Coming Up in June 2018

The snow is gone (knocks on wood), the sun is out, and it’s time for the reg’lar theatre seasons to finish their wrapping-up and the summer season to start mucking and jumping about as is its way. And sure, this whole post will mainly be me trying not to just retype FRINGE over and over again, Shining-style, but believe it or not there’s still plenty more going on in theatres this June! Such as…

MISS SHAKESPEARE at the Gladstone, from Three Sisters. Last few days for the rousing musical about the bards unstoppable daughter (and friends). Until the 2nd.

LUCID DREAMS at the Nepean Creative Arts Centre studio, from Once Upon a Kingdom. Come see this all-youth show (good month for that!) in Ottawa before it heads out to represent North America at the World Festival of Children’s Theatre in Germany! The 1st, 3rd and 10th.


MAMMA MIA! At Centrepointe Theatre, from Orpheus Musical Society. A modern musical classic based on a smattering of songs from a long defunct and palindromatic Swedish pop band, because inspiration is where you find it! The 1st to 10th.

THE LAWYER PLAY at the GCTC. An annual fundraising tradition, with the law mob tackling some Agatha Christie this time around. Plays the 6th to 9th.

MOVE OVER MRS.MARKHAM at the Ottawa Little Theatre. British farce, so expect Mrs.Markham to slam a LOT of doors, folks. The 6th to 23rd.

ALADDIN JR at the Ron Maslin playhouse, from Kanata Theatre. Family fun for you Disnee-kids out there! The 8th and 9th.

THE BIRTH TALKS PRESENTS at the Gladstone. A one-time storytelling show about pregnancy, birth…all that jazz! The 10th.


HENRY V at the McNabb Recreation Centre, from the Edge Productions.  An all-female telling of Hal and the gang, coming for one night only on the 11th!

CAN’T BREAK MY SPIRIT: THE COLOURS OF INJUSTICE at the Gladstone. A play exploring the failings of the justice system, and other heartbreaking realities. Two shoes on the 15th.

UTSAN MAN – OLD WOMAN LAKE at the NAC, from Ottawa Storytellers. The OST gang also have a feature at the Fringe Festival this year, so check them out all over! This one plays at the NAC on the 21st.

GUNSET BOULEVARD at the Red Lion, from Eddie May Mysteries. Brand new venue, same old merry murderers! The 22nd.

– Theatre Francais

LE CALENDRIER DE CES DAMES at Theatre de L’Ile. AKA Calender Girls by Tim Firth. Until the 9th.

And, of Course, the OTTAWA FRINGE FESTIVAL arrives at long last from the 14th to 24th, showcasing dozens of shows over the course of eleven days in and around the newly redeveloped Arts Court and OAG complex, with other venues at Ottawa U, la Nouvelle Scene, and Live on Elgin among others Check the Fringe Website for full show schedules and details, and I will hopefully soon have some previews and reviews to share with you too! For the record, here’s the full list of shows we all have to look forward to binge on:


#Faustus – Plan B Productions

25 – 1919

Agent Madeleine – Rainy Heart Productions

Anjou– the Lady Chamberlain

Aspergers: a Tale of a Social Misfit – Autistic Productions

Banned in the USA – That’s Enough Drama

the Beast’s Library – Sad Ibsen Theatre

Blanket Fort – Leaping Mammal Collecive

a Brief History of Petty Crime – Jimmy Hogg

Becoming – Floral Theatre

the Biscuiteater – Jim Loucks

the Brotherhood – Spicy Day

CAMP – Taboo! Productions

CLIT WIT! – Colette Kendall

the Date – Phybee

Daters Gonna Date – Good Morning Apocalypse

Dating Myself – Dating Myself Productions

Drawn that Way – Petulant Guppy Theatre

Drunk Girl – TMI Productions

the Drunk Text – Miltonbone Productions

Faris Who Talks to Rats – Theatre Underground

Five More Minutes – Dip in the Lake

Flabbergasted – Greg Houston Comedy

Flawed – the Jenn Hayward Show


Fool Muun Komming! <BeBgWundrful/Yesyes/4sure.HIS.TruLuv;Spank Spank:-Sofun_Grate_Times> – Invisible Theatre of Minneapolis

the Geography Teacher’s Orders – Marta Singh

a Girl in the Fridge – Dead Unicorn Ink

God of Carnage – Stendhal X

Heirloom Toys Circus – Deflying Feets

High School High – Alli Harris

House Rules – Shenaniventures

How to Get Over a Guy in 723 Days (and Other Useful Things I Learned from Afghanistan, the Dildo Dory Grill, and PTSD) – Odd Job Ninja

Interstellar Elder: Badass Grandma in Space – Snafu

Jem Rolls: I, IDIOT – Big Word Performance Poetry

Josephine, a Burlesque Cabaret Dream Play – Dynamite Lunchbox Entertainment

Karma Karma Karma Karma Karma Chamedian – Josh Glanc

the Last Spartan – Jamine Ackert

…like nobody’s watching – Jake Simonds


Lip Service – Pulsive Party

Lungs – Cart Before the Horse Theatre

Mal – Crowning Monkey

the Music Buffet with Rory Gardiner – Break Free Entertainment

a Nightmare on East Hastings: a Comedy – Bessie Jean Productions

Ottawa Stand-up Comedy Showcase – Aldershot Sun Productions

Piaf and Brel: the Impossible Concert – Melanie Gall Presents

Rachel and Zoe: Uncorked and Uncensored – Prettyugly productions

Re: Construct – theatre decentred

Red Bastard: Lie With Me – Eric Davis

Rocko and Nakota: Tales from the Land – Indiginized Indigenous Theatre

the Shit Hot Shit Show – Shit Hot Shit Show

Start Swiming – TWA

Staying Alive – Awe! Theatre

This is Step One – New Twist Theatre Collective

Ultraviolet Life – Photomirage Productions

What They Said about Love – Steve Budd Presents

Plus more monthly fun from Crush Improv, the Improv Embassy, Outtake Improv, Grimprov and more!  See you at the sky lounge, gang! Peace, love and soul,
Kevin R

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