Summer Crushin’, had me a blast

So as I’ve stated before here, I am not really ‘improv guy’.  Never gotten the appeal, don’t dig that ‘whose line it is’ show, and just generally would rather avoid the whole shebang and see something with, say, a script.  And since this all clearly represents a flaw in my personality (one of many), I decided today to check out opening night of the summer fling show MY SUMMER CRUSH IMPROV  and get myself some re-education. 

Naturally, after buying my ticket I realized I would need to be drunk for this affair…it was improv, after all.  So a few pints at the Dominion Tavern later, I was all ready to go.  I wandered back to Arts Court and headed up to the studio, aka the space just outside the theatre proper, and discovered my first revelation of the night,which I’ll now share with you folks reading this (which, if my stats counter is correct, is almost certainly someone named ‘datarecovery.sex991’…thanks for reading!)…you don’t have to buy a ticket!!  Seriously, NO ONE checks, you can just walk right on in.  I felt like a dork, paying for a ticket and all, but I suppose it’s like a hazing for all us Improv ‘newbies’, am I right?  You jokers…that beer’s on me, guys!  Ha!  Everyone, remember, do NOT buy a ticket, just walk on in like you own the place, you’ll be fine (*note to Arts Courts folks…seriously, check at the door guys…).

Eventually the show began, as the stage was taken by the familiar (from the fringe tent) face of Brad McNeil, who hosted the night’s events.  After introducing the 6-folk cast of improvisationalizers, they got down to what I presume is some variation on the usual improv-schtick, different ‘games’ centered around responding to shoutouts from the audience, and literally just making shit up as they go along.  Good work if you can find it, right?

And they were indeed a very talented bunch, from what I could see…a variety of pretty funny indeed shenanigans involving piranhas, stepchildren, surprise birthday parties and classic cop duo Salt and Pepper ensued.  I can merrily say I got over my improv-fear and enjoyed myself, even though I can’t really do a proper ‘review’ of this show.  How really CAN you review a show whose whole point is to change every fucking time it appears?  Whose nature can be changed based on whatever pop song or foreign language is in the head of the loudest shouter in the audience that night?  In fact, inspired by the improv bug I’ve seen dancing about tonight onstage, I’ll just abandon this bit entirely, and mention how stoked Iam that, having acquired the rights to the old GoldKey comic book characters, Dark Horse Comics is launching new versions (helmed by the man, Jim Shooter) of NOT ONLY Doctor Solar, Magnus Robot Fighter AND Turok Son of Stone, but also……are you ready for this…?
Mighty.  Fucking.  Samson. 

Oh YEAH! Take THAT, traditional family values!

…Awesome.  Oh yeah, and MY SUMMER CRUSH IMPROV, too.  That’s awesome too.  Go and see those kids, on account of they rock, the whole lot of ’em (tho I think Averie is my fav’rit!).   Tuesday nights at Arts Court through August, or something like that.  Check your local listings and get out there! 

Talking to myself,

The Visitor

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