Coming Up in November 2011

Trying to get a much-needed jumpstart on this months preview post of theatrical shenanigans in Ottawa, because HOLY GODDAMNED HELL is there a lot going on this month.  It’s bloody brilliant.

To start, there’s all the shows that started last month, still running over into November.  Shows likethe NAC’s SALT-WATER MOON (until the 5th), Ottawa Little Theatre’s DR.COOK’S GARDEN (also til the 5th), Theatre du Trillium’s TARAM (You guessed it…the 5th), and the just launched WHISPERING PINES at the GCTC (that one plays until the 13th).  Keeping score so far?

Great!  Because the NAC will be quickly following MOON up with AND SLOWLY BEAUTY…, a dee-liteful sounding joint about a man who discovers Chekhov, and is changed forever.  Having just discovered the C-man myself, I can empathize.  Runs from the 7th to 19th in the studio.

Over at the Ottawa Little Theatre (fun fact: it’s actually quite large!) they will be premiering I HATE HAMLET on the 29th thru to December 17th.  If YOU hate Hamet, this just might be the show for you.

The Great Canadian Theatre Company will be reviving a classic piece from one of Ottawa’s most beloved troupes, A Company of Fools, with the new presentation of A MIDWINTERS DREAM TALE from the 29th to Dec 18th.  Ain’t no one does Billy Shakes like the Fools, especially with founding fool Al Connors at the helm.  This one’s can’t miss, folks. For serious.

Over at the Gladstone (still 100% condo-free as of this writing) Theatre, the hard-working heroes at 730 Productions are bringing I DO NOT LIKE THEE, DOCTOR FELL to the stage from the 1st thru 19th.  I can’t WAI T for this one, and not just because it puts Kelly Rigole, Tim Oberholzer and Richard Gelinas on the same stage together.  But…mostly.

Also at the Gladstone, Community Theatre cool kids the Phoenix Players are joining in the fun, putting up their new production of I REMEMBER MAMA from the 24th-26th, and it sounds like a gooder.  There’s even a cat!

More community goodness?  Absolutely!  Over at the Ron Maslin Playhouse, Kanata Theatre struts out Norm Foster’s MAGGIE’S GETTING MARRIED from the 8th to 19th, because sometimes funny things can happen even in Kanata.  And at the Ron Kolbus Theatre (what is it with Ron’s and theatres?), the Lakeside Players are putting up DICK WHITTINGTON, a classic Brit-stylee Panto, which sounds like a good idea to me.  That’s from the 10th-13th.

For your musical needs, Orpheus is getting their Xmas on with WHITE CHRISTMAS at Centrepointe, from the 11th thru 20th.  Orpheus does tend to know them some musicals, folks.  Just saying.

Done?  Heck no, just getting warmed up!  Check it out…one of my fav’rit companies, Evolution Theatre, are back in their new Arts Court home with the highly anticipated IN THE EYES OF STONE DOGS.  Cat Leger, Andy Massingham, and the new crop of gangsters from the Ottawa Theatre School…Yes, it’s another can’t miss, folks.  You heard me.

Meanwhile, over at Ottawa U, John Mighton’s POSSIBLE WORLDS is being put on by…students?  There isn’t really a company name to go on here, gang (tho probably Unicorn Theatre is a good bet), but know this…it’s a free show, it’s from some hard-working, theatre-loving Ottawa U nerds (the good kind), and its gonna be good.  In the same series of shows that brought the dynamite EURYDICE to Studio Leonard-Beaulne in October.  This one’s from the 10th to 12th.

Prefer your theatre in a dingy but lovable tavern?  Say no more!  Hintonburg heroes Chamber Theatre are back with Tremblay’s MARCEL PURSUED BY THE HOUNDS at the Carleton Tavern from the 23rd thru to December 3rd, and it should be the usual amazing time.  As real as theatre gets, gang.

C’est quoi tu dit?  Quelque chose de Francais?  Dit no more!  Aside from TARAM, there’s MEPHISTO at Academic Hall, from Comedie des Deux Rives, from the 8th thru 12th.  The NAC French Theatre presents JACKIE from the 22nd to 26th (and it sounds well cool).  Over at La Nouvelle Scene, they’ll be showing LES 3 EXILS DE CHRISTIAN E. from Theatre du Trillium (I think…pardon, my French is still a little dodgy) from the 16th thru 19th.

One more at LNS, and it oddly coincides with three other shows, that share the identical 4-day run time, because Ottawa theatres (like all good theatres) just hate to make any god damned sense at all.  The shows are:  SAUCE BRUNE from Theatre la CatapulteHIS GRACE from TotoToo…and THIS IS OUR YOUTH from Sock ‘n’ Buskin…all three shows play from November 30th to December 3rd, so decide early what order you want to see them in, okay?  Don’t go confusing yourselves.

And ya didn’t think I’d forget about my acting Coach Brie Barker?  Fuck no..his Sanitas Playback Theatre has a show on the 12th at the Ottawa School of Speech and Drama, entitled STORIES OF SACRIFICE.  Sanitas shows are intense deals, folks, and I highly recommend the experience.

More?  Still?  Awright…howabout the visiting Baltimore troupe the Missoula Oblongata, and their one-night-only showing of  THE DAUGHTER OF THE FATHER OF TIME MOTION STUDY, at St.Pauls on Cumberland.  Co-Presented by Ottawa’s own MiCasa Theatre  and directed by Miss Emily Pearlman herself, this is going to be unforgettable, I already guarantee.

And still need more zombies after Halloween and this weeks Walking Dead?  Try the return from the grave of Fringe hit PLAYING DEAD from Dead Unicorn Ink, at Arts Court this time from the 24th to 26th.  Because the only thing cooler than a zombie is a puppet zombie.

Sheesh.  I’m actually getting sore from fucking typing, people…this WAS a lot, right?  I’m not crazy?  And I haven’t even mentioned the regular CRUSH IMPROV, CRYSTAL BASEMENT, GRIMPROV and INSENSITIVITY TRAINING improv shows, or the much-anticipated launch of the UNDERCURRENTS festival on the 21st…Yikes.  I need a vacation again.  Maybe to Toronto, so I could catch Atomic Vaudeville‘s RIDE THE CYCLONE again.  There’s a thought (November 10th thru December 3rd, for those interested…you all should be).  But that’s it for me for now, kids…as always, if you spot something I didn’t, drop me a comment…there’s always room for one more!  Peace, love and soul,

The Visitor (and Winston)

ETA:   Yes, there’s EVEN FUCKING MORE now!  And it’s so exciting as to well deserve that all-caps expletive just then, because it’s a one-night only remount of Luna Allison’s bloody amazing Fringe show FALLING OPEN, playing on Saturday the 19th at the OSSD.  Tickets for this special fundraising appearance are 25 bucks, which is much cheaper than the grief therapy you’ll need if you miss it a second time.  Trust me.

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