The Sheep is Evolving

It’s that time again…

Two years ago now.  Two YEARS.  That’s how old this Chud is today (yes, I’m rolling the ‘chud’ thing out for the anniversary, I’m entitled), and sometimes it seems like a LOT longer than that since I started this crazy ride.  I hardly recall what the hell I did before this thing…it’s pretty much taken over my life at this point.  Don’t believe me?   Here’s the up to the minute list of every show I’ve reviewed on this site, since it began.  Check it out, meatbags:

Airport Security
Trans-Canada 69
Every Job I’ve Ever Had
The Roof Top Guy
Art DeXo
Purely Cabaret
Underneath it All
Cactus: The Seduction
It’s Raining in Barcelona
Mixing Boal: Kitchen of the Oppressed
Peter N Chris Show
Beer Tent: Reflux
Prisoners Dilemma
Who You Callin’ Sweetheart?
Deliver’d From Nowhere
Archy and Mehitabel
Last Goddamned Performance Piece
Love in the Time of Harlequin
Men Telling Stories
Burlesque Unzipped
Duck Wife
Dale Beaner and the Turtle boy
7 (x1) Samurai
It’s Just a Stage
Breaking Down in America
Billy Stutter
A Day in the Life of Miss Hiccup
Heart Strings
Phone Whore
Multinational gRape Corporations
‘Dentity Crisis
The Pig of Happiness
Grouch on a Couch
Death of Tybalt
Time to Put my Socks On
Educating Rita
My Summer Crush Improv
Midsummer Nights Dream
Romeo and Juliet
The Andrews Brothers
Biographies of the Dead and Dying
Countries Shaped Like Stars
Haunted Hillbilly
Miss Caledonia
Word! Sound! Powah!
Saddest Girl in the World
Kreutzer Sonata
Anatomy of a Broken Love Affair
Redheaded Stepchild
Sad and Cautionary Tale of Smack-Headed Peter
After Shock
Ride the Cyclone
Molotov Circus
Say Ginger Ale
Me Happy
Big Face
Swimming in the Shallows
They All Do It
Jamaica Farewell
Shakespeare’s Interactive Circus
A Fistful of Flowers
Someone for Everyone
The List
A Flea in her Ear
Grievous Angel
You Are Here
Steve Sauce Memorial Nerd Showcase
Taxi Stand jam
Hamlet Solo
Wrecking Ball
Turn of the Screw
Red Noses
My Narrator
This is a Play
Six Characters in Search of an Authour
Mechanicsville Monologues II
Twelfth Night
It’s a Wonderful Life: the Radio Play
We Won’t Pay! We Won’t Pay!
Inspecting Carol
1 12th of Twelfth Night
The Year of Magical Thinking
Strawberries in January
Bifurcate Me
Hard Ways
My Pregnant Brother
One-Act Comedy Festival
This is a Recording
Iphegenie en Taruide
Little Martyrs
That Summer
Sins of the Mother
Sweet Tarts Takeaway (ongoing)
The Importance of Being Earnest
Rideau Awards
Crush Improv Bout Time’s (various)
Into the Woods
Hot Sauce Deluxe Fundraiser
Shadow Cutter
St.Carmen of the Main
Rozencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead
Ottawa Improv Fest
Observe the Sons of Ulster Marching Towards the Somme
Under Milk Wood
Dirty Bird
Middle Place
The Danger Project
Stories of Love
Hamlet 2011
Lavender Railroad
Trapped in a Vox
Tour de morose
the Game and How to Play It
It’s Nothing
Fallen: The Book of Samael
Queen for a Day
This is What Happens Next
Exit the King
5 Easy Steps (to the End of the World)
Kawasaki Exit
Kismet 1 to 100
Padre X
Dying Hard
Old Legends
Live From the Belly of a Whale
Every Story Ever Told
Roller Derby Saved my Soul
When Harry Met Harry
Momma’s Boy
Sounds From the Turtle Shell
Five Lies
Complex Numbers
Playing Dead
Spotlight On…
Einstein’s Bicycle
Pick Your Path
Double Yellow Line
Am I Blue
Fruitcake: Ten Commandments from the Psyche Ward
All My Children
Curriculum Vitae
Peter’nChris Save the World
The Animal Show
The Suckerpunch
Falling open
Canuck Cabaret
Retour a Pripyat
The Walk
Exes and Ohs
The Search for a Reason for a Murder
Fucking Stephen Harper
La Rire de la Mer
Question Period: the Musical
My Mother’s Daughter
Playing for Advantage
Something with Virgins and Chainsaws
Secrets of a Soccer Mom
Homegrown (reading)
the Lion King
Antony and Cleopatra
The Fan
Zack Adams: Love Song for Future Girl
Burning Brothels: Sex and Death in Nevada
Tara Firm and the Lunar War Chronicles
The Return of Love
Love Letters for Georgia
Charles – A Trip Through the Multiverse
Little Orange Man
Spitting in the Face of the Devil
The Ukrainian Dentist’s Daughter
The Birdmann
Giant Invisible Robot
Dianne and Me
The Donnelly Sideshow
Peter ‘n Chris and the Mystery of the Hungry Heart Motel
Houdini’s Last Escape
Pink Shoelaces
Giving Into Light
An Inconvenient Truthiness
Hip Bang!
The Sparrow and The Mouse
My First Time
The Hysteric
All my Day Jobs
The Troubles
Smart Arse
Canterbury Cocktails
Grim and Fischer
Shadows in Bloom
Jem Rolls is Pissed Off
Rambo: the Missing Years
Whiskey Bars
Sonnets for an Old Century
Fortunate Son
One Man’s Trash
ShLong Form Improv
Pretty Little Instincts
The 39 Steps
The Pretentious Young Ladies
Freres D’Hiver
297 Bayview Clinic
The Room Outside the Room

Empty Space reading series
Dreams of Whales
Salt-Water Moon
The Circle
Whispering Pines
I Do Not Like Thee, Doctor Fell
The Daughter of the Father of Time Motion Study
And Slowly, Beauty…
In The Eyes of Stone Dogs
Marcel Pursued by the Hounds
I Remember Mama
This is Our Youth
A Midwinter’s Dream Tale
Three Sisters
The Shadow
The Laramie Project
Lost in Yonkers
Blood on the Moon
Cyrano de Bergerac
La Cimitiere des Voitures
The Actor’s Nightmare
‘Dentity Crisis
Blue Box
And Then it Happens
Highway 63: The Fort Mac Show
Weetube 5400
Title of Show
‘33: a Kabaret
The Vagina Monologues
We Want Life
Third Time Lucky
The Players Advice to Shakespeare
Theatre of the Film Noir
Penny Plain
East of Berlin
Self Help
Crime and Punishment
King Lear
The Communication Cord
Mary Magdalene and Adventures in Sobriety
Shakespeare’s Interactive Circus
The Suicide
Flying Solo
Shakespeare’s Dead
Death and the Maiden
The Bridge
The Dog, the cat and the Fish
Just Desserts
The Orrery
When the World Blew Away
You Win
First Dusk, Last Light
Deciding What Is
Conversations With Strangers
Kleo’s Wake
La Fin de Fins
She Hath Done What She Could
Occupy Me
King Lear (NAC)
Beyond a Joke
Please Save the Queen
Blind Date
Judgement Day
The Restaurant
Long Division
Best Left Unsaid
Romeo and Juliet
Circle Mirror Transformation

…and from lovely guest-reviewers Nadine Thornhill and Danielle Savoie:
La Robe de Gulnara

…not too shabby, oui?  And a few things have changed in this last year, some big milestones, amusing happenstances, and what have you.   Just off the top of my noodle:

THE MONDAY FOOFARAH IS BORN.  Or rather, unleashed.  And ‘dark mondays’ everywhere become just a little bit brighter.

FRINGE ROAD TRIP!  I ventured out into the sunny wilds of far-flung Victoria BC to catch their Fringe and had a blast, made great friends, and saw amazing shows.  Stay tuned for more road trips ahead (hopefully)!

MY FIRST GUEST-REVIEWS!  As mentioned above, both Nadine and Danielle wrote up a show for me, and that’s just the beginning.  BIG things afoot for this June.

APPARENTLY I INTERVIEW PEOPLE NOW!  As with many things on this blog, I blame Nancy Kenny for this one.  She convinced me to do an interview with her MARY MAGDALENE gang, and that sparked something I never knew was there.  Since then I’ve also covered [boxhead], SubDevision, The Brad MacNeil…and Fringe is gonna be off the fuckin’ CHAIN, people!

Seriously, things have been snowballing like crazy in the last few months…it feels as if, after years and years of wandering, I’m finally starting to do what I’m SUPPOSED to be doing. Does that make sense?  Not that the Blog is necessarily my be-all and end-all…I still want to get on a stage one of these days (I still say I’d make a fine Doctor Horrible, dammit!).  But right now this blog is firing on all cylinders.  This past month has seen traffic like never before…it accounts for well over ten percent of my two year total.  I think this coming Fringe month is gonna be BANANAS.

So..thanks, everyone.  Thanks to the Ottawa Theatre community of superstars and fine folks for embracing my wee blog like you have, and making a mussy-haired schmoe like me feel useful now and again.  I hope you keep putting up with me for a little while longer…seeing your work day in and day out is the joy of my life, and being able to write about all this magic and have you guys appreciate it means the world to me.  Love ya lots, and that’s the truth.  From myself, and the ever-present but mostly indifferent Winston the Cat…Peace, love and soul.

I totally stole that tagline from Don Cornelius on SOUL TRAIN..but you knew that, right?


  1. If there is a better, more comprehensive blog for local theatre, I have yet to hear about it. This is my go-to destination when I am planning my month in theatre.

    Congratulations, and keep up the great work!

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