Coming Up in June 2012

Another month, another Coming up!  And another time when I can’t think of anything clever to say by way of introduction.  Screw you, I’m sick.  I will, however, be kind enough not to mention the two one-night only shows going on right now that I (and possibly you) are missing, because it makes me sad that I’m missing both of them. Scott Thompson an Frank Groothof, it’s not you, it’s me.  Sorry.

CIRCLE MIRROR TRANSFORMATION continues at the GCTC until the 10th, and it looks to be picking up steam as it rolls along!  Be sure to check it out, I’ll be back for a volunteer shift (or two!).

THE OTTAWA INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN’S FESTIVAL continues until the 3rd, check out their website for details…hook’em while they’re young!

TITANIC: THE MUSICAL sets sail (get it?) at Centrepointe Theatre, courtesy of Orpheus Musical Theatre, from the 1st through 10th, and sounds like a big-budget dandy.  No Kate Winslet, but I’m sure it’s still fantastic.

THE SECRET GARDEN at the Gladstone Theatre, from 9th Hour Theatre.  Playing from the 6th through 10th, from the folks who brought us a pretty sweet CRIME AND PUNISHMENT a few months back.  Check it out!

SHE HAS A NAME from Burnt Thicket Theatre (in association with Raise Their Voice), from the 6th to the 10th at Academic Hall.  Just added, as I just spotted this one on a poster in the Glebe.  Why didn’t anyone tell me about this?  I BEG YOU PEOPLE TO TELL ME ABOUT THINGS LIKE THIS!!!

DANGEROUS LIAISONS at the Ottawa Little Theatre, from the 5th to 23rd.  Starring John Muggleton himself as Valmont, and wee Sara Duplancic as Uma Thurman.  Don’t miss this rare chance for sex and swordplay at the OLT!

THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW, which WAS to have gone up at the GCTC from the 14th through 17th from neXt Company Theatre, has been cancelled for reasons passing my understanding.  Sad news, Time Warp fans,…but maybe they’ll be back!

FRINGE, from the 14th to the 24th.  More on that VERY soon, folks.  Stay Tuned.

TINFOIL DINOSAUR / PETER ‘N CHRIS: THE MYSTERY OF THE HUNGRY HEART MOTEL:  A late, Fringe-style double-header at Academic Hall for one night only on the 28th.  See two amazing shows from Vancouver for the bargain price of 20 bucks!  I can vouch for the PnC show (caught it in Victoria last year, and it’s maybe their best yet), and I’m DYING to see Sam Mullins’ TD.  A can’t miss, folks.


CRUSH IMPROV host their regular ‘BOUT TIME match this coming Monday the 4th.  Grab a Hintonburger and join me!

– Check their websites for upcoming info on INSENSITIVITY TRAINING and GRIMProv shows as they’re announced.

CRYSTAL BASEMENT hosts their regular spot on the last Tuesday of every month, and this month has one of those!  It’s the 26th I do belive, at the Atomic Rooster.

Plus lots of miscellaneous shows and events this month…the GREAT CURRY COOKOFF, a fundraising event for the Ottawa Fringe happens on Monday the 4th at the GCTC, and is a tasty time indeed.  SASA Theatre is having an epic-sounding fundraiser for THEIR Fringe shows at the SAW Gallery on Sunday the 3rd.    Another Fringe group, WARRIOR FOOD, has their fundraising party on June 4th at the very same venue.  A party every night, folks!

All for now…I feel like I’m missing a lot (I know, I know, FRINGE…I’m getting to it in a big way, trust me!), so remind me if you spot something.  And don’t forget HENRY ROLLINS is coming to town on the 13th!  Now THERE’S some storytelling for y’all.  Peace, love and soul, Ottawa,

The Visitor (and Winston)

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