Monday Foofarah! – The Seventh

A little hard getting into this Foofarah…then, again, I did just write two back-to-back posts, including what was probably the biggest one EVER.  So, I’m feeling a little Foofarah’ed myself.  But I wanted to power thru it, and take a quick sneak-peek into what’s coming up Theatre-wise in 2012.

So what IS on the horizon for this super-duper upcoming year, expected to be SO awesome the ancient Mayans figgered there was just plum no NEED for any more years after this one.  It’s gonna be THAT good.  Well, I’ve already covered January in the last post…well, January in Ottawa at least.  Those of you elsewhere, say, Minneapolis, will be psyched to hear that Fringe-Goddess Amy Salloway is bringing her amazing CIRCUMFERENCE home for the 22nd and 23rd at the Sabes JCC, whilst fellow Fringe-Goddess Cameryn Moore brings the wunnerful PHONE WHORE to Montreal’s Mainline theatre from the 26th-29th.  Two can’t-go-wrong shows, folks, if you’re within travelling distance, get going, and tell’em the Visitor sent you.  And speaking of Montreal, btw, the WILDSIDE FESTIVAL kicks off any day now, including Ottawa hits BIFURCATE ME and COUNTRIES SHAPED LIKE STARS.  I really, really should be road-tripping to MTL, I swear…instead I’ll share with you a Bollywood video from GUMNAAM, which I just finished watching.

February, tho, made me shiver…no, wait. That was that other guy, who was all broken up about Buddy Holly. February makes ME Giddy as a fuckrat!  Why?  Because February is UNDERCURRENTS month here in O-town, now marking their second year running.  And not only do we have returning Fringe faves FALLING OPEN and LIVE FROM THE BELLY OF A WHALE coming back, there’s four other new-to-Ottawa shows to gape, gawk and geek at!  Which leaves me a happy Theatre nerd.  Other tidbits in town?  TRANSLATIONS at Ottawa Little Theatre, featuring supercool Lawrence Aronovitch on the stage for a change.  Plus Plosive’s new rhyming translation of CYRANO DE BERGERAC and Bremner Duthie’s one-manner ’33, both at the Gladstone!

And at Arts Court, resident company Creations in Vivo launches their LEGENDES BOREALES, which promises much coolness for everyone.

March brings on THE PLAYERS ADVICE TO SHAKESPEARE, New Theatre Ottawa’s latest starring the amazing Greg Kramer, puppet magic with PENNY PLAIN at the NAC, and Jodi Sprung-Boyd’s new presentation of Moliere’s THE BOURGEOIS GENTLEMAN at Ottawa U.  And for Toronto types, Miss October herself Mikaela Dyke will be bringing the stunning DYING HARD to the Tarragon Theatre, because it’s the right thing to do.  And since I’m lazy, here’s a video with the words ‘dying’ and ‘hard’ in the title:

Word on the street is that April is when, at last, Nancy Kenny Returns like Burton’s BATMAN, in Evolution Theatre’s MARY MAGDALENE AND ADVENTURES IN SOBRIETY (directed by Andy Massingham, and 2-billed with Chris Bedford’s take on O’Donnell’s BOXHEAD).  May has CIRCLE MIRROR TRANSFORMATION at the GCTC, New Theatre’s highly anticipated EXTREMELY SHORT PLAY FESTIVAL, and the exquisitely named MY MOTHER’S LESBIAN JEWISH WICCAN WEDDING from Goya Theatre.

And June…well, June brings FRINGE.  And who’s in that?  Heck, I’d love to know…anyone bringing their game to Ottawa Fringe this year, shout out!  I’ve got a Fringe-related project I’m toying with, but if I wanna do it, I gotta get started soon.  LOTS of things on the theoretical cooker, folks.  So get out there, see some shows, and try not to make a mess of the seats.  I leave you now with the opening song from GUMNAAM above, the one you all already know from GHOST WORLD.  Enjoy. Peace, love and soul,

The Visitor (and Winston)

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