing the will to live?  Well, me too, so let’s get things back on track with a double-dose of Foof this week…or at least, until I run out of Jameson’s.  First, tho, I have to remember how I even do these things…wait, I got it…

FIRST AND LAST CHANCE TO SEE:  The UNDERCURRENTS festival plows through it’s second and final week, and while Carmen Aguirre’s BLUE BOX has already wrapped, you still have time to see LIVE FROM THE BELLY OF A WHALE, WEETUBE 5400, HIGHWAY 63: THE FORT MAC SHOW, FALLING OPEN and AND THEN IT HAPPENS.  Naturally, you will see all of them.  Don’t argue!

Over at OLT, TRANSLATIONS opens up for bizness, while PACK OF LIES rounds out it’s run at the Ron Maslin in Kanata.  And on the 22nd, Third Wall’s EMPTY SPACE series continues, this time with readings from Vaclav Havel.  Who as I now understand is NOT, in fact, a hockey player.  Plus the debut of [title of show] on the 16th over at Academic Hall, from Broadway Off-Broadway.  Don’t miss it!

So, apologies for missing last monday’s edition, what can I say? I’m just not getting enough Vitamin D over here.  I guess I could use some more sun…take it away, Stranglers!

Aside from that goodie, I’ll be listening to some new vinyl whilst scratching away at the Foofarah this evening…the WHITE WIRES’ second lp, and a collection of Japanese Psych rock, both courtesy of your friendly neighbourhood Birdman Sound, who you should totally go and buy some wicked tunes from soon.  A bunch of other folks did recently, and it was awesome.  You should be awesome too.  And speaking of Friendly Neighbourhood thingamajigs…

COMIX:  I’m still on my epic old-school comic binge, having just wrapped up the first 50 issues of FANTASTIC FOUR (still only halfway thru Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s legendary run together on the book) and closing in on the first 30 of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN.   It’s easy to see why they grabbed the youth of the day…nothing like their adventures had ever been seen on the racks.  Just finished an issue where Peter Parker’s Aunt May threw away Spidey’s uniform, so he had to buy a cheap knockoff from a costume shop.  It didn’t fit right, and he had to keep using his webbing to make it stay on.  When he got it wet, it started to shrink on him.  Now, I love Superman, and I’m wearing his symbol on my tee-shirt right now, but you bet your sweet Aunt Petunia he never had to deal with bullshit like THAT.  So let’s hear it for classic Marvel, gang, with some help from Joey and my fav’rit rock’n’roll super-team:

AUDITONIZING:  While I’ve been pretty idle actor-wise the last long while, I HAVE booked my first audition of 2012 and I plan to make good on it.  I have to prepare a 1-minute monologue for it, and I’m gonna dig thru my collection over the next few days to try and find a gooder.  I realized recently that I really, really do need to make this happen…I need to get on a stage soon.  I’ve been trying to figure it out, and I think…indulge me for a minute on this, or skip ahead to the next video if you like, I’ll understand.  Basically, I never feel like I’m allowed to speak.  I know, that’s insane and terrible, but that’s how I feel.  Maybe I’M insane and terrible, but I always feel shut out somehow, even when I’m TOTALLY not.  I never phone people because I’m convinced I’ll somehow be bothering them if I do.  I won’t join people in conversation, because I’m sure they’ll hate me for interrupting.  Please don’t try to talk me out of this disposition, it simply will not work.  That’s just the way I’ve warped over the years.

But if you get on a stage, then…then you get to speak.  Then you get to let things OUT, even if they’re not your words.  I think that’s it…or at least part of it.  I want permission to speak.  I want permission to ROAR, dig?  And, God of your choice willing, I want permission to mime.  I’d like that a lot, I think.

And now, as an antidote to how almost-heavy that got, here’s Mojo Nixon:

WRITING:  Hey, there’s a word I used to have more in common with!  I mean, okay, I DO still write a fair amount, non-fiction wise, in the form of this here blog (remember when I used to call it a ‘Chud’?  Where did those carefree days go?)  But I used to write-write ALL the time.  Nothing that can really be called very useful in the traditional sense (cough*fanfiction*coughcough), but goddammit, I would sit down at the ‘pooter for HOURS at a time, smashing away on them keys, getting into good writing grooves, brainstorming, improving, fucking DOING IT.  And I have no ding-dang idea where all that went.  I have this theory that I’ve let myself get distracted by too much nonsense (foofarah?), and that what I really have to do is just sequester myself at regular intervals and, at possible pain of disfigurement, get the job done.  I need pressure, I need motivation, I need a deadline.  I need to create stuff again, or I AM dead.  More to come.

Serious again. Dance break!

Running out of shit to say…got my first ever UNDERCURRENTS volunteer shift tomorrow nite, which I’m stoked about.  People keep treating me like media these days?  Which is cool and all, and it actually gets me free tickets to stuff…but on the downside, it gets me FREE TICKETS TO STUFF.  Which means I’m not PAYING for those tickets, which means I’m not contributing in a real, concrete way to my supposedly beloved theatre, and am stepping close to that abyss of ‘critic’ that I am loathe to go down.  So it really makes me feel good to do something like spend a night working the front of house or whatever…so I know I’m not a total parasite.  Plus which, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and I can’t think of a better way to spend it than at the theatre (and I’m totally bringing Valentine’s treats for the gals in the box office).  Because drinking whiskey alone in a corner is, quite frankly, getting cliched.

Not that I’m above cliche…just rereading some of my fanfiction and, oy vey, do I dig on the melodrama!  Watch out, Buffybot!  Plot devices at 6 o’clock!

Ahem.  Sorry, almost gave away the secret identity there.  That’s all for the Foofarah this week, folks, here’s some distracting music to play you out (did I yammer enough this week?  And more importantly, did I catch the Prettiest Hobo’s bus home from school?)…this tune is from the amazing Wim Wenders non-fiction flick PINA, which I don’t seem able to shut the fuck up about.  Peace, love and soul,

The Visitor (and Winston)

Monday Foofarah! – Spectacular Edition

In Just me doing stuff, Theatre on January 23, 2012 at 7:40 pm

That’s right, I said SPECTACULAR!  Not that the Foofarah isn’t always something to amuse your friends and frighten your enemies with, naturally, but we’ve something special in store today.  Exciting news, of a spectacular variety!  More on this later.  I have to soldier on, because I’m having trouble typing right now.  So, first things first:

FIRST AND LAST CHANCE TO SEE: LOST IN YONKERS, the Ottawa Little Theatre show that’s been packing them in, and deservedly so, ends its run this week.  And the wicked fun 2 PIANOS 4 HANDS wraps up over at the NAC, too.   Plus, the kindly kids at Sock’n’Buskin are putting up their latest, YERMA, this week, and you should all be there as well.

NONCOMMITTAL CHANCE TO SEE:  Over at the GCTC, good ol’ BLOOD ON THE MOON continues its triumphant return, and for crying out loud (and I will..!) you need to check it out.  Pierre Brault be the bizness, yo.

PARTYTIME:  The other night, Winston and I hosted a grand soiree of wine’ cheese and adventure here at the Visitorium for a hand-picked, elite audience.  It was a smashing success, although I have to say my fav’rit guest HAD to be the adorkable ™ Nadine Thornhill.  She looked smashing in a yellow ensemble, enjoyed some of my patent-pending havarti and striploin Amuse-bouches, and sat plitely while I forced British teevee o=upon her.  Also, we spun some vinyl, including this gem from my collection that I found in a thrift store in Peterborough:

You just keep that on repeat if you like, I won’t mind.

VOLUNTEERISM:  Had my shift for BLOOD ON THE MOON last week, and happily have another one booked for tomorrow night.  I’m actually kinda happy with myself that I’ve kept up with my GCTC volunteering, even after I found myself in the fortunate position of being on their media call list.  I’d honestly been worried that I was such a shallow person that I wouldn’t bother doing it once I was getting my free tickets some other way.  Hmmm..when I say it like that, I sound like a shithead EITHER way.  Oh well. I’m bringing treats tomorrow for the girls in the box office (the coolest, most glamorous gaggle of gals you’ll find in this town, sez I), so hopefully that’ll help everyone overlook my terribleness.

Speaking of me being awful, here’s a great video I was just using seconds ago to torment Natalie Joy Quesnel on Twitter.  Please make sure you have a bag of chips within reaching distance before watching.

So in the runup to my Wine and Cheese Spectacular (no, that’s not the reason for the name of the post) I went on a pretty epic cleaning of the old Visitorium, finding junk that needed to go on a fairly large scale, and I now have storage space I’ve been cluttering up for the past four years.  I’m thinking it might be time to buy new shit…except I just DID buy something new and pretty expensive, so I may have to wait a bit on that.  And what WAS it that I picked up, you ask?  New comix?  A nice pimp sweater for Winston?  A cellphone?

…HA!  As if.  No, Your dear old Visiotr has no need for a cellphone, since luckily enough, no on ewants to talk to me!  But I did just today pick up something, well, spectacular.

Okay, maybe not as spectacular as a Moulin Rouge/Harry Potter mashup, depending on your nerd levels, but pretty exciting for me…new glasses!

..get it?  ‘Spectacular’?  You get it.  You’re clever sorts.  But come on, it’s my first new pair in over a decade, and I’m stoked. Also having a little trouble with my depth perception, as often HAPPENS with a new pair of spex, hence the trouble typing.  And with that bombshell, I leave you with a self-indulgent picture of me in my new Clark-Kent best and, of course, a killer tune from the X-Ray Spex:

Peace, love and soul, folks,

The Visitor (and Winston)

In a rare happenstance, this photo shows the twin phantom Batman and Superman imps that constantly advise me.