Monday Foofarah! – What number is this..?

I was at the Elmdale Tavern tonight, watching a particularly killer start to Crush Improv’s second year of ‘Bout Time adventures.  hosted by Al Connors, the show featured improvisers extraordinaire such as Brad McNeil, Laura Hall, Dan Lajoie, Joel Garrow, Tim Anderson, and Desiree Connors (pardon, I don’t recall her married surname just now, but she’s still Al’s sister, right?), all set tot he musical accompaniment of the talented Glen Gower as always.  There was an opening round of questions that was so rapid-fire at times you would have SWORN it was staged, and an on-the-spot musical scene by one of the teams that was quite beyond belief.  It was an amazing night, for the first half. And then, for the first time ever, I left early.

And I really don’t have a good answer yet as to why. Welcome to the Monday Foofarah.

I mean, I’ve had a fine couple of days.  Caught a couple of cool old Hammer films at the homestead…LEGEND OF THE SEVEN GOLDEN VAMPIRES and CAPTAIN KRONOS VAMPIRE HUNTER, good times both.  I caught the amazing LARAMIE PROJECT at the Saw Gallery, and there’s more shows on the way this coming week.  Speaking of which..

FIRST AND LAST CHANCE TO SEE:  The aforementioned LARAMIE PROJECT has shows from the 11th thru 13th, and as I’m told only the 11th has any tickets left. It’s worth it.  Meanwhile, the NAC premieres 2 PIANOS 4 HANDS, which my boss at work tells me I’m going to see with him, which probably means lots of talk in the intermission about my future with the company.  Fuck, but I hope there isn’t an intermission.  Tho on the plus side, he usually buys all my drinks when we head out.  Also, again, Ottawa Little Theatre premieres LOST IN YONKERS, which I came close to being cast in a few months back, and I’m excited as Hell to see what’s become of this show.  You should be too!

So why’d I leave?  I’d gotten there all early, reading my collected volume of early FANTASTIC FOUR issues…and as we’re on the subject, everyone involved in those last two FF films?  Fuck off and die.  How could you miss the primal explorer/adventurer aspect of the team like that?  How could you misinterpret Doctor Doom THAT badly?  And Jessica Alba…?  Seriously, go fuck yourselves. Shit, now I’m all worked up. Let’s see if comething new from Buffybot’s playlist will soothe me.

Okay, that was good, but that was from Greta’s playlist, get it right!  What was I talking about.?  Right, comic books. Well, thanks to Grant Morrison’s  SUPERGODS, currently out in hardcover, I’m learning to relove all my old comix (hence my return to classic Fantastic Four, whose reprints I read as a wee child).  My Mother tells me I taught myself to read at a particularly young age, because she balked at reading me the BATMAN comix I had my heart set on hearing, so I read them myself.  90% of my character can be summed up in that last sentence.  Point, if there is any, is: I love my comic books, and am slowly working towards the way I can marry my oldest love to my newest: theatre.  Also, a message to the folks behind DC Comics’ ‘New 52’ initiative: there is nothing, I repeat, NOTHING stupider than the sight of a completely invulnerable man (Superman) wearing a suit of fucking armour.  Thank you.  Now fuck off and die also.  Spandex was FINE.

No new auditions to speak of, as I’ve passed on/chickened out of the last few that have come up.  I’ve told myself it’s because I’m working on concentrating this coming year on the Blog, and making it a true force to contend with in the Ottawa theatre scene, but the truth is I’m just a pussy (and not the good kind).  Which has me a little annoyed myself for sitting back and letting things pass me by.  And that’s actually the reason I left early tonight.  I was tired of being just a spectator, and I really, really felt like just that this evening.  So, no fault to the fantabulous performers up there tonight at the Elmdale, I split, to come back home and write.  Even this.  Just to do SOMEthing.  Even if it was just to send you all this video you’ve probably all already seen:

…And that’s as good a plan as I’m liable to come up with tonite.  Hopefully I’ll see some of you back here this week for my takes on YONKERS and PIANOS, if I make it out to both of them, which is the plan.  And even more hopefully, you’ll get out to those shows and more.  Boom!  Peace, love and soul, friends,

The Visitor (and Winston)



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