A fan of the Fan

I’ve only got a short window here…and not only because there’s less than an hour until I have to bolt for work this morning.  Also, because as I begin this there are only two more performances of Odyssey Theatre’s THE FAN, and I’d like to actually get my writeup in while still in the theoretical not-useless range.  So, this will be a quick one…you’re all welcome!

Dragged my mopey butt out at very, very long last, to Strathcona park last nite to catch Odyssey Theatre’s 25th anniversary production of this 18th century Carlo Goldoni comedy.  Odyssey is the only troupe n town doing Mask Theatre for grown-ups, so it’s always a treat to make the scene, and last nite was just what this misanthropic Visitor needed.   Set in the small holiday village of Casa Nuove (a town so small it only has 7 doors, tho in constant use), a pair of crossed lovers start the action underway via a broken fan and a petty brother, and things take a nice farcical spiral into controlled chaos from there.

David Craig directs the show supoibly, keeping everything moving and reasonably clear for the duration.  And the cast is a rare treat…a few of my local fav’rits shine in this one, and a few new faces that I’m gonna remember for a while now too.  Rose Napoli flat out runs away with a good portion of the play as fiery maid Giannina, Andy Massingham and Pierre Brault rock the masks and rake in much laughter as a pair of nitwitted noblemen, and the lady Alix Sideris gets dee-liteful double duty in AND out of Odyssey’s amazing masks (courtesy of designer Almut Ellinghaus…gorgeous stuffs).  All this plus Brad Long, Mike Showler, Robin Craig, Jay Schramek,  Kaitlyn Semple and Nicolas Van Burek (a particularly and gleefully amoral Coronato) makes for one of the sweetest ensembles you’ll catch in town this year.

Well, hopefully you’ve ALREADY caught it, as I’ve already mentioned how pitifully late in the day this review is coming…there’re two family-friendly shows left today (Sunday the 21st, if you’re prompt), so check it out if you got the chance.  It’ll put a smile on yer face and, you may not know this yet, but you need one there.  I sure did.

Also, is that a new stage? I forgot to ask.  Nice set, gang.  Shit, I gotta go to work.  Back later with more stuffs!  Peace, love and soul,

The Visitor (and Winston)

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