Monday Foofarah! – June 4th 2012

Another Foofarah just under the wire!  This may be one of those ‘post it so it’s Monday’ ones, then update so it actually has stuff in it kinda cheat-nights, folks, bear with me.  I have a decent excuse which I’ll get to once we finish up with a little bizness, namely…


CIRCLE MIRROR TRANSFORMATION at the GCTC.  Final week for this crowd-fav’rit team comedy from outgoing artistic director Lise Ann Johnson…don’t miss it or you’ll be dumb and that’s sad.  Until the 10th.

TITANIC: THE MUSICAL from Orpheus Musical Society, at Centrepointe Theatre, also until the 10th.  Big ship goes boom, and clearly the band DOES keep playing.

DANGEROUS LIAISONS from Ottawa Little Theatre.  Starting on the 5th, something a little more risque from the community crowd, and I can’t wait.

SHE HAS A NAME from Burnt Thicket Theatre, at Academic Hall.  From the 6th to the 10th, a show on cross-Canada tour to raise awareness of human trafficking.  Also, it looks fantastic.

SECRET GARDEN from 9th Hour Theatre, at the Gladstone.  Also from the 6th to 10th, a little classic fare to round out the season.

I picked this lovely song to treat you to because the 12″ vinyl version of it was the special prize tonight at Crush Improv‘s ‘BOUT TIME at the Elmdale Tavern…which is why I’m so late!  First Monday of every month, and I take that rather seriously, I do.  Hell, I even missed both the Ottawa Fringe Curry Cook-Off and the Warrior Food showcase night at the SAW Gallery to be there.  I have my ritual all down now…I get there an hour early, order a delicious Hintonburger and fries (with the works, natcherly), then settle in for a nosh while I pick my seat.  This time, however, it was more than just me and lovely Derby-Doorgal Jen Jarvis who were early birds…the joint was already half-packed, and by the time the show rolled around, they’d set an attendance record!  Tonight’s  3 on 3 battle was joined by three hosts, with previous champs Husbands and Wife introducing new champs Two and a Half Women, and their competitors Team Estrogen.  As you may tell from the team names, there were gals aplenty on the stage tonight, and it were awesome.  Kristine Shadid, Brooke Cameron, Laura Hall, Averie MacDonald and Polly Leger (joined by half woman Tim Anderson) rocked the joint.  It was especially cool to see Averie again, who was in the very first Improv show I ever did see, way back at Crush’s first SUMMER FLING.    In fact, I’ll just go ahead and announce I have an improv crush on the lot of them (sure, even Tim, why the Fuck not??).  If you haven’t been to a BOUT TIME Show, you gotta do it.  I even to to hang out with Cat Leger tonight, and what the hell more do you want out of life?

SUPERHEROES:  I’ve raved a little previously about that there AVENGERS movie, which was perhaps unnecessary as it seems to have made all of the money there is.  But I still dug it, although there is one major thing I’d like to kvetch about.  No, it’s not Sam Jackson phoning it in as Nick Fury/Shaft/Mace Windu/Every Character He’s Ever Played.  Nor was it the lack of a certain catch phrase (Joss, you’d better be saving it for the sequel..!).  Rather, it was the continuation of the trend of watered-down, repetitive pop-song soundtrack entries, this time provided by the fucking tragedy that is Soundgarden.  Do you remember the 90’s?  Soundgarden used to be INSANE.  Louder Than Love, Badmotorfinger?  Epic.  Then that Black Hole Sun album came out, and they got a little more mainstream, and that was okay, I guess.  Then they broke up, and…and, holy shit, do I wish they had stayed broken up.  Because their new ‘song’ for the Avengers soundtrack is the pits, man.  It honestly sounds like it was designed by a computer to produce a song for the end credits of a superhero movie.  It’s that generic…it’s that Kroeger song from SPIDER-MAN, on it’s thousandth iteration.  And that this is what Soundgarden has come to is just pathetic.  Does no one remember when songs for action/adventure/fantasy movies were actually designed FOR the movies they were accompanying, with a little originality thrown in for good measure?  Because it sounded a little like THIS:

I know which one I’LL be requesting at karaoke in 10 years, is all I’m saying.

FRINGE:  Well, I wrapped up my fifth and probably final pre-Fringe interview yesterday (with one more e-mail interview pending).  Tomorrow, I start the laborious work of transcribing all my taped interviews onto the ‘pooter, and then next week I start posting them.  I’m stoked about these pieces, because I got some great bits from some amazing performers an creators, and I still have trouble believing they’re all talking to ME.  I hope you guys are gonna dig all the stuff I got, as well as a few hopefully epic preview posts I have in the works, not only for Ottawa Fringe but Montreal as well (they keep sending me media kits, it’s the LEAST I can do..!).  Plus, I hope to have the ‘media launch’ for TEAM VISITORIUM in the next few days, officially announcing the members of my crew who will, along with myself, review every single show in the Fringe this year on the Visitorium.  That’s the plan, anyhow…

I had a whole other bit I wanted to go into about the new Subway ads, but I’m running outta time. Got to post this so I make the Monday deadline, and maybe I’ll be back with a late update!  If not, Subway next week, awright?  It’ll be swell, I promise.  Here’s an awesome Lily Allen/Littlest Hobo mashup to keep you happy, in case I decide to crash…

Peace, love and soul,

The Visitor (and Winston)

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