Monday Foofarah!

Look at me, trying to write a post when I don’t have a show to write about!  I actually used to do that from time to time, but haven’t in ages.  Which is why I’m now looking to institute a little weekly funday here on the Chud, with the MONDAY FOOFARAH!  Because while theatres may be dark on Mondays, here at the Visitorium we’re wide awake, hopped up on goofballs and dear God we need something to do before we go out of our fucking minds.

First off, a little official business…

LAST CHANCE TO SEE:  Yup, this week marks the closing weeks for a few shows in town, like 730’s killer crowd-pleaser I DO NOT LIKE THEE, DR. FELL at the Gladstone, or the Kanata Players’ MAGGIE’S GETTING MARRIED at the Ron Maslin(I’m gonna try and head out to that on Thursday).  Plus my just-reviewed AND SLOWLY BEAUTY… at the NAC.

FIRST CHANCE TO SEE: A few debuts this week, with LES 3 EXILS DO CHRISTIAN E. showing at la Nouvelle Scene from the 16th to 19th.  And one of my most anticipated shows of the month, IN THE EYES OF STONE DOGS, makes its premiere from Evolution Theatre this wednesday at Arts Court.  I sat in on the media call for this beauty a few days past, and it looks amazing.  Andy Massingham packs some hefty heat, the set looks like something they scavenged from the dark side of Gilligan’s Island, the new graduating class of the Ottawa Theatre School impressed VERY much in the scenes I saw, some cool maskwork going on all over the place, and Catriona Leger does, well, fairly naughty things with someone bearing more than a passing resemblance to a werewolf.  Come on, you fiends, it’s Evolution Theatre!  You know at the very least it ain’t gonna be boring.  I’ll be there on Wednesday, and I still have an extra ticket (ladies).

There’s my official-type media duties perkily dispensed with…now I should apologize, because I went and missed a few shows I really wanted to check out last week…namely MEPHISTO from Comedie de Deux Rives, POSSIBLE WORLDS from Unicorn Theatre, and the SANITAS Playback theatre show at OSSD.  Sorry, Brie, maybe next time!  In my defense, I did throw a dinner party this week for the terribly lovely ladies Nadine Thornhill and Natalie Joy Quesnel, and Nat’s beau Trevor…a good lad in my books).  I’m happy to say my Tiramisu was a hit.

I also shot my first ever film this weekend, a digital short written and directed by Ken ‘the God’ Godmere.  The film, pretty certainly titled ‘bur’, starred such superstars as Garret Quirk and Jen Vallance, and gets premiered as part of the Digi60 film festival this December.  I’ll have more details later, but be sure to see it if you want the chance to catch fleeting glimpses of me awkwardly pretending to pour drinks, and just generally getting in the way.  It’s a start!

On that whole ‘acting’ front, I should probably have mentioned or posted at some point that I had my second ever audition this month, this time at the Ottawa Little Theatre for LOST IN YONKERS.    I had a good time, feeling MUCH more comfortable than the panic-fest that was my COMPLEX NUMBERS audition this spring.   I even got a callback from director Chantal Plante, and had the opportunity to come back and briefly work with the two young lads she’d already cast, who impressed the hell outta me.  Sadly, I didn’t end up getting the part, but I got no regrets about the experience, and I just might be back this month for the tryouts for their NEXT show.  Time will tell…

IN OTHER NEWS:  I bought myself TOM JONES (1963) and THOR (a few months ago) on dvd today, because I was bored and capitalistic.  An apparently needed MORE dvd’s cluttering up my pad (Nadine can back me up on this).

Speaking of the Adorkable(tm) Nadine Thornhill, you should totally check out her latest blogpost on the awesome 70’s hi-concept porn flick ALICE IN WONDERLAND.  It’s a gooder.

Winston broke one of my favourite glasses the other day.  Or as I like to say at times like this, Nancy Kenny’s cat broke one of my favourite glasses the other day.

I’m trying like hell to find a cool youtube music video I stumbled across the other day, but can’t for the life of me remember what it was called.  In lieu of that, and in honour of the recent Toronto Sketchfest, here’s some PICNICFACE for you while I keep looking:

Oo!  I found it, I found it (and good thing, ’cause that PICNICFACE link isn’t really working very well)!  Here’s THE LIKE with HE’S NOT A BOY:

Let’s see, what else can I waste your time with…OH!  This time next week?  I’m likely to be either giddily euphoric, or HORRIBLY DEPRESSED!  I won’t say why, but I challenge you to guess which it ends up being.  Don’t say I’m not a fun host.

FRINGE NEWS:  Did you hear?  Fringe deadlines across the CAFF are rapidly approaching/already passing, which means it’s almost LOTTERY TIME!!!  Already in here in O-town thanks to the early bird slots are folks like Katherine Glover, Gentleman Jeff Culbert (both of whom I caught in Victoria this year), and the fine folk at Dead Unicorn Ink.   And this just in, Jem Rolls, Weeping Spoon and Elizabeth Blue have made it in to Montreal!  That’s a lot of coolness in just a few hundred miles radius, folks.  I’ll keep you posted.

Right, I seem to be running out of Foofarah, or maybe I just want to stop typing and go have something to eat, maybe watch CASTLE or something.  I thank you for your time, and for indulging me in a non-review kind of post (unless you didn’t even read this, then fuck you right to hell, you big meanie).   We’ll leave you with a preview of next week’s episode:

Peace, love and soul,

the Visitor (and Winston)


    • Well, you should’ve married a rich adventurer like Matt Houston, now shouldn’t you?

      PS I still have that extra ticket for wednesday nite if you wanna claim it…

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