Oh, Right, I have a Blog…

So, I just noticed that I haven’t updated this thing in over a week, after posting daily for almost two straight weeks.  And while that’s mostly because I haven’t done a blasted, blessed thing since Fringe (Winston the Cat needed a little attention), I still can’t help but feel like a deadbeat dad (I even neglected to do my ritual COMING UP THIS MONTH post).  So, sorry Blog, here’s what’s been going on:

– Caught CRUSH IMPROV, fresh from their award-winning run at the Ottawa Fringe, back in their Hintonburg home at the Elmdale Tavern.  No celebrity guest-stars this time (unless you count Nick diGaetano shouting helpful suggestions from the cheap seats), just the typical ‘Bout Time hijinks, featuring the resurrected JUDGES squad squaring off against THE STRAIGHT MEN.  A good Showgirls-inspired time was had by all.  The Judges prevailed this time, and will be back to defend next month against….who?  Any takers?

– Done lots of brainstorming/plotting on a new play I’m trying to write, and hopefully enter into the Fringe 2012 lottery.  Feels VERY good to be writing again, and I’m already falling into the terrible geek trap of assembling my ‘dream cast’ in my head.  Also, my backup dream cast.  I think I’ve got a good shot at at LEAST a couple of them.  John Koensgen, I’m looking at you…

– Got a couple tickets for the premiere next Wednesday of SECRETS OF A SOCCER MOM at Arts Court.  Ladies, I don’t wanna go stag, so start fighting over me RIGHT now if you want in.

– Just about rock-solid on my decision to head out west in a couple months to catch the VICTORIA FRINGE FESTIVAL.  Katie Hood, Gemma Wilcox AND Giant Invisible Robot?  Sold.  Just have to secure the time off at work, and find me some digs out there.

– And, in the spirit of my missing COMING SOON…post, everyone should stock up on bug spray, because ’tis the month of arts in the parks!  OTHELLO, ANTONY & CLEOPATRA and THE FAN all kick it this month, and they all look dynamite.  Not to mention that SUMMER FLING shindig…and on the subject, does anyone know what shows are gonna be part of the FRINGE BENEFITS next month, or are they still sussing that out?

– And then there’s still that thing that I haven’t talked about.  And I suppose at this point I probably won’t bother…it’s all over now anyways, not much to be gained.  But boy, was I fired up about it!  And incidentally, as long as I’m not talking about it, if you were one of the folks who happened to buy a COPY of that thing-I’m-not-talking-about at the Fringe this June?  Do me a favour…grab a black marker and cross my name out of the intro in your copy.  You’d be saving me some shame and embarrassment.  Thanks!

– That’s about it…like I said, I been takin’er slow since the Fringe.  But ya gotta get back into it sometime, and I figure I can take all that money I’m saving by not giving a shit about BLUESFEST and start seeing a show or two again.  Anyone heard anything about this ENGLAND thing at the Cube gallery..?

Peace, love and soul, gang,

Kevin and Winston


  1. Kevin! I think you should go see ENGLAND. I know nothing about the company, BUT have seen playwright Tim Crouch performing in some of his other pieces and it is really interesting stuff. Lots of playing with form, but also some damn fine storytelling.

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