Monday Foofarah! — January 14 2013

SO wiped out right now.  A winter cold has been variously kicking my ass for weeks now.  I just finished a return-to-drudgery weekend in which I had to work practically open to close two days in a row to cover for missing workmates.  I is exhausted, yo, and I’m not sure this is exactly gonna be the bestest Foofarah ever as a result.  In fact, let’s just say it’ll suck right now, so worst case scenario you’re ready for the disappointment to come.  Are you in that mindset?  Grim isn’t it??  Here we go!


MRS.DALLY HAS A LOVER at the A.C.T.Studio.  Extended for a whole extra week!  At the ACT theatre in Vanier, off Palace street, behind the pizza joint, through the heavy iron doors in the parking lot.  Password is ‘Contagion’.

ALL MY SONS at the Ottawa Little Theatre.  Arthur Miller’s whimsical tale of a loving family consumed by the bitter flames of regret, but with a pretty sweet lightning effect.

BAT BOY: THE MUSICAL at the Gladstone Theatre, from Black Sheep. Will this make me forget DOCTOR HORRIBLE was supposed to be premiering this week?  Cool people tell me that yes…yes it will.

THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW at Kailash Mital Theatre (Carleton University campus), from Sock’n’Buskin.  Whaa?  MORE musicals this week?  Sock’n’Buskin does Frank’n’Furter, and all is well with the world.

BLUE BOX at the Great Canadian Theatre Company, from Nightswimming and Carmen Aguirre. An UNDERCURRENTS flashback, but now in a noticeably larger room.

V COMME CANARD at Theatre de L’Ile. A new French show!  I think it’s a comedy!  Probably…who cares?   It’s French theatre, which is bon theatre.

CHURCH OF KARAOKE: THE MUSICAL at Shenkman Centre.  …wait, what?  Seriously, I have NO idea.  But it seems to be happening, so we’d better go.  Just a musical kinda week, I guess.

Phew…that actually took me a long time to write up (I had dinner and watched a pretty moving episode of THE FLYING NUN in there too, so I’m not totally lazy or anything).  For afterwards, here’s a band that the lovely Jen C told me to go see this weekend, and I didn’t.  But I should have, because just listen:

FRINGE:  Okay, so we’re finally out of December, widely acknowledged as the worst of all months on account of it’s as far away as you can get on a calendar from FRINGE.  But now, the countdown is officially ON.  And my loosely defined plan to see, like, twenty thousand Fringe plays this summer continues to simmer in my skull, and I’m getting increasingly concerned at how little ACTUAL PLANNING I’m doing for it.  But more on that another day.  For now I’m mostly content to sift through my huge piles of handwritten lists of Fringe lottery winners from various cities (Come ON, Victoria, you’re holding up the parade! Seriously.)  Lots of cool and exciting new performers have already got me excited to see their shows…definitely looking forward to meeting THESE clowns:


That’s Rocket and Sheshells of SMALL MATTERS Productions outta Edmonton, coming this year to Ottawa and other lucky towns along the Fringe circuit if all goes well…can’t wait!  Also, if every single human being planning on getting a BYOV in any Fringe anywhere in Canada this year could keep me updated with their status on that, it would be much appreciated. And one more question I’ve been kicking around in my head, and this is a somewhat earnest query…concerning my review format during Fringe.  Here’s a typical page of my show reviews from this last year’s Ottawa Fringe Festival:

Dazzling, witty and brilliant, right?  I know.  But here’s my question (and this goes out to Fringe performers in particular): Is that format basically okay, or would you prefer it if I broke the reviews up into their own post apiece?  Okay, they’d be shorter for sure, but it would also make it a lot easier for travelling performers to link to them, without having to add those pesky ‘halfway down the page’ riders at the top of the weblink.  And while I would miss my ‘Fringe-Coma’ posts outlining my day of Theatre, I’d sacrifice it if it made life easier for you famous actors out there (not sarcasm, btw).  So please, drop a line, weigh in, wave really loud, whatever, just let me know what you think might be better.

While you’re all busy totally not replying to that question, here’s the reason why I drink Jameson’s Irish Whiskey, Texas gubernatorial candidate Richard Kinky ‘Big Dick’ Friedman:

I had more sort-of planned to say, but I’m gonna cut out here because I’m tired, lazy, sick, and that FLYING NUN disc ain’t gonna watch itself.  Okay, my teevee fetish may be rearing its ugly head again..I’m am for sure treating myself to the complete series of THE MUNSTERS this week, not because I deserve it (I don’t), but because I kinda sorta want it (I do).  Seriously, I’ll post fanfiction here if you ask me too, I will.  Please don’t ask me.  Peace, love and soul,

Kevin Reid, aka The Visitor


  1. So a few personal thoughts about this:

    (1) I too am skeptical about this Doctor Horrible trade-off. A very stern sounding “Hmmm… we’ll see.” Fingers crossed for something good, and I’m glad to hear the grapevine is abuzz with excitement.

    (2) I read a very scary article in The Charlatan about how Sock n’ Buskin’ is having a rough financial go of it. So people should GO SUPPORT THE SHOW. Also, I have a poster for it in my office. Rah rah Carleton theater!

    (3) Yea, I almost auditioned for the Church of Karaoke show, true story. It seemed a bit strange though, even for my tastes. Once again with the crossing of the hand digits.

    Hopefully all of your (and mostly mine) skepticism and misgivings will be shot DOWN and every single bit of live theater this week is going to rock our collective socks off.

    Nothing that I said in this comment was particularly relevant or worthwhile, but I felt like sharing and thanks for listening.

    • I’m sure all the shows will be awesome! My theatre faith continues to run high. Tho I read that Carleton article too…yikes. I’ll be there on opening night to cheer the Sockies on!

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