The Road to Acceptable Appearance

About two months ago now, or close to it, the Ottawa Theatre School shut its doors forever, halfway through what was to be my inaugural year there.  Me, and a lot of fellow students, were left rather adrift and heartbroken and wondering what the Hell to do with our lives all of a sudden.  It was a bit of a dark time, to say the least…but brightened considerably by some of the amazing people in our theatre community who immediately reached out to us in different ways.  And this week, one of those ways finally sees the light of day (so to speak).

Not long after the news of the school’s closing broke, I and all my fellow students got a message from alumni and superstar Victoria Luloff, who was busy co-writing a brand new show with Patrice Forbes for local theatre toughs Dead Unicorn Ink (Playing Dead, Space Mystery…from Outer Space, Chesterfield, etc.).  Victoria immediately offered a spot in the play for any and all of the students who wanted in…whoever was available, they’d write us in and make it happen.  It was a stunning offer, and it buoyed this old heart of mine considerably just when it needed it most.  Before long, those of us who had the availability met up for a first read of what quickly turned into a cool and funny new script, complete with the usual DUI flair for visual theatrics.  This Thursday, we finally open, and I couldn’t be happier.

Bobby Robert (back only), Aaron Lajeunesse, Victoria Luloff and Patrice Ann Forbes i THE ACCEPTABLE APPEARANCE THEORY from Dead Unicorn Ink (photo by David Pasho).
Bobby Robert (back only), Aaron Lajeunesse, Victoria Luloff and Patrice Ann Forbes i THE ACCEPTABLE APPEARANCE THEORY from Dead Unicorn Ink (photo by David Pasho).


Bobby, myself, Nadine, Chelsea and Kathryn...the OTS Orphanage Players in ACCEPTABLE APPEARANCE THEORY (all photos courtesy of David Pasho and ONSTAGE OTTAWA)
Bobby, myself, Nadine, Chelsea and Kathryn…the OTS Orphanage Players in ACCEPTABLE APPEARANCE THEORY (all photos courtesy of David Pasho and ONSTAGE OTTAWA)

Part of the mini-festival TROIS at the Arts Court Studio, our show is THE ACCEPTABLE APPEARANCE THEORY, written by Victoria and Patrice, directed by…well, I’m gonna say Sylvie Recoskie, with a few able assists from Tony Adams and Jeremy Piamonte and the technical wizardry of Ted Forbes, and starring Victoria, Patrice and Aaron Lajeunesse.  Joining the Unicorners on the stage will be five ready, willing and able survivors of the Ottawa Theatre School…Bobby Robert, Nadine Cayer Gonzalez, Chelsea Young, Kathryn Reeves, and Kevin Reid (who eagle-eyed readers will spot as me).  It’s a treat and a thrill to be sharing the stage with these folks…Tony referred to our show as ‘the OTS orphanage’, and I’m totally OK with that moniker.   This will be my first return to the stage since last Fringe’s TRAGICALL HISTORIE OF NICK WADE (AND OTHER FUCK-UPS), not counting some improv appearances right here in the studio at MY SUMMER CRUSH.  It’ll be really, really good to be back, and I think you’re gonna love what we’ve come up with.  It’s been a truly collaborative effort with some cool, creative people…y’all are gonna LOVE my fellow OTS gangsters, and I’m so happy Ottawa is finally gonna see some of them on a stage, strutting their stuffs.  And what’s the show, and the evening about?  Well, aside from being a great night of local, DIY theatre, we’ll be sharing the stage every night with local heroes GRIMPROV and MAY CAN THEATRE with all new stuff as well.  I’ll let the official press release speak for itself:


Trois (Three) is an evening of great revelation, astounding theatre and cold beer. Dead Unicorn Ink, MayCan and Grimprov would like to invite you to enjoy some thrilling new works from each company.

Dead Unicorn Ink, in association with some of Ottawa Theatre Schools brilliant former students presents The Acceptable Appearance Theory, a new work by Victoria Luloff and Patrice-Ann Forbes. What if your whole life history was imprinted on your skin, for everyone to see? Would you wear it proudly or out of shame, search to eradicate every single scar? Ms. Cadence and her group of like-minded individuals have that power, and as much as Dana loves Mark, is she willing to give up her identity for him?


Ottawa theatre sensation MayCan will be exploring a new work at Trois (Three), What About Horses. Magic and death laced with high time philosophy and grit to boot by Tony Adams and Cory Thibert. A MayCan Theatre original work. “Like Sounds from a Turtle Shell if anyone in that show had balls or any sensibility, or lack thereof.”

What About Horses

Grimprov presents: Start Start Energy Officers!
Sounds like a Power Rangers show… but its not (due to copyright issues)! Totally different. This show follows unsuspecting teens who have to save the world with super powers, coloured spandex and easily marketable mecha-bots. Come watch GRIMprov create another masterpiece without a script as the show is created in front of your very eyes! See these Terrible Transmuting Energy Officers kick some butt and save the world!


Doors and bar open at 7:30 shows start at 8;00pm.
Tickets: $20
Online: $18.00
Run time: 30min+30min+30min
Beer: $4 =1 or $10=3


Hope you all come out to play with us…it’s gonna be a real fun time. 🙂  Peace, love and soul,

Kevin Reid, aka The Visitor, aka Daniel (and Winston)

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