Coming Up in April 2018

  • Updated April 15th…added the Geography Teachers Orders, Who did the Donald?*

Yikes! I’m a touch behind in getting this list of April shows out…blame my endless comic collection, which has recently sucked me back into its seductive, 4-color vortex. I am terribly distracted cataloguing, bagging and boarding several hundred issues, with several thousand waiting in the wings. Some long overdue maintaining of affairs, as you might guess. But Theatre MUST be heard! So give me a break for a few hours, comix, while I find out what sweet shows will be lighting up Ottawa’s stages in the month to come! (and yes then it’s right back to the comix, damn you…)


A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE at Ottawa Little Theatre. Still time to catch this faboo production of Tennessee Williams’ classic! Until the 7th.

ARSENIC AND OLD LACE at the Ron Maslin Playhouse, from Kanata Theatre. One last week Until the 7th.

STILL/FALLING at the GCTC. A special youth theatre presentation! The 3rd and 4th only.

Gabriella Gadsby and David Whiteley in BLINK – pic by Kat Wong

BLINK at the Gladstone Theatre, from Plosive Productions. Don’t ‘blink’ or you’ll miss this one! Haha, no, it’s on for more than a week. The 4th (preview night) to 14th.

Anne Gnag

ANNE OF GREEN GABLES at the Glebe Community Centre, from GNAG.  Some East Coast theatre fun, and it’s NOT from Jillian Keiley this time!  The 10th to 15th.

SAL CAPONE: THE LAMENTABLE TRAGEDY OF at the NAC Studio. Look, just because their name SOUNDS like Al Capone, don’t presume they’re into crime!  But, yeah, probably.  The 10th to 21st.


JAMES BOND in A CONVENIENT LIE at Centrepointe Studio, from Savoy Society.  An opera about James Bond..’nuff said, really!  The 12th to 14th.


INTO THE WOODS at Earl of March.  I don’t usually include middle school productions, but my niece is in this one so it’s gonna be THE BEST!!!  The 12th to 15th.

WHEN THERE’S NOTHING LEFT TO BURN at the Gladstone, from Horseshoes and Hand Grenades. A one-night staged reading of the new play from Sean Devine, on the 17th!


LIGHT(LESS) at Academic Hall, from Second Step. A new show evolved from their wonderful Fresh Meat hit SS LIGHTBULB! The 17th and 18th.

WHO DID THE DONALD? at Hooley’s Pub, from QN Theatre.  A new murder mystery gang starts up in town, with a MAGA-esque mystery starting with a preview on the 20th, then full shows on the 28th, May 5th and 19th!

THE GEOGRAPHY TEACHER’S ORDERS at Arts Court Library, from Tactics.  A workshop presentation of Marta Singh’s new storytelling adventure!  On the 22nd.

GRACIE at the GCTC. Because George Burns always got too much of the spotlight. The 24th to May 13.

SNAKE OIL at the Gladstone, from Black Sheep.  By Jayson MacDonald!  All you need to know.  The 25th (preview) to May 5th.

I Think Im Dead

I THINK I’M DEAD at the Gladstone, from Thuder Blunder. Mighty Al Lafrance brings his storytelling to Ottawa for one night only, on the 30th! Don’t miss this one!!

And in case I’m a couple days late with the next one of these , don’t forget that UP TO LOW debuts at the NAC on the 1st of May! Might be your last chance to see an Ottawa cast on the big stage for a while, gang (zing!). Also 13 TABLEAUX OF A PRECARIOUS WORKER at Arts Court the 1st and 2nd!

  • Theatre Francais

ET SI ROMEO ET JULIETTE… at the NAC Studio. From the amazing DynamO Theatre! The 7th and 8th.

L’EVEIL at La Nouvelle Scene, from Le Fils D’Adrien Danse and Theatre la Catapulte. A one day only (but 2 performances) dance/theatre event, on the 7th.

LA CERISAIE (the Cherry Orchard) at the NAC Theatre. A new take on Checkhov from Belgian troupe tg Stan! The 11th to 14th (with English surtitles on the 13th).

Plus the usual merriment from the likes of Crush Improv, Grimprov, Outtake Improv, the Improv Embassy, Ottawa Storytellers and more!  And some cool dance-theatre goodness like BETROFFENHEIT and DRACULA at the NAC.  Will update with more stuff and proper links soon, just feeling a little under the weather right now so am gonna try and fix it with a trip to the comic store.   A tried and true remedy!  Peace, love and soul,

Kevin R

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