Victoria Fringe 2015 Wishlist

With less than a week to go as I write this, the Victoria Fringe Festival is getting set to rock out in BC, as the mighty Fringe circuit begins drawing to a sad close for another year. As with each and every Fringe, I wish I was gonna be there, but plenty of other great folks will be there instead. Here’s a short list of what i personally think they HAVE to see, should see, and then some other stuff I just wish I could see myself (in some cases, see again)…

Gemma cred AliveStudios

The Honeymoon Period is Officially Over from Gemma Wilcox. Gemma is one of my fav’rit forces in Fringe theatre, and this is the show that kicked off her solo trilogy, followed up by the amazing Shadows in Bloom and Magical Mystery Detour. Fingers still crossed this show will make it to Ottawa one of these tours, but in the meantime, everyone in Victoria, see this one for me and give Gemma a big hug afterwords!

DelconEntertainment_pressphoto3_Fringe2014God is a Scottish Drag Queen II from Mike Delamont. Just buy your advance tickets now before it sells out, because it will sell out. And you want in on the funny. Caught it in Montreal last year, and he’s earned every bit of the hype.

Gametes and Gonads (2)Sperm Wars from Random Samples Collective. Jeff Leard is a hilarious and viciously good solo performer, and this epic space opera about conception (that I saw back when it was called Gametes and Gonads) is a brilliantly innovative showcase for his talents. He’s also doing some shows for the Family Fringe portion of the Festival, and y’all should probably see that too.

shoshinzkapaKiss Around Pass Around from Shoshinz. I saw Shoshinz in Ottawa years ago with her wonderful Miss Hiccup, and am still kicking myself that I haven’t been able to catch this new show of hers. A gifted clown and performer, this show has been getting raves across the country, so don’t miss this opportunity to see a singular talent in all her glory!

icarusIcarus Dancing from Rob Gee. I have no idea what this show is about, but it’s ROB GEE so I don’t care. Whatever Rob Gee does, go see him do that thing.

fb-banner-canada-2015-ellaTrampoline from Weeping Spoon. Shane Adamczak is back to dude up the Victoria Fringe, and he’s brought some of his super-friends with him for this new show that I still hate myself with a passion for not having seen yet. I hate YOU for being able to see it before me! Mouse, if you’re reading this, see this show, then find Shane and make him hang out with you for the entire Fringe. Trust me.

photo by Lynne Fried
photo by Lynne Fried

Uncouth from Windy Wynazz. Off the wall charming, talented in wonderfully unexpected directions, you simply are not expecting what Windy Wynazz has brought for you. A clown cornucopia with a most delightful and whimsical hostess to guide you through her wacky, musical world.

bigworkperformancepoetry_photo3_Fringe2014The Inventor of All Things from Big Word Performance Poetry. Fringe legend Jem Rolls turns his signature rapid-fire wordplay to historical biography and creates something genuinely unmissable. Come learn all about the most brilliant man you’ve never heard of!

photo by Gabe Toth
photo by Gabe Toth

The Untitled Sam Mullins Project from Sam S.Mullins. Solo storytelling at its earnest and awkward best, as Mullins reveals his truths in a touching, hilarious and inspiring hour you will almost certainly be raving to your friends about afterwards.

Wanderlust (1)The Exclusion Zone from Martin Dockery. How many Fringe legends you GOT, Victoria? Dockery brings his winning and high-energy storytelling ways to Chernobyl for what is likely another amazing tale and performance, if it follows in the killer tradition of shows like Wanderlust and The Surprise.

And this is only the tip of the Fringe-Berg! There’s still so much more, like The Most Honest Man in the World from Spired Theatre, Lieutenant Nun from Snafu Dance/Theatre Puente/Theatre Skam, Pretending Things are a Cock, Sunday Funday from the amazing Atomic Vaudeville, John Grady, the Birdmann..! Just go see everything, rave about it on Twitter and Facebook, and fuel my desperate Fringe jealousy for a few more weeks, deal?  And Ottawa, I’ll try and get around to writing some stuff about what’s going on here sooner than later, deal? Because stuff IS happening!  Peace, love and soul,

Kevin Reid (and Winston)

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