The Lavender Railroad – Preview!

Okay, so it turns out I can be a bit of a pest.  I can whine and tagalong with the best of them, and you better believe I can feel sorry for myself.  Sometimes, I can EVEN go moaning to poor Nancy Kenny that ‘how come you don’t invite ME to your media calls for Evolution Theatre?  I’m sorta-kinda media!’  Looking back, I can see that this sort of behaviour on my part is childish, annoying, and 100% effective.  The latest media call went out, and there I was!  Looks like I really AM media now, whether I like it or not.  Here’s me trying now to act like it.

Now, you’d better believe I am stoked for the latest Evolution show.  They’ve got serious game, and their last show, LITTLE MARTYRS, is currently comfortably seated in my top two shows of the year so far.  And their latest offering, THE LAVENDER RAILROAD, comes with the kind of credentials shadowy government organizations only dream about.  Check it:
The acting teams are a tag-team of win, with two pairs of actors starring in each of the two back-to-back pieces that make up THE LAVENDER RAILROAD.  The first, SAFE HOUSE, stars Simon Bradshaw (This Is A Recording, Swimming in the Shallows) and Tom Charlebois (Shining City, A Flea in her Ear).  The second, EX CATHEDRA, has the amazing Beverly Wolfe (Jump) and Maureen Smith (Swimming in the Shallows).  I got to see part of a scene with Bev and Maureen acted out, and yeah, they’re gonna knock your socks off.

I'm a terrible photographer,but trust me, there's some serious glare going on here.

The play(s) are written by Lawrence Aronovitch, and take place in a world where homosexuality is punishable by death.  And as this is a ‘world’ that some people on Earth also call ‘Thursday’, I’d say it’s fairly relevant. Certainly these folks think so, and will even be there for a special talkback after the May 5th show.

Directing is Joel Beddows, who collects awards for his directing like other people collect stamps.  The set looks amazing, as it was on the day of my visit…Margaret Coderre-Williams has coaxed an awful lot of space out of old Leonard-Beaulne.  And the always amazing Lynn Cox and Al Connors (Cars!) are on light and sound, respectively, which is good hands to be in.

The show goes down at the aforementioned Studio Leonard-Beaulne (in the Ottawa U campus) from May 4th thru 14th, and performances are already selling out.  Check out Evolution’s website to buy tickets online for a very reasonable $25.  Or hit the pay-what-you-can matinee on Sunday the 8th. It’s all good.

And I haven’t even mentioned the front of house management…can you say handsome?  Oh, mercy (Note: Someone from Evolution, send me that e-mail soon, please!  Thanks!).

So, that’s me being all media-licious.  The show’s gonna be fantastic, I’m gonna be there, YOU’RE gonna be there, it’s all just so darned perfect, isn’t it?   Evolution Theatre.  LAVENDER RAILROAD.  ‘Nuff Said.  Peace, love and soul,

The Visitor (and Winston)

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