World Theatre Day 2018

I mean okay, sure, that’s every day, everybody knows that, but for all the civilians and weirdos out there, fine…it’s World Theatre Day!! Hurray! And in celebration of that, here’s not only an updated look for the blog, but a quickie list of five things I’m looking forward to in my own little Theatre bubble in the near future:


The OTTAWA THEATRE CHALLENGE. Happens tonight at Arts Court, an annual tradition here in Ottawa hosted by the venerable Company of Fools and bringing together a wild roster of manic theatre nerds to compete in a 48-hour creation and presentation smackdown, with only one victor! Inspiration is provided, drinks are available and bribery is encouraged, so it’s always a fun time. I am sitting it out after throwing my hat in the ring the last two years…yeah, I chickened out. But my girlfriend sure didn’t, and will be onstage for me to cheer on tonight…go Otter go!!

DRACULA from the Royal Winnipeg Ballet. More dance than Theatre I suppose, but this will be my first foray into the world of ballet, if you don’t count that I saw the Guy Maddin filmed version of this gothic masterpiece a while back. Very much looking forward to this one in a big way.


The OTTAWA INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN’S FESTIVAL. Missed it last year (boo!) but there are always great theatrical treats for us senior citizens as well as the kids at this great festival. Especially looking forward to Skeleton Key’s SWAN RIVER, among other adventures!


FRINGE BOOTCAMP. This spring, the Ottawa Fringe is hosting a series of one-day workshops which I am stoopid excited about. I’ve taken a variation on the directing workshop being offered by Pat Gauthier, and can eagerly recommend it. But I’m already signed up for the dramaturgy workshop hosted by the great Emily Pearlman, and will likely be getting in on the lighting design shop as well (since I foolishly missed out on the one offered during undercurrents). Very much enjoying any and all opportunities to learn and learn these days.


FINISHING ANOTHER SCRIPT. Because it HAS been a while, and I can’t let my return to bloggery divert me too much from the fact that I WANNA GET BACK ON STAGE SOON!! I actually already have a completed second, fuller length version of my storytelling show UNZIPPING THE CAT ready for new eyes, tho I’m not even sure if I’ll ever actually go ahead with that one. But other ideas linger in various stages of completion in my files, including an updated and retooled NORMAN BISBEE, a sleazy, 70’s inspired 4-hander DIRTY LITTLE BIRDY, and my long-threatened MISSY VS.DINOSAURS. I know, I know, just pick one and go!

So what are YOU looking forward to in the world of theatre? Lots to choose from, and the best part is, if you can’t choose…make your own. Peace, love and happy World Theatre Day,

Kevin R

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