Coming Up in December 2011

End of the year is just about here, folks, and it’s unfortunately driving us into that December-January negative zone of theatre down time, or as I like to call it, Hell.

Fuck you, Christmas, you're no consolation at ALL.

But, there’s still a few goodies left to tide us over, and here I am to do my best to tell y’all what they are!    Let’s get started, I’ve got another post to write as soon as I’m done THIS one:

THIS IS OUR YOUTH continues until the fourth at Carleton University’s Kailash Mital Theatre, from the kids at Sock ‘n’ Buskin.   SAUCE BRUNE from Theatre la Catapulte goes until the 3rd, at La Nouvelle Scene.  And oh yeah, also ending on the third is Chamber Theatre‘s MARCEL PURSUED BY THE HOUNDS at the Carelton Tavern.   You can still catch ’em all!

Over at Ottawa Little Theatre, I HATE HAMLET runs until the 17th, and looks like a fun one.  Meanwhile, the Great Canadian Theatre Company runs A MIDWINTERS DREAM TALE, courtesy of a Company of Fools, until the 18th.

A triple-play of new shows gets started on the 6th…the NAC English Theatre Company belts out some Dickensian tunes with OLIVER!, from the 6th to 24th* (and yay, Bev Wolfe’s in this one!) *ETA: the run of Oliver has now been extended, with shows all the way to a matinee on the 31st!  No excuses for missing THIS one, I guess.

The Ottawa U Drama Guild, carrying on with the planned team-up with Third Wall Theatre, puts on Chekhov’s THREE SISTERS from the 6th to 10th at Academic Hall (with an open Dress rehearsal on the 5th, if you like).

Over at the Gladstone, Plosive carries on the radio play tradition with THE SHADOW, a pair of broadcast adventures performed live on stage, and featuring smooth Tim Oberholzer as Alec Baldwin.  Should be sweet, film noir fun!  From the 6th to 17th.

From the 8th to 10th (short run!) Vintage Stock Theatre will put on MEETING MR.BENNETT at Shenkman Centre, a play based on actual letters to Prime Minister Bennett.  In other news, we had a PM named Bennett?  Wow, I paid NO attention in school.

And finishing things off, Kanata Theatre has family-friendly show A YEAR WITH FROG AND TOAD from the 27th thru 30th, a nice treat between high-stress holidays, eh?

That’s it for shows that I know of…a quick note that Crush Improv‘s Monday BOUT TIME slot at the Elmdale Tavern has been pushed back a week, and will now be happening on the 12th.  You’ll all be there, right?  Day before my birthday and all…just saying…

Oh, and if you’re interested, there’s the DIGI60 film competition screenings at Centrepointe Theatre on the 2nd and third…Ken Godmere’s short film bur will be in the second showing on the 3rd, and may or may not feature me shuffling about zombie-like in the background.  In a curious turn, it seems I DO have ego enough to actually show up and see myself on the big screen. Also, it looks like it’s going to be an amazing bunch of shorts, so check it out.

Right, I’ve gotta get back to writing this blog, which I’m curently doing anyways.  Sigh.  This morning is going all solipsistic on me. Nevermind…peace, love and soul, Ottawa, and I’ll see you soon,

The Visitor (and Winston)

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