Blogging Out Loud (with help)

This here blog/chud has been lazily plodding along for over two years now. There’ve been some high points (Fringe!), some low points (Greedy Wedding Photographer!), and some poorly scheduled Foofarah even.  But something has always been missing…namely, my horrible, screeching voice.  Thankfully, thanks to the magic of the technologies, that oversight has been overcome at long last.

You see, a few weeks ago I hopped onto a makeshift caravan to Prescott (for the St.Lawrence Shakespeare Festival) with good guy Allan Mackey of Production Ottawa.  He pitched an idea on that trip, that we, along with old Tweedy himself Andrew Snowdon of Apartment 613, should maybe think of doing a podcast, yakking about theatre, since we see a lot of the stuff.  I said it sounded fun, then managed to completely forget about the idea by the time we hit Prescott.  Allan, however, had not.  He brought it up again when we all saw one another at the FLY WITH STONES event at the Irving Greenberg, and seemed more determined than ever.  I shrugged and said sure, why not, not realizing that Allan Mackey is one of those dudes who actually, you know, DOES things…within days we were all holed up in a tiny room upstairs at the Daily Grind, chatting about upcoming theatrical goings-on into Andrew’s smashing-looking microphone and just generally acting like we knew what we were talking about.

But seriously, that is one sweet lookin’ microphone.

Being the dumb one of the group, I faded away when the recording was done while Andrew did all the audio editing (made more difficult by the constant redactions I called on him to make, on account of I talk faster than I can think sometimes) and Allan took care of uploading the finished file, not to mention furnishing our killer music (closing lyrics, however, courtesy of your truly).  And with all the proper work done, I can now introduce you to the very first episode of…

…or, you know, Three Guys Talking Theatre.  Whichever you think is catchier, it really doesn’t matter.  Much.  I guess. Ah, fuck it, at least I got to sing.

The cast is supposed to go up every two weeks, with this first ep being devoted mostly to chatter about the new seasons launching from the GCTC, Ottawa Little Theatre and Gladstone.  The next one will likely talk about the cool-beans Fresh Meat Festival, plus new stuffs from Gruppo Rubato and Red Collective, among others.

If you have the stomach to listen to it, go for it.  Despite one terrible joke I make in it which inspires calls of vanity upon me, I AM vain enough to want to know what people think of it.  So far all we’ve elicited is a single snarky ‘tsk tsk’ (everyone’s a critic), and I’m hoping we can do better than THAT.  So come and get yer podcast on, if that’s your thing.   Me, I’ll still be plugging away here on the print side of the internet…STONES IN HIS POCKETS tonight, LA BOHEME tomorrow, finally there’s lots to do again!  I haven’t even TALKED about the Fresh Meat Festival media launch I attended last night, and believe you me we’re gonna have words about THAT, and soon.

But for now…yeah.  Podcast.  It’s what’s for dinner.  Peace, love and soul,

The Visitor (and Winston)



  1. Yeah. Have idea. Pursue idea. That about sums me up. Basically, you’ve now been the victim of me having an idea. Many men and women have fallen to that plague*.

    Not so large on the social scene, but getting sh*t done, I’m good at.


    Let’s see how this goes. 🙂

    *(ask my Survive the House cast how quickly that came together)

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