Monday Foofarah! the Fifthtacular

I spent all day at work, then headed straight to the Elmdale Tavern for a wicked Christmas funtime edition of CRUSH IMPROV, and I only just got home and there’s only one hour left in which to get this edition of the Foofarah out, and still honestly call it the MONDAY Foofarah (as opposed to some other day of Foofarah, which would obviously just be silly).  So let’s get to some gettin’ to it!

FIRST AND LAST CHANCE TO SEE:  The hit of the season from a Company of Fools, A MIDWINTERS DREAM TALE wraps up this week at the GCTC, and you should go or you suck (that was lame, but like I said, I’m in a hurry tonite).  Over at OLT, I HATE HAMLET enjoys its last week, and I’m totally going.  I haven’t been to an OLT show yet this season, and that’s ridiculous. I’ve been to two auditions, but no shows?  What awfulness I am!  And THE SHADOW wraps up at the Gladstone, which is worth the price of admission just for Michelle LeBlanc’s Christmas cookie bit alone.

NONCOMMITTAL CHANCE TO SEE:  OLIVER!, which I still have managed to miss, and hopefully I’ll correct that if I can ever even access the damned NAC website again.

AUDITIONIZING:  There was an audition this past Sunday that I’d been looking forward to and planning on for months.  And I totally bailed.  It was weak of me, I know, and I suck very much indeed, and quite honestly I deserve that look you’re giving me right now.  I had my reasons, and I’ll go into them some day when it’s NOT past eleven on Monday night, but in the meantime I’m probably going to take this failure as an impetus to head on back to my alma mater of the OSSD and nab a few more courses in the new year.  Whaddaya think, Improv, or playwright workshop?  In the meantime, enjoy my fav’rit opening movie monologue ever (and which I would love to do someday as an audition piece), from the amazing SATURDAY NIGHT AND SUNDAY MORNING:

And wow, I should probably have more to talk about…hey, I volunteered over at the GCTC this weekend, for the aforementioned MIDWINTERS show, and it was awesome second time round (can’t hardly wait for third viewing THIS weekend, when I have another shift).  And shoutout to my co-worker Jenna, who cut her Ottawa Improv chops as tonite’s CRUSH show (which had a killer lineup all around…Brad, Al, Jordan, Tim, Ken, Katie, Dan, Desiree…a colossal calamitous conglomeration!).  And, lacking anything else to say, her’es two of my fav;rit things, from the legendary Mary Prankster:

Not much else to say, I suppose…been awfully busy over at the work these days, and I’m feeling pretty wiped.  At least I have something to look forward to tomorrow evening…the adorkable ™ Nadine Thornhill has promised to stop by the Visitorium in person, and we’re gonna have some drinks, some baked goods, and maybe watch some Barbarian movies.  No special reason or anything, tho I hear it’s SOME loser’s birthday, but fuck THAT guy, am I right?  Let’s just hang out, be chill, and have a good time.  Which I guess means I’m gonna cut it short this time around on the Foofarah…Peace, love and soul, everyone,

The Visitor (and Winston)

Take it away, Xena!

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  1. -reading reading- hmm hmm hmm oh neat! hmm hmm.. -reading readi.. – XENA!!! ahahaha YESSS!! You, sir, have just made my miserable day so much better. Thankyou very VERY much!

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