For the Love of Derby

This is just a bit of a quickie post, as I’m chilling out on a Sunday eve with Winston the Cat, trying to decide whether I’m going to watch GREATEST AMERICAN HERO reruns, or try and make sense of KNIGHT RIDER chronology (seriously, how does the KNIGHT RIDER 2000 tv-movie possibly fit in to the KR universe??).  This is all important stuff and is going somewhere, I promise!

But first, important roller-derby-themed business.

I would have done this in tomorrow’s Foofarah, but this is a bit of a time-sensitive issue and just couldn’t wait.  My most-viewed piece of theatre ever (I’m at 4 times now!), and the most epic piece of eight-wheeled adventure since Dazzler fought Doctor Doom, Nancy J.Kenny‘s ROLLER DERBY SAVED MY SOUL enjoyed a kick-ass run at Ottawa Fringe last year, and is planning to wheel across the country sooner than later.  But the lady miss Kenny (along with directorial superstar Tania Levy, and hardest working stage manager in town Nick Alain) want to put some solid work in on the show, give it the no-expense-spared workshop treatment so that folks get the derby-est Fringe experience possible when next the show takes to the stage.  There’s an online fundraising campaign set up at IndieGoGo (which I’m thinking of doing later on to help fund my OWN Cross-Country Fringe trek) which you should all click on and donate to RIGHT NOW!!!  The campaign ends in just a couple of days, and every little bit helps.

Defeating Doc Doom while wearing rollerskates takes serious cash, folks, so dig deep.

That’s it, just a plea for donations on other peoples behalf…but never fear, I think I might actually see a show or two and review them this week.  And as hinted, there might even be a regularly scheduled Foofarah tomorrow!  Kind of depends how much of it I get written before I get loopy at the Elmdale watching MY SUMMER CRUSH, which you should totally come and see with me, because I get so very lonely.  And lonely and funny don’t mix unless you’re watching it, so come keep me company!  And give Nancy some money, willya?  Winston would very much appreciate it…he still has kind of a soft spot for her.  Peace, love and soul,

the Visitor (and Winston)


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