Theatre on the Radio

A Quickie review for old time’s sake, and because I’m worried these days that if I take too long to write one of these posts it won’t goddamn well get done! Also, because I had a swell time out at the Theatre last night and wanted to tell y’all about it.

Popped in out of the blizzard for the timely arrival of the Gladstone Theatre‘s wintery tradition THE RADIO SHOW from Plosive Productions, this time aptly setting sights on CHRISTMAS CLASSICS as a theme. Fair enough, and even though I was a touch sceptical, being well and truly cynical these days about the whole holiday assault on the collective senses, I figured I might as well give’er a go. A few of my fav’rit people were in this one, and that was reason enough to check it out. That cast consisted of Michelle LeBlanc and Katie Bunting, both Radio Show veterans; John Koensgen, always a treat to see; and David Gerow and Omar Dabaghi-Paheko, a couple of CBC lads lending their talented voices to the proceedings. Directed as usual by the mighty Teri Loretto-Valentik, the show features a couple of smaller, classic pieces like GIFT OF THE MAGI, which does a great job of highlighting superstar Katie Bunting, as well as Pacheko’s onstage acting debut (he’s solid, gang). John Koensgen gives TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS a go, aided and abetted by Jonah Lerner on the live foley throughout.


Longer pieces anchor the show tho, including the terrific choice of adapting an episode of the Lucille Ball radio comedy MY FAVOURITE HUSBAND, with the Xmas-themed GEORGE’S CHRISTMAS PRESENT. Michelle LeBlanc makes for a terrific Lucy, riffing with Katie Bunting as the maid and a wisecracking Koensgen. It’s a great and seriously funny bit…if you like, check out an animated version set to thee original recording HERE. The show ends off with David Whiteley’s new adaptation of THE LITTLE PRINCE, a smashing and moving fantasy that I can’t believe I’d never seen before (now to somehow get to Vancouver next year for the Monster Theatre version…). I’d actually have to rate this year’s radio show as one of the best yet, accentuated throughout by Robin Guy, Cindy Beaton and Michelle Fansett as the swingin’, singin’ Gladstone Sisters.  It’s a damn good time, and a great excuse to get in out of the snow.   Peace, love and soul,

Kevin Reid (and Winston)

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