Monday Foofarah! – Six-onal Affective Disorder Edition

All right, first of all, let’s get it over with, late or not…Merry Christmas!

Happy Hannukah (sp..?!)

And…you know, everything else!  Life Day, or whatever..?  So anyways, I’m sorry I missed last week’s Foofarah, but I was crippled by my ongoing hopeless, miserable depression, which I hope to FUCK you all find hilarious or I’m REALLY screwed…I’m back this week, buoyed by wads of Xmas cash and some cool gifts.  In fact, I’ll probably be drunkenly watching some of this season 2 COMMUNITY dvd as soon as I’m done with YOU greedy bastards.  All in good time, of course.  I only just got back today from a couple days over in Kemptville with the folks, and my Sister, Brother-in-law, and my two darlin’ niecelets Brynn–Marie and Clara Dannon, the only two girls who’ll ever love me (and I think I’m starting to be OK with that).  I’m giddy to report that they loved my gifts for them to pieces…especially Clara’s Scooby-Doo action figure set which I TOTALLY wanted for myself.  Great minds think alike.    Although as soon as I got back to Ottawa, I headed out and did some…

BOXING DAY SHOPPING:  First stop was the Silver Snail, where I got Warren Ellis’ delightfully dirty DESOLATION JONES tpb and volume 1 of the Canadian underground classic CEREBUS by Dave Sim and Gerhard, for 30% off.  Sweet.  After a bit of wandering, I ended up at the evil empire of Chapters where I got the Xmas gift I didn’t get, Grant Morrison’s SUPERGODS, also at a hardcover discount, yay!  I perused it a bit later at the Carleton Tavern…it’s worth it for his optimistic dissection of the ACTION COMICS #1 cover alone.

Oh, and I guess this is still relevant…

LAST CHANCE TO SEE:  OLIVER! at the NAC, which I’m totally missing…looks like the folks in the big leagues have either figgered out how little I can help them, or I got forgotten, but by the time I realized I wasn’t getting an invite to this one, it was all but sold out!  Good on ya, Kris Joseph, Jamie Mac, Bev Wolfe and all the rest!  At least my Sister and clan got tickets for this week!  And who knows, maybe I’ll use my Xmas cash to splash out for BLUE MAN GROUP if I still can.  Oh, and there’s also A YEAR WITH FROG AND TOAD from the 27th thru 30th, at the Ron Maslin.  Funs for the family!

VOLUNTEER TALES:  A couple weeks ago, I finished my second volunteer shift for the wunnerful MIDWINTERS DREAM TALE, making it my third viewing of this perfectly fantastic show.  I know it’s been a while now, but I wanted to drop a line and say how much the ensemble continued to impress me more and more with each repeat performance.  Margo and Scott grew more playful and warm as Pommes and ‘Restes every time, Kelly Rigole’s regal Titania ruled as ever, and Jesse Buck continued to be a comedic revelation as pesky Puck.  I even met cool new fellow volunteers (hiya Heather!) , and had lots of famous-people spotting on my final shift…Nick Alain, Jan Irwin, Kate Heney, Kyla Gray, Jackie Brabazon (ok, she works there, but it was her night off!), and I’m pretty sure that was Robin Bowditch from THE CIRCLE!  A good night, a GREAT night, and I’m sad to see this show go.

This is getting a little dialogue heavy.  Here’s some Xmas music to sooth you!

What the Hell else…?  I’m pretty much outta shit until the New Year (according to Pope Gregor).  And I’m working hard on the big, stoopid end of year post, which promises to be bigger and stoopider than ever before! Also, a few thing I learned at my folks’ place over Xmas, watching cable teevee, (which I never do anymore): 1) I am, after only 3 episodes, dangerously addicted to HOLMES ON HOMES.  Also, I may be turning into my Father.  and 2) Commercials are balls.  Except that it WAS pretty cool when I recognized the lovely Kate ‘Sweet Tarts Takeaway’ Drummond in that McCain commercial.  Someone give that goddess a movie!

Almost out for this post/year…here’s a few pictures of Winston the Cat over Xmas to play you out…

Winston eating the tree (it's plastic, which he loves)
The best present of all under the tree. Love ya, buddy!

Happy Holidays from the Visitorium, folks.  Peace, love and soul,

The Visitor (and Winston)

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