Get Lucky

Wow, okay…still getting my ass kicked by this mystery virus that’s been running me down all week now (I got my money on Bird Flu, yay!  I’m a BIRD!), and it’s currently way later than my reent bedtime, so thisd may be the shortest review-post ever.  But gotta get it done, on account of that was a mighty awesome show I just hauled myself home from.

The show, the latest part of the Black Sheep Theatre BLACK BOX SERIES at the Gladstone Theatre, is Paul Hutcheson’s THIRD TIME LUCKY.  If Paul’s name seems familiar, you may have seen his Best-of-Venue winning ON SECOND THOUGHT in the 2009 Ottawa Fringe, or maybe caught his CANUCK CABARET with Sharon Nowlan last year.  Or, maybe you’re just friggin’ cool and you know who Paul Hutcheson is, and if so, good on ya.

Clearly, the tiara of a man worth knowing.

There was a maddeningly sparse crowd there for his opening night tonite, but messr.Hutcheson rolled with it like the seasoned performer he is, launching into his hour+ monologue about life, love and libido with enough charm and skill to make our intimate house feel right at home.  Paul’s gifted enough that it was hard to tell when or if he was improvising, adding anecdotes from a recent tour of New York City in with tense tales of substitute-teaching in the wilds of Toronto.  And make no mistake, this show is good’n’Blue, dealing straight up (pun intended) with every aspect of Paul’s ‘Queer as a 3-Dollar Bill’ life that he could manage to squeeze in…and if he’d carried on, we would have gladly let him squeeze in some more.  That sounds kinda dirty, but given the show, I suppose that’s okay.

As a performer, Paul Hutcheson has incredible heart and warmth, and brings brilliant life to his various characterizations…having now seen him a few times, it’s becoming easier for me to see his directorial signature on Katie Hood’s epic ANIMAL SHOW, which is a very, very good thing indeed.  3RD TIME is a hilarious, personal and wonderful show, and deserves to be packing the house to the rafters.  Tell your friends, dare to head out to a late-ish show, and catch one of the most talented storytellers in Canada while we’re lucky enough to have him in our town, eh? The show runs this Saturday, then next weekend as well.  No excuses, awright?  Awright.  In the meantime, get working on your own sex stories to tell, because after this show, you’re gonna feel like you need a few more.  At least I sure do…sheesh.  Peace, love and soul,

The Visitor (and Winston)

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