Watchin’ movies, writin’ stuff

Not really sure what to do with this beast in between shows , but I hate neglecting it.  I gets lonely.  There’s good old vicariousness…I’ve been stoked to see the good reviews from Winnipeg on some of my fav’rit shows, like Pitch Blond, 7 (x1) Samurai, and Countries Shaped Like Stars.  From my side, I can share that I’ve been getting some actual writing-writing done in the last little while, which is a long time overdue for me.  It’s been strange, trying to write  a play, which I’ve never attempted before.  I’m sure it’s adorably hilarious how wrong I’m doubtless going about it.  And the songwriting…forget about it.  That shit is HARD.  I’ll crack it, tho.

I’ve also been catching up on some movies…aside from a recent pair of Brit films at the Bytown and Mayfair, FISH TANK and HARRY BROWN (both awesome), I’ve been catching up on some of the older flix I own but hadn’t gotten around to seeing yet (yeah, I’ve got that kind of collection…it’s a bit of a problem with me).  In the last week I’ve watched the original FUN WITH DICK AND JANE, Doris Day in CAPRICE and PILLOW TALK, Cagney’s THE PUBLIC ENEMY, and Frank Sinatra, Jane Russell and Groucho Marx in DOUBLE DYNAMITE.  Pillow Talk was probably the best.  And can anyone recommend some great musicals to watch?  I think I need to study a bit.

Hopefully getting out to Shakespeare in the park this week, and I may even give improv another try at the Summer Fling Crush event.  Why the Hell not, eh?

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