Coming Up in May ’11

Still close enough to the first of the month to be considered ‘on time’?  Better be, because here goes with what I know of that’s coming up in May!
Right off, we’ve got a few returning shows finishing out their delightful runs…like the Ottawa Little Theatre’s DELIVER US FROM EVIL playing until the 7th, and the Ottawa Shakespeare company‘s debut production HAMLET 2011 going until the 3rd-7th.  I caught EVIL a few days ago and it was good fun (sorry, I’m WAY behind on a few posts just now), and will be at HAMLET this tuesday.  Get on out!

Then my good pals at Evolution Theatre have a new one starting up, THE LAVENDER RAILROAD (aka SAFE HOUSE and EX CATHEDRA) running from the 4th-14th at Studio Leonard-Beaulne.  Yours truly will be running front of house for that one, and if you’re looking to volunteer and catch the show for free, give me a shout at  Because I need all the little helpers I can get!  Also, it’s gonna be an amazing show, so there.

That whole Prairie Scene festival-thing continues, with loads of stuff, including a few plays like GORDON WINTER (5th-8th at Arts Court Theatre), REARVIEW (4th-7th at La Nouvelle Scene), and SONGS OF A PRAIRIE GIRL  (4th-7th at the NAC Studio) prices vary, check the Prairie Scene website for all that jazz.

The NAC English Theatre finishes off this season with I THINK I CAN, a sorta-Stomp/Hip-hop thing, I think, which sounds like good fun, from the 11th thru 28th.  And the Ottawa Little Theatre carries on with MESSIAH ON THE FRIGIDAIRE, starting on the 24th.

Over at the Ron Maslin Playhouse, the Kanata Players are showing Aaron Sorkin’s A FEW GOOD MEN from the 10th-21st.  And the GCTC is having their annual ‘Lawyer play’, THE CRUCIBLE, directed by Pat Gauthier and showing from the 11th thru 14th.

More at the Centrepointe SPRING AWAKENING, which is a whole huge musical thing that even people on the radio talk about, will be there from the 13th to 15th, and HOMECHILD (from Goya Theatre) hits from the 26th-29th.  So, there’s all that.  Centrepointe.  Go there sometime.

What else?  Well, the GCTC teams up with Magnetic north for their final production of the season, Danny MacIvor’s THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS NEXT starting on the 24th so, yay.  And Third Wall hits their own final home run of the season with EXIT THE KING, starting right on the 31st in the GCTC studio.  And that’s about it, I guess…that’s plenty, really…

…but wait a fuck, there’s still the YOUTH INFRINGEMENT FESTIVAL to get to!  Oh yes, the wee little fest that could is back, our tasty lead-in to FRINGE is at the Arts Court from the 17th thru 21st with theatre from eager young upncomers, cool music, and if you’re really lucky?  The AC won’t break down this year.  Their main site is HERE, and you’ll be able to see their lineup when it’s posted.  After the killer new talent I saw there last year, I can’t wait for this one.

Awright, that’s it!  I’m behind for, like, three shows now,and I don’t know if I’ll ever get to them.  I suck.  But I’ll mention them somewhere, I suppose…and I’m off to HAMLET tomorrow nite (who can resist the siren call of Kydi for long??).  So peace, love and soul, whoever you are,

The Visitor (and Winston)

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