Monday Foofarah! Still here..!

Am I still doing this?  I dunno, gang, I feel like the FOOFARAH’s days are numbered…maybe it’s like a Replicant, you know?  ‘Twice as Bright, Half as Long’ and all that?  Who can say, but I keep missing them, and if it weren’t for the fact that I’m on sick leave from CRUSH IMPROV tonight, I’d probably be skipping this one too.  But, since it’s just semi-delirious me stewing at home, getting HEck kicked outta me by a sore throat and staving a brutal fever with everything in my admittedly-weak medicine cabinet, I suppose I DO have a few things to share with y’all.  Starting with:

FIRST AND LAST CHANCE TO SEE:  Lotsa good stuff!  Over at the OSSD, Andy Massingham’s WE WANT LIFE, featuring the Ottawa Theatre School grad class, debuts, and it sounds just goddamn dandy.  At Arts Court, New Theatre Ottawa’s THE PLAYER’S ADVICE TO SHAKESPEARE launches, starring the great Greg Kramer!  At the Gladstone, Bremner Duthie’s ’33- A KABARETT wraps up its amazing run, and Paul Hutcheson returns to Ottawa with his one-manner THIRD TIME LUCKY.  At Carelton U”s Bell Theatre, THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES plays on the weekend to benefit the Ottawa Rape Crisis Center.  And RENT finishes this week at Centrepointe, from Orpheus Musical Theatre.

BETTER LATE THAN NEVER:  A few days ago, I made it out to Cafe Alt on Ottawa U campus to catch a staged reading of Michel Bouchard’s THE CORONATION VOYAGE, from the good kids at Obviously A Theatre Company.  It was only a two-day, pay what you can run, intended to raise funds for their planned summer project.  Sadly, I slacked off and didn’t get any sort of review posted in time for the second showing, so I hope they had good numbers (not that I’m under the illusion I help that much at the best of times, but still…) .  Anyhoo, I wanted to get something officially noted that I had a great time at the show, and for a reading the gang really put their backs into it.  It’s always a pleasure seeing Visitorium-Award-Winning actor Jacki Brabazon on stage, and she done real good as expected, mainly paired with the seriously intense Guillaume Saindon as a rival pianist…well, sort of…I won’t spoil the story for ya.  Suffice to say, it was a cool show, and I hope some of y’all managed to check it out.  OATC…this one’s for you:

AUDITIONIZING:  Had my first proper audition in way too long this weekend.  And I seem to have stumbled upon a brand-new audition prep tactic.  Step 1 – Become debilitatingly sick on the morning of the audition.  Step 2 – Try not to fall down.  To my credit, I only fell down the once, and even THAT was only metaphorical.  Haven’t heard back, so I think nothing has come of it…except of course that I finally got out and auditioned again, so THAT was good.  Try, try again, right?

POLITICS:  This is all I have to say, via poor PaintshopPro Skillz (I can’t even afford Photoshop):

WORD.  Hope that wasn’t too heavy handed for any of ya…here’s some Punk Rock Japanese Kittens, to settle you back down again:

What else, what else…Got some Comfort-Food comix for my recuperative period…volume 2 of X-MEN (1st Juggernaut and Sentinels, whee!) and vol.1 of Daredevil.  And can I just say, officially, how excited I’m getting for the VALIAN comics relaunch this summer?  The new X-O Manowar looks killah cool, and unlike the pisspoor Acclaim reboot, they actually paid attention to what makes the character cool.  Here’s hoping they can latch onto the rights to the Gold Key Characters, now that their revamp over at Dark Horse has been prematurely cut short.

No, but seriously, this DOES look pretty cool. Come on...

Meanwhile over at DC, they’ve taken the great Captain Marvel, childlike hero of magic words and lightning dreams, and reinvented him as a gritted-teeth, hooded-cloak wearing superstooge.  Thanks for ruining everything, New 52.  I think I’m done with you now.

About to head out…starting to get a little groggy again, I think my fever is making a last-minute comeback.  Time to go and see if there’s any inch of my bedspread I haven’t sweated thru yet!  And how much am I looking forward to another insomniac night, tossing and turning, all alone with my consistently dark and shitty thoughts?  Yikes.  Fear and loneliness, I’m getting tired of you even as concepts, much less lifestyles.

Shit, that got dark on me right quick. Here’s the preacher Rollins to play you out folks, try and stay healthy out there (and if I manage to bounce back, I’ll see ya at the theatre this week):

Peace, love and soul,

The Visitor (and Winston)

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