This is a quickie post about a show I just saw the other night.  It’s not a quickie because of the quality of the show, which was supoib.  No, it’s a short one for a very particular reason: I still don’t know what happened in the play.

I will rapidly point out that this is NOT the play’s fault.  The show, LE PETIT KOCHEL by Normand Chaurette, is a very text-heavy, poetical show entirely in French, which is not my first language (apparently by a long shot), and large chunks of the text totally flew over my head last night.  It seemed like there was something vaguely meta going on, possibly supernatural, and it all seemed very cool, but…well, I’m still merrily mystified.

That much being said, I can heartily endorse this show whether you know French or not.  Director Gabrielle Boucher, clearly a  contender to watch out for, puts on a dandy spectacle starring four fantastically talented actors…Frederique Therien, Chloe Tremblay, Julie Grethen and Lauriane Lehouillier.  They all put on an absolutely powerhouse show (I admit to being especially tickled, as was the opening night audience, by Julie Grethen’s Anne…but make no mistake, these were ALL stunning performances).  Boucher makes full use of her seriously skilled cast and the theatre space itself in a way only French theatre seems to on a regular basis.  Anglos, please take notes.

I’m afraid my writeup tonight is later than I’d hoped, and there’s really only two more shows available to catch, Friday and Saturday night at 8 at Studio Leonard Beaulne.  The show is Free, part of a student directors’ series I believe…and quite frankly, it’d be a steal at 20 bucks.  This is kick-ass theatre, folks, and at this price it’s too good to pass up.  Do the right thing and pack the house…and, uh, watch out for flying crockery.   Peace, love and soul,

The Visitor (and Winston)

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