Monday Foofarah! – Spectacular Edition

That’s right, I said SPECTACULAR!  Not that the Foofarah isn’t always something to amuse your friends and frighten your enemies with, naturally, but we’ve something special in store today.  Exciting news, of a spectacular variety!  More on this later.  I have to soldier on, because I’m having trouble typing right now.  So, first things first:

FIRST AND LAST CHANCE TO SEE: LOST IN YONKERS, the Ottawa Little Theatre show that’s been packing them in, and deservedly so, ends its run this week.  And the wicked fun 2 PIANOS 4 HANDS wraps up over at the NAC, too.   Plus, the kindly kids at Sock’n’Buskin are putting up their latest, YERMA, this week, and you should all be there as well.

NONCOMMITTAL CHANCE TO SEE:  Over at the GCTC, good ol’ BLOOD ON THE MOON continues its triumphant return, and for crying out loud (and I will..!) you need to check it out.  Pierre Brault be the bizness, yo.

PARTYTIME:  The other night, Winston and I hosted a grand soiree of wine’ cheese and adventure here at the Visitorium for a hand-picked, elite audience.  It was a smashing success, although I have to say my fav’rit guest HAD to be the adorkable ™ Nadine Thornhill.  She looked smashing in a yellow ensemble, enjoyed some of my patent-pending havarti and striploin Amuse-bouches, and sat plitely while I forced British teevee o=upon her.  Also, we spun some vinyl, including this gem from my collection that I found in a thrift store in Peterborough:

You just keep that on repeat if you like, I won’t mind.

VOLUNTEERISM:  Had my shift for BLOOD ON THE MOON last week, and happily have another one booked for tomorrow night.  I’m actually kinda happy with myself that I’ve kept up with my GCTC volunteering, even after I found myself in the fortunate position of being on their media call list.  I’d honestly been worried that I was such a shallow person that I wouldn’t bother doing it once I was getting my free tickets some other way.  Hmmm..when I say it like that, I sound like a shithead EITHER way.  Oh well. I’m bringing treats tomorrow for the girls in the box office (the coolest, most glamorous gaggle of gals you’ll find in this town, sez I), so hopefully that’ll help everyone overlook my terribleness.

Speaking of me being awful, here’s a great video I was just using seconds ago to torment Natalie Joy Quesnel on Twitter.  Please make sure you have a bag of chips within reaching distance before watching.

So in the runup to my Wine and Cheese Spectacular (no, that’s not the reason for the name of the post) I went on a pretty epic cleaning of the old Visitorium, finding junk that needed to go on a fairly large scale, and I now have storage space I’ve been cluttering up for the past four years.  I’m thinking it might be time to buy new shit…except I just DID buy something new and pretty expensive, so I may have to wait a bit on that.  And what WAS it that I picked up, you ask?  New comix?  A nice pimp sweater for Winston?  A cellphone?

…HA!  As if.  No, Your dear old Visiotr has no need for a cellphone, since luckily enough, no on ewants to talk to me!  But I did just today pick up something, well, spectacular.

Okay, maybe not as spectacular as a Moulin Rouge/Harry Potter mashup, depending on your nerd levels, but pretty exciting for me…new glasses!

..get it?  ‘Spectacular’?  You get it.  You’re clever sorts.  But come on, it’s my first new pair in over a decade, and I’m stoked. Also having a little trouble with my depth perception, as often HAPPENS with a new pair of spex, hence the trouble typing.  And with that bombshell, I leave you with a self-indulgent picture of me in my new Clark-Kent best and, of course, a killer tune from the X-Ray Spex:

Peace, love and soul, folks,

The Visitor (and Winston)

In a rare happenstance, this photo shows the twin phantom Batman and Superman imps that constantly advise me.


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