Those Girls

What’s in theatres this week? Who knows! I’m so lazy and confused. Well, okay, I know SOME things.

Like over at Arts Court, the current and third season of TACTICS is hitting its third and final week! Which means workshop presentations galore, reading 1984 because it’s depressingly relevant, and of course the last week of their mainstage show GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS! from Cart Before the Horse Theatre.


Those of you in the know, know that CbtH is the company spearheaded by human dynamo Megan Carty. She’s appeared with the company a few times now at the Fresh Meat Festival, and is returning to Tactics after stunning last season with PERFECT PIE (pretty easily my outstanding fav’rit of the 2nd season). This latest show is part 3 in an ambitious long-term theatrical project that started with 2014’s SHAPE OF A GIRL, continued in Judith Thompson’s PERFECT PIE, and now, GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS! will potentially complete the saga. It’s more of a triptych than a true trilogy, technically, as these are 3 disparate works from different writers, but thematically linked by the common thread of bullying, a prime target of Carty’s.

cbth 17

This latest is a show that was written by Greg MacArthur in response to a variety of horrific real-world events and continues to look at the blight of bullying, specifically among young women. Directed by Gabbie Lazarovitz and Mariah Horner, who both co-star in the show as well along with Carty, Sam Dietrich and Maryse Fernandez. A couple of new names for me there, but always adore seeing Gabbie Laz and Sam Dietrich do pretty much anything.


Perfect Pie was my fav’rit bit of Tactics last season, and Shape of a Girl was a stunner back at the Avalon, so I have high expectations for this latest Cart production. And, having now had the delightful opportunity to actually work with Megan Carty over the winter, I can tell ya she’s a passionate creator and always a joy to see on stage. And in a show SHE’S passionate about, like this one..? You’re in for a jolt, gang. CBtH shows stay with you, and don’t shy away from tough portrayals of tough issues and bitter truths. And quite frankly, not a lot of creators WANT to tackle things like that (I certainly don’t…brrr!), especially the very personal and toxic subject of systemic female bullying that Carty and gang tackle with relish. You’ll squirm, you’ll cringe, and you’ll be very glad you did.

And joining it at Tactics this week are a host of workshop-version performances of new shows, from thee likes of Evolution Theatre, Amelia Griffin and Tim Ginley. Also food! What more can ya ask? Go go go to GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS! Se ya there (if you’re going on Thursday, anyways). Peace, love and soul,

Kevin R

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  1. K, but the REAL question: Is Cart Before the Horse a pun off Megan CARTy’s last name? We need some hard hitting investigative journalism up in here. 😉

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