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Coming Up in November 2014

In Theatre on November 1, 2014 at 5:34 pm

November!! It’s more than just terrible moustaches.

FISH EYES and BOYS WITH CARS at the GCTC, from Nightswimming. Fishy car double-billed fun to start the month off right! Until the 2nd.

THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST at the National Arts Centre Theatre. The Wilde party continues until the 8th, courtesy of the NAC English Theatre ensemble.

The Hunchinson Family Players (tm).

The Hunchinson Family Players ™.

THE HUNCHBACKS OF NOTRE DAME at the Gladstone, from Under the Table and Black Sheep Theatre. November 1st is your last chance to catch the Hunchinson family in this fantastic Hugo-inspired comedy!

JACK STRAW at the Elmwood Theatre, from Linden House. Finishing up on the 1st and 2nd, some period hijinks from the Linden House gang.

THE SHAPE OF A GIRL at the Avalon Studio, from Cart Before the Horse. Hard hitting youth drama, featuring the unstoppable Megan Carty. Until the 2nd.

THE MOUSETRAP at the Ottawa Little Theatre. Last chance for Agatha Christie mystery goodness, until the 8th.


WHERE POPPIES BLOW at the GCTC, from Salamander Theatre. Two performances of this Moscovitch goodness on the 2nd at the GCTC, plus a few others listed above and on the website at various locations!

DOCTOR JEKYLL AND MISTER HYDE at the Ron Maslin Playhouse, from Kanata Theatre.  Classic Victoriana in Kanata!  From the 4th to 15th.

THE DIXIE SWIM CLUB at the Gladstone Theatre, from Phoenix Players. Co-stars the legend Bobby Roberts…what else do you need to hear?? From the 6th through 15th.


YOUNG LADY IN WHITE at Arts Court Theatre, from Evolution Theatre. Evolution is back, with the lead show in the awesome new TACTICS series season! Catch this one from the 7th through 15th.

BILLY BISHOP GOES TO WAR at the Avalon Studio, from Plosive Productions and the Acting Company. Chris Ralph re-enlists for another go at this Canuck musical classic. From the 7th to 23rd.

DO YOU WANT WHAT I HAVE GOT? A CRAIGSLIST CANTATA at the NAC Studio. I don’t exactly know what Craigslist is, but I’ll bet these people will let me know, via song. From the 12th to 22nd.

ex short play 2014

THE EXTREMELY SHORT NEW PLAY FESTIVAL at Arts Court Theatre, from New Theatre Ottawa. Short plays your thing? Here’s where to find’em! The 19th to 30th.

glass menagerie

THE GLASS MENAGERIE at the Gladstone Theatre, from Bear and Co. That Tennessee whatsisname hits the Gladstone stage, along with a cool cast. The 20th to December 6th.

FIDDLER ON THE ROOF at Centrepointe Theatre, from Orpheus Musical Society. Fiddles, rooves….this one has it all!! The 21st to 30th.

THE RAILWAY CHILDREN at the Ottawa Little Theatre. Travellin’ children for the holidays! The 25th to December 13th,


THE TEMPEST in room 2017 Dunton Tower (Carleton U. campus), from Sock’n’Buskin.  A change of pace and venue to kick of SNB’s new season!  The 28th to 30th, plus December 5th and 6th!

AND TO ALL A GOOD KNIFE at the Velvet Room, from Eddie May Murder mysteries.  A bloody Xmas show with a killer cast to start the season right.  Starts Saturday the 15th, then every Friday and Saturday this month.
          – Theatre Francais

HUIT FEMMES at Theatre de L’Ile. The 5th through December 6th.

EAUX at the NAC Studio. For young and old audiences. The 1st and 2nd

DEUX at the NAC Studio. Join Mani and Manu for a intimate piece of theatre indeed. The 5th to 8th.

VIOL at Academic Hall, for Comedie des Deux Rives.  Ottawa U French Theatre takes on Titus Andronicus!  The 18th to 22nd.

KISS AND CRY at the NAC Theatre. A movie in miniature filmed and projected before your eyes, the 26th to 29th.

          – Improv and Others

‘BOUT TIME on Monday the 3rd from Crush Improv, more 3 on 3 improv battle goodness! And lots more Crush this month, as they’ll be at Maxwell’s on the 14th with special guests Dave Morris and Missie Peters from Paper Street Theatre, and on the 22nd at Patty Boland’s with former Crush member Jodan Moffat!  Plus, Dave Morris will be hosting an improv workshop on the 15th (11 -2)  at the Routhier Community Centre.

APROVALYPSE from Hall of Justice Improv at the Lunenburg, on the 9th.

HOW TO START (literally), an improv workshop from Dani and Chris of Experimental Farm Theatre. On the 12th at the Dalhousie community centre! And the next EFT-up comedy show is on the 20th at the Pressed Cafe!


UOttawa’s Improv gang, MI-6 is having their first public show of the year on the 25th at the Lnenburg pub!

Plus, I’m assuming, the regular first and last wednesday improv slots for GRIMPROV at the Cock and Lion (join them on the 5th for THE LEAP!), plus the last Tuesday show from CRYSTAL BASEMENT at the Atomic Rooster.

And new addition, the Acting Company will be hosting a showcase performance of their advanced improv class on the 10th at 8pm, at the Avalon Studio!

wolf pelt

WOLF PELT FUNDRAISER on the 5th, at Arts Court Courtroom. Join Cory Thibert and his moviemaking pals at Wolf Pelt as they screen multiple supercool short films for your amusement (and hopefully donations)

Undercurrents LOGO NEW 300dpi-01

UNDERCURRENTS LAUNCH PARTY on the 12th at Arts Court. Now that the little festival that makes February fun has made thee move to Fringe territory, let’s see what Pat Gauthier has in store for us this time around!

More to come…I know I’m missing a few French shows at least, if not much more…stay tuned, and get on out there!!  Peace, love and soul,

Kevin Reid (and Winston)

Coming Up in November 2013

In Theatre on November 1, 2013 at 1:25 pm

New Month, and this one’s all November-y!  Let’s see what terribly exciting stuffs await (hint: LOTS of exciting stuffs)!

PRINCESS T at Academic Hall, from the Ottawa U Drama Guild.  A cool as beans adaptation of Puccini’s TURNADOT, from the swell kids at Ottawa U (And starring Visitorium fav’rit Danielle Savoie!).  Plays until the 2nd.

TARTUFFE at the National Arts Centre Theatre.  Last chance to catch a pretty great Andy Jones take on Moliere, with the new NAC Ensemble.  Until the 2nd.

WAR OF THE WORLDS: A LIVE RADIO PLAY at the Gladstone Theatre, from Plosive Productions.  A short run for this rare Halloween version of the radio play, featuring Zach Counsil, Michelle leBlanc, live foley and a slew of CBC all-stars!  Until the 2nd.

DEADLY MURDER at the Ottawa Little Theatre. Twists and turns and murderly fun, OLT style.  Until the 2nd.

MERCUTIO AND OPHELIA at the Avalon Studio, from Fireflood Theatre.  A Few more chances to see what happens when Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet get their wires crossed.  The 1st thru 3rd.

YOU FANCY YOURSELF at the Great Canadian Theatre Company.  A terrific one-hander from Maja Ardal about schoolyear life abroad.  Until the 3rd.


OCCUPY ME at the Ottawa Theatre School Studio, from Counterpoint Players.  Two shows, one night only of Bronwyn Steinberg’s one-woman yoga activism hit from SubDevision and Ottawa Fringe.  Only on the 2nd!

FREUD’S LAST SESSION at various locations, from 9th Hour Theatre.  Last month to check out the epic Freud vs.CS Lewis scrap!  On the 2nd, 8th, 15th and 16th…locations and showtimes HERE.

THE EXTREMELY SHORT NEW PLAY FESTIVAL at Arts Court Theatre, from New Theatre Ottawa.  Back for a second incarnation with a host of new short original plays from local artists like Lawrence Aronovitch, Karen Balcome, Tim Ginley and more!  Guaranteed fun time.  Until the 10th.

WHERE POPPIES BLOW at the GCTC Studio, from Salamander Theatre. A special showing of Salamander’s young audience show, lest ye forget.  Matinee of November 3rd.

AGNES OF GOD at the Ron Maslin Playhouse, from Kanata Theatre.  John Pielmeier’s contentious play about religion, obsession, and other dinner table subjects. From the 5th to 16th.

THE LAST OF JANE AUSTEN at the Gladstone Theatre, from Phoenix Players. Two ladies try to train a boxer…I forget which Austen that was.  From the 6th to 16th.

STILL LOOKING FOR PARADISE at the Ottawa Little Theatre from Full Moon Rising Productions. A new Ian Stauffer play, as well as a fundraiser for the Ottawa Mission. 6th to 9th only!


SO2SPEAK at the Avalon Studio, from incite:LAB.  A new black comedy from Tim Ginley, and director Stewart Matthews.  8th to 10th and 15th to 17th. Check out their preview video if you still need convincing:

HAMLET (SOLO) at the NAC Studio.  OMG It’s back!  Raoul Bhaneja performs the entirety of Zombie Bill’s masterpiece all on his lonesome, no set, no effects.  Bloody inspirational.  From the 12th to 23rd.

MOMMA’S BOY at the Raw Sugar Cafe, from Bear and Co.  A delightful slice of musical romance and drama as Bear brings back their Fringe show for one night only in town.  Catch it on the 13th!

THE 7 PERSON HIGH CHAIR PYRAMID HIGH WIRE ACT at Arts Court Theatre, from Missoula Oblongata.  Also playing for one night (the same night, sheesh!), the oblongata gang returns after merriment a couple years back with THE DAUGHTER OF THE FATHER OF TIME MOTION STUDY.  Expect surreality and amazingness.  On the 13th!

ALL GALL at St.James United Church, from Third Wall.  An evening of French short works from the 3rd Wall gang, part of their continuing EMPTY SPACE reading series.  Only on the 13th!


SYLVIA at the Ottawa Theatre School Studio, from OTS.  This is the big one!!  First show of my new home’s season, featuring the awesome graduating class of 2013/14!  Come on out and see A.R.Gurney’s comedy about a family driven apart by a man and his dog.  From the 14th to 23rd!  Note: if you don’t come to see this, I will have to assume you don’t love me anymore.

8 WAYS MY MOTHER WAS CONCEIVED at the Gladstone Theatre. A one woman show from Michaela di Cesare, trying to disprove her Mother’s claims of immaculate conception. From the 20th to 23rd.

YOU SHOULD HAVE STAYED HOME at Arts Court Theatre, from Praxis Theatre.  A touring hit about shenanigans at the G20, hitting Ottawa for a limited engagement.  Come get your protest on!  From the 20th to 23rd.

LEGALLY BLONDE at Centrepointe Theatre, from Orpheus Musical Society.  Hey, they took that movie about the pretty girl who became a lawyer and gave it some songs! And people like it! Maybe you will too!  From the 22nd to December 1st.

CHRISTMAS BELLES at the Ottawa Little Theatre.  Some holiday themed fun from OLT.  Bring your own Egg Nog (but don’t, really).  Starts the 26th thru December 14th.

GOODNIGHT DESDEMONA, GOOD MORNING JULIET at the Great Canadian Theatre Company. Time-warping Shakespearean fun from Ann-Marie MacDonald.  From the 26th to December 15th.

DOAS poster in jpg

DEATH OF A SALESMAN at the Carleton Tavern, from Chamber Theatre.  Willie Loman finally gets his day in Ottawa, at the venerable Carleton Tavern!  A not-to-be-missed show from the 27th thru December 7th.

And at Memorial Hall in New Edinburgh (39 Dufferin) there will be an evening of previews of works-in-progress from CONNECT DANCE and the OTTAWA STILT UNION on the 30th, which sounds like some sweet fun to me.


VISAGE DE FEU at the NAC Studio.  Until the 2nd!

CENDRILLON at the NAC Theatre. A new spin on Cinderella, from the 6th to 9th.

LA FA LE DO at L’Ecole de la Salle, from Theatre la Catapulte and Theatre Francais (Toronto).  The 6th to the 9th.

OSCAR from Theatre de L’Ile.  From the 6th to December 14th.

LE PROJET LARAMIE from Comedie des Deux Rives, at Academic Hall.  A franco-translation of The Laramie Project from the Ottawa U gang.  From the 19th to 23rd.


CARTE BLANCHE at Espace Rene-Prevost.  New Works from Guy Perrault, Annie Cloutier and Dinorah Catzalco, from the 21st to 23rd.

OBALDIA THEATRE (ou THEATRE EN FOLIE) at the Shenkman Centre Richcraft Theatre, from Theatre du Village.  From the 20th to 23rd.

PETIT BONHOMME EN PAPIER CARBONNE at the NAC Studio. Storytelling and wee puppets! 29th and 30th.


CRUSH IMPROV continues to march on unabated, with a host of fun times coming in November, including:
– ‘BOUT TIME on November 4th at Mother McGinteys (Heart and Crown, Byward Market). The regular 3 on 3 battle continues!
SPOTLIGHT ON...Andrew King, November 14th at Centrepointe Studio.
– Workshops!  Improv Foundations on November 1st and 22nd at the Centrepointe Studio Theatre and Chamber Room, respectively. Also, Sketch Writing workshop on the 24th at the Avalon Chaplin Studio.  Trust me, Crush gives good workshop.

Updates as I hear stuff, as always, now get on out and see some shows!  Peace, love and soul,

Kevin Reid, the Visitor (and Winston)

Bienvenue a Unity

In Theatre on November 21, 2012 at 4:09 pm

Hey, do you know what we have in downtown Ottawa? A Public Library!  Manoman, it had been so long since I was back there, I had plum forgotten all about it!  Trust my good ol’ pal Theatre to reintroduce me, though (in fact, the LAST time I was there was to see some roving maskwork courtesy of Odyssey Theatre, now I think of it).  I had another French show to see, a translation of an English work, so I hit up the book building to read thee original, to give my still weak Franco-skill-set a leg up.  They had the play in question, and I spent two visits having a very pleasant read of what turned out to be a pretty squinky piece of work.  I left aching to see it performed, and especially curious to see how it translated.

The play was UNITY (1918) by Kevin Kerr, and was being performed at Academic Hall by Ottawa U’s Comedie des Deux Rives troupe.  Having already produced one of my fav’rit shows this year, CIMITIERE DES VOITURES, I couldn’t wait to see this one…especially once I realized that it would be directed by none other than Joel Beddows, the director who wins ALL the awards, yo!  It was an exciting enough combo to make me skip the Evolution Theatre launch party just a few blocks away (more on that in another post, coming soon) and hunker on down to Acky Hall, with fellow Remote Planet recording superstar Caitlin in tow.  Unity (mil neuf-cent dix-huit), here we come!

You may thank multitalented Danielle Savoie for the cool beans poster.

The story of UNITY happens in the Saskatchewan town of the same name, in the final days of WWI.  The three Wilde sisters (Beatrice, Mary and Sissy, played by Alexandra Beraldin, Gabrielle Boucher and Caroline Lefebvre) are the central characters around whom the events of the story revolve.  Earnest Mary is pining for the return of her sweetheart Richard from the war, even as responsible Beatrice longs for her would-be sweetheart Glen.  Smart-aleck Sissy, however, is more interested in shirtless beau Michael (Samuel Menard), and stirring up trouble about an end of the world prophecy she read in a book.  News of the impending arrival in town of a deadly Flu virus, however, lends too much truth to her ides for comfort.  And people were already dropping like flies…as we start, farmer Stan (Chancard Lemvo) has just lost his wife in childbirth, and has to rely on  Sunna (Chloe Tremblay), the mortician’s daughter, as her Father has also just passed away.  Poor timing, as his long-estranged son Hart (Guillaume Saindon) has just arrived, blinded from a gas attack in the war.

Hart’s appearance seems an ill-omen indeed, and things begin going badly for the town in their new war against the flu…masks are strapped on, quarantine is called, but how much good any of this will do is anyone’s guess.  Joel strikes a macabre tone in the show almost from the word go, although Kerr’s script (even translated) still has so many genuine laughs in it that everything still balances out wonderfully.  And holy blue freakin’ Hannah, but they’ve assembled a crack cast for this show.  Beraldin shines brightly as put-upon elder sister Bea, and Lefebvre is a firecracker playing bratty, lively Sissy.  Saindon as the (mostly) soft-spoken Hart has some wonderful scenes, ditto Chancard Lemvo as crestfallen Stan.  And Chloe Tremblay (who I caught in the great PETIT KOCHEL a while back) as solitary Sunna is absolutely wonderful in a performance that’s not to be missed.  There was some choice scene-stealing going on as well, most notably from Julien Dancause as Glen, all grins and struts, and Chantal Labonte and Isabelle Jeaurond as Doris and Rose, the memorably snappy telephone operators.  There weren’t really ANY missteps in this, a stunningly beautiful and haunting production that serves as maybe a picture-perfect example of why I love going to student productions so god-damned much.  It also makes me VERY glad that I’ve started catching more and more French shows, because even missing the occasional word here and there, this is a fantastic two hours, and no fooling.

Props to Lewis Caunter for a lovely soundscape, and some cool lighting effects from Margaret Coderre-Williams.  Icing on the cake for a show that would likely have earned Joel ANOTHER best director nod at the Rideaus, if this were a professional production.  Certainly couldn’t tell it wasn’t from the quality.  The kids done good, and you’d be doing yourself wrong to pass on this production, which I’d happily sit through again.  Vas-y!  Peace, love and soul,

The Visitor (and Winston)

PS:  Caitlin loved it too.  So it wasn’t just me!

Coming Up in November 2012

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THIS is the month, folks.  If you don’t do at least six cool things this month, you should probably shout harder for help, as you’re almost certainly trapped under something heavy and need assistance.  Are you ready for it?  Here we go…

GLACE BAY MINERS’ MUSEUM at the National Arts Center, until the 3rd.  Last chance to see the Canuck classic, beautiful set and all.
THE DEATH OF DRACULA at the Gladstone Theatre, from Phoenix Players.  Until the 3rd, vampire fun from the good eggs at Phoenix!

JULIUS CAESER at Centrepointe Studio, from the Ottawa Shakespeare Company.  Also until the 3rd, see what some of the biggest buzz in Ottawa theatre is all about!

YOU NEVER CAN TELL at Elmwood School Theatre, from Linden House.  And still until the 3rd, terrific GB Shaw piece with wee Jenny David knockin’em dead.

IF WE WERE BIRDS at Academic Hall, from the Ottawa U Drama Guild.  Still again until the 3rd, probably the starkest piece of theatre O-town’s gonna see this year.  Daring stuff from the guildsters!

THE HOLLOW at Ottawa Little Theatre.  Until the 10th, Agatha Christie done fun.

FLY ME TO THE MOON at the Irving Greenberg Theatre, from the Great Canadian Theatre Company.  From the 1st thru 18th, the dynamic duo of Margo MacDonald and Mary Ellis get the John P.Kelly treatment, and the result is a must-see.

AGNES OF GOD at the Irving Greenberg Studio, from 9th Hour.  Playing from the 1st to the 10th, rising stars 9th Hour have been putting out good shows, and I doubt they’re stopping now.

KASPAR HAUSER at Old City Hall, from Anthropos Theatre.  Glen Williamson’s one-an show comes for one night only, on the 2nd.  I caught his FAUST, and the dude knows his storytelling.

CINDERELLA at Arts Court Theatre, from Opera Lyra.  An abridged, family-friendly operatic version of the classic tale, on the 3rd, 4th and 9th!

THIRSTY at the National Arts Centre Studio.  From the 5th to the 17th, and featuring the great Andrew Moodie, Jackie Richardson and more!

MARY’S WEDDING at the Ron Maslin Playhouse, from Kanata Theatre.  From the 6th to 17th, a cool sounding show set on the eve of WWI.

WHERE POPPIES BLOW from Salamander Theatre. Publicc performances of this special show at Beechwood National Memorial Centre on the 7th, then at the Ottawa School of Speech and Drama on the 10th, then touring schools across the reegion.  Don’t miss out!

PADRE X at the Canadian War Museum, from Looking Glass Productions.  Playing the 8th (7:30), 10th (1:30 and 7:30) and 11th (1:30), the award-winning one-man Fringe drama from Marc Moir returns!

THE EUMENIDES from Ottawa Theatre School, at the OSSD.  From the 12th to 24th, the first show from this years graduating class of OTS gangsters hits the stage, and I can’t wait!

TONGUE AND GROOVE at Collected Works Bookstore, from Chamber Theatre.  From the 21st to Dec 1st, exciting new stuff from Chamber, in a cool new venue!

NOVEMBER at the Gladstone Theatre, from SevenThirty Productions.  Starting on the 21st thru next month…John P.Kelly is back already, and he’s bringing Todd Duckworth as the president along!

PRIDE AND PREJUDICE at the National Arts Centre Theatre.  Starting on the 21st…Alix Sideris is back, Alix Sideris is back!!  Yay!!

FOOTLOOSE at Centrepointe Theatre, from Orpheus Musical Society.  From the 23rd thru Dec 2nd…it’s a musical about Footloose!  That’s all I know!

DAVID’S REDHAIRED DEATH at the Vanier Community Centre, from Suspension Theatre.  From the 27th to Dec 1st at 8pm (plus 2pm matinee on the 1st), ginger fun from some raucous newcomers!

THE NUMBER 14 at the Irving Greenberg Theatre, from GCTC and Axis Theatre Company.  Frm the 27th thru Dec 16th.  One of the most anticipated shows of the season!

7 STORIES at Saw Gallery, from Red.Collective.  from the 22nd to 25th, the Reddies are back with some Morris Panych for y’all. *UPDATE*  This show has sadly been cancelled, but is being replaced by a show from Red.Collective the following month.

MR.PIM PASSES BY at Ottawa Little Theatre.  Starting on the 27th, the centennial season marches on, courtesy of AA Milne.

A CHRISTMAS CAROL at the Glebe Community Centre, from the Glebe Neighbourhood Activities Group (GNAG).  From the 29th to Dec 2nd, Xmas musical fun from director Eleanor Crowder.

Also, from the 16th-17th, 23rd-24th, and 30th-Dec 1st, Ottawa U will present WORKSHOP II – 4TH YEAR ONE ACTS in Studio Leonard-Beaulne, featuring plays directed by cool beans grad students (is that right..?), for FREE!  How can you say no??

…And that’s not all!!  Here’s what’s coming up locally in THEATRE FRANCAIS:

SOUS-SOL A LOUER at Theatre de L’Ile.  Playing all month long, a really fun sounding show in the prettiest little theatre around!

LE VENTRILOQUE at Studio Leonard-Beaulne.  From the 8th to 10th, Larry Tremblay’s play in one of my fav’rit spaces.

ABC DEMOLITION at La Nouvelle Scene, from Theatre de la Vielle 17.  from the 14th-24th, and featuring the great Paul Rainville! And Annick Leger, who I don’t know, but I bet she’s great too!

UNITY MILLE NEUF-CENT DIX-HUIT (Unity 1918) at Academic Hall, from Comedie des Deux rives.  From the 20th to 24th, and directed by doctor Joel Beddows himself!
INVENTION DU CHAUFFAGE CENTRALE EN NOUVEAU FRANCE (14th to 17th) and LA SCAPHANDRIERE (28th to Dec 2nd) at the NAC, from NAC French Theatre.  Still haven’t caught any of the NAC French productions…hoping to correct that soon!

ZONE at la Nouvelle Scene, from Theatre la Catapulte and Theatre Francais de Toronto.  From the 28th to Dec 1st, from the companies that just brought us the amazing ALBERTINE EN CINQ TEMPS!

…But wait, there’s more!  IMPROV more!!

CRUSH IMPROV has a stellar month planned, starting with a workshop on Nov 5th at the Hintonburg Community Centre, with Kirsten Rasmussen, who seems to have REALLY pretty eyes. *sigh*  Following that is the monthly ‘BOUT TIME battle at the Elmdale Tavern, featuring returning champs TWO AND A HALF WOMEN taking on GRIMPROV (who will still be hosting their own shows the first and last wednesday of the month at the Imperial on Bank street!).  Crush will also be returning with their SPOTLIGHT ON… show at the Gladstone, this time on the 24th (following that evenings performance of NOVEMBER) and guest-starring Nicole Milne!   And hey ho, THE BRAD MACNEIL is returning, the show AND the man himself!  The latest installment of the live chat show will take place on the 22nd at Mercury Lounge, and he’ll also be hosting a workshop of his own at Arts Court Library on the 24th.  He’ll also be joining in the Spotlight fun, so don’t miss him!

This isn’t even mentioning the Dance stuff going Ottawa Dance Directive‘s ROAD TRIP from the 1st to 3rd at Arts Court,and POLITICAL MOTHER and 2 AND 4 from NAC dance.  Plus there’s THE CASE OF THE PEKINESE PEREGRINE wrapping up from Eddie May Mysteries in the Velvet Room, courtesy of Scarlett’s Dinner Theatre.  Or the GLADSTONE UNPLUGGED benefit concert/variety show on the 10th!  Or the UNDERCURRENTS launch party on the 15th at GCTC!  Or RAG AND BONE puppet theatre for the kids..!

Seriously, folks, I am SO TIRED from writing this post.  Just go out and support some local theatre, all right?  From the  length of this entry, you’d have to try pretty hard NOT to see some cool shows this month.  Don’t let me down!  And let me know what I missed (I know there’s SOMEthing).  Peace, love and soul,

The Visitor (and Winston)

Coming Up in November 2011

In Theatre on October 31, 2011 at 8:41 pm

Trying to get a much-needed jumpstart on this months preview post of theatrical shenanigans in Ottawa, because HOLY GODDAMNED HELL is there a lot going on this month.  It’s bloody brilliant.

To start, there’s all the shows that started last month, still running over into November.  Shows likethe NAC’s SALT-WATER MOON (until the 5th), Ottawa Little Theatre’s DR.COOK’S GARDEN (also til the 5th), Theatre du Trillium’s TARAM (You guessed it…the 5th), and the just launched WHISPERING PINES at the GCTC (that one plays until the 13th).  Keeping score so far?

Great!  Because the NAC will be quickly following MOON up with AND SLOWLY BEAUTY…, a dee-liteful sounding joint about a man who discovers Chekhov, and is changed forever.  Having just discovered the C-man myself, I can empathize.  Runs from the 7th to 19th in the studio.

Over at the Ottawa Little Theatre (fun fact: it’s actually quite large!) they will be premiering I HATE HAMLET on the 29th thru to December 17th.  If YOU hate Hamet, this just might be the show for you.

The Great Canadian Theatre Company will be reviving a classic piece from one of Ottawa’s most beloved troupes, A Company of Fools, with the new presentation of A MIDWINTERS DREAM TALE from the 29th to Dec 18th.  Ain’t no one does Billy Shakes like the Fools, especially with founding fool Al Connors at the helm.  This one’s can’t miss, folks. For serious.

Over at the Gladstone (still 100% condo-free as of this writing) Theatre, the hard-working heroes at 730 Productions are bringing I DO NOT LIKE THEE, DOCTOR FELL to the stage from the 1st thru 19th.  I can’t WAI T for this one, and not just because it puts Kelly Rigole, Tim Oberholzer and Richard Gelinas on the same stage together.  But…mostly.

Also at the Gladstone, Community Theatre cool kids the Phoenix Players are joining in the fun, putting up their new production of I REMEMBER MAMA from the 24th-26th, and it sounds like a gooder.  There’s even a cat!

More community goodness?  Absolutely!  Over at the Ron Maslin Playhouse, Kanata Theatre struts out Norm Foster’s MAGGIE’S GETTING MARRIED from the 8th to 19th, because sometimes funny things can happen even in Kanata.  And at the Ron Kolbus Theatre (what is it with Ron’s and theatres?), the Lakeside Players are putting up DICK WHITTINGTON, a classic Brit-stylee Panto, which sounds like a good idea to me.  That’s from the 10th-13th.

For your musical needs, Orpheus is getting their Xmas on with WHITE CHRISTMAS at Centrepointe, from the 11th thru 20th.  Orpheus does tend to know them some musicals, folks.  Just saying.

Done?  Heck no, just getting warmed up!  Check it out…one of my fav’rit companies, Evolution Theatre, are back in their new Arts Court home with the highly anticipated IN THE EYES OF STONE DOGS.  Cat Leger, Andy Massingham, and the new crop of gangsters from the Ottawa Theatre School…Yes, it’s another can’t miss, folks.  You heard me.

Meanwhile, over at Ottawa U, John Mighton’s POSSIBLE WORLDS is being put on by…students?  There isn’t really a company name to go on here, gang (tho probably Unicorn Theatre is a good bet), but know this…it’s a free show, it’s from some hard-working, theatre-loving Ottawa U nerds (the good kind), and its gonna be good.  In the same series of shows that brought the dynamite EURYDICE to Studio Leonard-Beaulne in October.  This one’s from the 10th to 12th.

Prefer your theatre in a dingy but lovable tavern?  Say no more!  Hintonburg heroes Chamber Theatre are back with Tremblay’s MARCEL PURSUED BY THE HOUNDS at the Carleton Tavern from the 23rd thru to December 3rd, and it should be the usual amazing time.  As real as theatre gets, gang.

C’est quoi tu dit?  Quelque chose de Francais?  Dit no more!  Aside from TARAM, there’s MEPHISTO at Academic Hall, from Comedie des Deux Rives, from the 8th thru 12th.  The NAC French Theatre presents JACKIE from the 22nd to 26th (and it sounds well cool).  Over at La Nouvelle Scene, they’ll be showing LES 3 EXILS DE CHRISTIAN E. from Theatre du Trillium (I think…pardon, my French is still a little dodgy) from the 16th thru 19th.

One more at LNS, and it oddly coincides with three other shows, that share the identical 4-day run time, because Ottawa theatres (like all good theatres) just hate to make any god damned sense at all.  The shows are:  SAUCE BRUNE from Theatre la CatapulteHIS GRACE from TotoToo…and THIS IS OUR YOUTH from Sock ‘n’ Buskin…all three shows play from November 30th to December 3rd, so decide early what order you want to see them in, okay?  Don’t go confusing yourselves.

And ya didn’t think I’d forget about my acting Coach Brie Barker?  Fuck no..his Sanitas Playback Theatre has a show on the 12th at the Ottawa School of Speech and Drama, entitled STORIES OF SACRIFICE.  Sanitas shows are intense deals, folks, and I highly recommend the experience.

More?  Still?  Awright…howabout the visiting Baltimore troupe the Missoula Oblongata, and their one-night-only showing of  THE DAUGHTER OF THE FATHER OF TIME MOTION STUDY, at St.Pauls on Cumberland.  Co-Presented by Ottawa’s own MiCasa Theatre  and directed by Miss Emily Pearlman herself, this is going to be unforgettable, I already guarantee.

And still need more zombies after Halloween and this weeks Walking Dead?  Try the return from the grave of Fringe hit PLAYING DEAD from Dead Unicorn Ink, at Arts Court this time from the 24th to 26th.  Because the only thing cooler than a zombie is a puppet zombie.

Sheesh.  I’m actually getting sore from fucking typing, people…this WAS a lot, right?  I’m not crazy?  And I haven’t even mentioned the regular CRUSH IMPROV, CRYSTAL BASEMENT, GRIMPROV and INSENSITIVITY TRAINING improv shows, or the much-anticipated launch of the UNDERCURRENTS festival on the 21st…Yikes.  I need a vacation again.  Maybe to Toronto, so I could catch Atomic Vaudeville‘s RIDE THE CYCLONE again.  There’s a thought (November 10th thru December 3rd, for those interested…you all should be).  But that’s it for me for now, kids…as always, if you spot something I didn’t, drop me a comment…there’s always room for one more!  Peace, love and soul,

The Visitor (and Winston)

ETA:   Yes, there’s EVEN FUCKING MORE now!  And it’s so exciting as to well deserve that all-caps expletive just then, because it’s a one-night only remount of Luna Allison’s bloody amazing Fringe show FALLING OPEN, playing on Saturday the 19th at the OSSD.  Tickets for this special fundraising appearance are 25 bucks, which is much cheaper than the grief therapy you’ll need if you miss it a second time.  Trust me.