Victoria FRINGE-COMA 2011- Preview

I need a vacation.

And no, I don’t mean from this blog/chud…although, let’s face it, this town is pretty much goddamn-well done with me AND my shitty blog, thank you very much.  No, I mean I NEED a vacation.  In the worn-out, can’t see straight and didn’t even know it sense of the word.  I gotta get outta this place, kids.  In fact, I think I gotta get as far away as I can, while still staying in the same national locale ( I hate switching currency).  And it wouldn’t hurt if there was some theatrical event going on wherever I end up, now would it?  How about it, Jambi?

Bitch, I got JUST what you need!

…Ah.  Ah, yes, that would be…perfect.  Yes, I think a two week trip out west to kick it at the VICTORIA FRINGE FESTIVAL would indeed be just the trick.  And the 25th Anniversary, no less (same as Odyssey Theatre this year…coincidence?  Look into it, Jambi).  Sounds amazing…but let’s break it down for the people…just what DOES this ‘Victoria Fringe’ have going for it, anyhow..?  Well…

SHOWS I KNOW ARE GREAT:  No less than four shows I’ve already seen and loved are gonna be appearing at this year’s VicFringe, and I couldn’t be giddier.  There’s Katie Hood’s wondrous THE ANIMAL SHOW and Brent Hirose’s powerhouse THE SUCKERPUNCH, both shows I caught at this year’s Ottawa Fringe.  Last year I had the naughty joy of seeing Cameryn Moore in PHONE WHORE, and she’s also in town to teach BC a thing or two about what goes on when the lights are out.

And then there’s Gemma Wilcox.  Four Fringes ago, I caught her show SHADOWS IN BLOOM at the O-Fringe and suddenly realized what you could actually DO with acting (another show helped with this…more on that later).  It changed my life, and I couldn’t be happier that she’ll be in Vic with the very same show.  I can’t wait to see it again.

PERFORMERS I LUVS:   Aside from Katie, Brent, Cam and Gemma, there’s plenty of other talented folk I’ve seen in other shows who will be in the VicFringe lineup, and I’m so stoked I cannot tell ya. Rob Gee, who just blew me away in FRUITCAKE this June, will be in town with SMART ARSE, hurrah!  And Zack Adams of Weeping Spoon ( makes of GREED, the first Fringe show I ever did see) is bringing his one-manner LOVE SONGS FOR FUTURE GIRL.  My dream is to go out drinking with the both of them, discussing the merits of Brit vs.Aussie teevee

My money's on THE SWEENEY, but we'll see where the night takes us.

AND, there’s Bremner Duthie, the crooner with a name as cool as his voice, with his show WHISKEY BARS (not to mention Colin Godbout with the 2-bill of MUSIC ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS and THE LAST GIG OF LENNY BREAU).  And there’s Gentleman Jeff Culbert, of the divine ARCHY AND MEHITABEL with his latest THE DONNELLY SIDESHOW.  Plus, if you’re still listening, a pair of gents by the names of Peter and Chris are hitting the scene with their NEW show, PETER N’CHRIS AND THE MYSTERY OF THE HUNGRY HEART MOTEL.  Yeah.

That's right, Ottawa. I'm seeing this WAY before you. EAT it!

COOL NEW STUFF:  Familiar stuff is awesome, but new stuff is even more so….it’s awesometastical!  Or at least, it could be. And anticipation is everything, am I right, ladies?

…no, no, I’m sure I’m right.  And listen, there’re some amazing sounding shows that I cannot WAIT to see at the Vic…like GRIM AND FISCHER by the Wonderheads, that’s been getting rave reviews all across the Fringe circuit this summer. Or GIVING INTO LIGHT by Alison Wearing, who comes highly recommended by Toronto (formerly Ottawa) superstar Nancy Kenny, although for a diff’rent show.  Nancy also digs another show, AN INCOVENIENT TRUTHINESS, directed by miss Laura Anne Harris.

…What’s that?  You’re astonished that miss Laura Harris could be so lazy as to only direct ONE show at the Victoria Fringe Festival?  Well, shame on you and ALL of your descendants (reprobates, the lot of them), because she’s ALSO directed WONDERBAR, starring the superhuman Celeste Sansregret.

THAT SHOW I’M FLYING OUT FROM OTTAWA TO SEE: Oh, yeah.  See, back when I mentioned that Gemma Wilcox’s SHADOWS IN BLOOM was a defining moment in my life..?  There was another show that was part of that double-bill.  The other was BOAT LOAD by one Jayson MacDonald, and he’s gonna be in Vic with a show that I’ve never seen, and have only heard whispers about (good fucking whispers)…GIANT INVISIBLE ROBOT.

I’ve never seen this show, but I’m gladly paying airfare from Ottawa to BC to do so.  That’s how good JayMac was in Boat Load, and that’s how high my expectations are  for this, one of his earlier pieces.  And you know what?  I’m not going to be disappointed. So there.

I’ve just hit the point of no return in writing this, so let’s let it go at this.  We’ll ignore the problems with the VicFringe schedule (which WILL be yelled at in future installments, oh, yes they will), and instead hope that they welcome me with open arms.  A nice change yes?  Whatever the case, I’ll be there in a few days, desperately trying to find a computer to write from, to tell you all this shit I’m trying to get across right now…theatre be GOOD, yo.  Check it out.  And if not, well, I guess I’ll checdk it out for you.

In Victoria.

…Shit, I hear they have an OCEAN…

Peace, love and soul,

The Visitor (and Winston)

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  1. Have an AMAZING time out west. I anxiously await your reports and look forward to the in-person report when you return. 🙂

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