Coming Up in September 2012

September already!  It’s back to school time…for LOSERS, that is!  For awesome people, it’s back to Theatre time, which makes you and me PRETTY FUCKING AWESOME.  Let’s get right to the goodies and goings-on, hey?

ALIEN PREDATOR/SPACE MYSTERY…FROM OUTERSPACE!  From Go Fly a Kite and Dead Unicorn Ink., at Arts Court.  The Fringe Benefits 2-bill continues until the 2nd, open bar and all.  Don’t miss the bestest live sci-fi experience around!

STONES IN HIS POCKETS from 730 Productions, at the Gladstone.  Kicking off their latest season, the Gladstone has some Irish comedy courtesy of John P.Kelly, and the dynamic duo of Zach Counsil and Richard Gelinas.  From the preview of the action I saw recently at the FLY WITH STONES party at the GCTC, this show is absolutely not to be missed!  Plays from the 7th to the 29th.

LA BOHEME from Opera Lyra, at the NAC (Southam Hall).  Yes, apparently I talk about opera now!  Caught the media call of this one a couple days ago, and you know what?  Those fuckers can SING.  Plays the 8th, 10th, 12th and 15th, and promises to be a good epic time.  Can’t wait to check it out!

THE SECRET MASK at the Great Canadian Theatre Company.  Kicking off their 38th season, GCTC is loading the Oiving Greenboig stage up with the serious talents of Paul Rainville, Kate Hurman and Michael Mancini for this family dramedy, playing from the 11th to 30th.

LE TOUR DE L’ILE at Theatre de L’Ile.  Over the river in Gatineau, the second show of the season at Theatre de L’ile kicks off on the 12th, running straight thru into next month.  I’m gonna make it out to this one, I SWEAR.

HAY FEVER at Ottawa Little Theatre.  Did you think that 38th season mention for the GCTC was impressive?  It was, but it kinda pales before a solid century of programming, which OLT kicks off with this Noel Coward joint, from the 15th thru to October 6th.

PRIVATE LIVES from Kanata Theatre, at the Ron Maslin Playhouse.  Launching a very respectable 44th season, the Kanata kids are back with EVEN MORE Noel Coward, who seems to be enjoying an Ottawa Renaissance this month.  From the 18th to 29th.

DELUGE from Theatre du Trillium, at la Nouvelle Scene.  More French theatre, which can only be a good thing.  The company that brought you the multiple-Rideau winning show TARAM is back with this cool-sounding show from the 25th to 30th.

SNAPSHOT from Gruppo Rubato, at the GCTC Studio.  Ottawa faves GR are back with a full-length play, which is going to be several kinds of fantastic, if the preview a while back is any indication.  From the 25th to 30th.

DOG SEES GOD from Red.Collective, at Saw Gallery.  The Reddies are back and ready for more, and you should be too.  Their latest plays deep down in the belly of the SAW from the 27th to 30th.

THE TEMPEST REPLICA from Kidd Pivot, at the NAC.  Some Shakespeare-inspired dance for y’all, featuring choreography from Crystal Pite.  27th and 28th only!

THE FRESH MEAT FESTIVAL at Pressed Cafe, from various.  The Kids are rising up!  A bevy of young upstarts, from Fringe fav’rits May Can Theatre to local improv troublemakers GRIMprov (check out their event page for all the info), all putting short new shows while you drink and make merry.  It’s gonna be some pretty incredible fun, and that’s the truth.  From the 28th thru 30th.

All this, plush CRUSH IMPROV have lots of cool stuff planned this month.  First up is thir regular BOUT TIME show at the Elmdale on Monday the 3rd…and they’re hosting a drop-in Improv workshop prior to the show at the OSSD, which any ‘prov hopefuls would do well to check out.  The following week, they’ve got the premiere of a regularly scheduled gig at the Gladstone Theatre on the 10th, featuring the return of that dreadlocked munchkin herself, Cari Leslie!  I hear there will be another workshop attached to this show, check their website for more details.

And as a curiosity to the deranged, a new podcast on local Ottawa Theatre is threatening to premiere sometime this month as well.   Going by the senses-shattering moniker of THREE GUYS TALKING ABOUT THEATRE, the show is reported to feature Allan Mackey of Production Ottawa, Andrew Snowdon of Apartment 613 and the local Pipe-smokers Union, and Kevin Reid of Parts Unknown.  So if you need something to listen to while you’re, I dunno, baking a souffle or something next month, this might be for you.  Personally, I’d rather listen to Motorhead, but that’s just how my Momma raised me.

That’s all for now…as always, tell me if I missed anything…I mean it!  I wanna know!!  Peace, love and soul,

The Visitor (and Winston)


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