Final Class, Level 2 – Steve at Last

We’re finally here.  Two weeks late thanks to snow and sickness, but we made it, almost all of us (except for Andrea who we sadly lost to a scheduling conflict, boo) to the end of Get Into The Act level 2 at OSSD.  And as it was the day after my very first audition (yes, a post will be coming, relax), I certainly needed some classroom fun to chill out with.  Fortunately, Brie provided that for us in spades by challenging us last week to show up dressed as our character.  So, I spent the better part of the day (after re-upping for level 3) getting into character, as it were.  Haircut, props, temporary tattoos even…brothers and sisters, I went to TOWN for this one.

Almost sad, really, that I got so easily upstaged at the top of class…but then again, we ALL Did.  Turns out the best performance for this final class wouldn’t even come from one of the students.  Let me set the scene for a moment, if you please…Way back in the very first class of level 2, Brie called the roll for the first time.  Everyone was present, except for one person on the list…Steve.  And as the weeks wore on, Brie kept calling the roll, and Steve never showed.  He was like our phantom mascot who we regularly joked about, wondering who the Hell he was and why he never even showed up once.

Last night, he showed up.  Right as we’re all asembling for class, this quiet dude shows up, asks if this is Brie’s class, and identifies himself as Steve.  We’re all blown away, Brie no less.  After informing Steve that this is, in fact, the LAST class, he runs out to the office to see if something can be worked out for this guy, somehow.  At which point, Sasha lets us in on it…’Steve’ is, in fact, her boyfriend Dmitri and she’s been plotting this for weeks.  It was BEAUTIFUL.  In fact, while Brie was out checking with the office, Dmitri just took off.  So some of the girls concocted a story for Brie about how ‘Steve’ freaked out and stormed out, and I think the Big cheese was actually a little upset about it all.  But no one broke.  The gag held on.  It was, really, rather epic.   Sasha, you get major points for that one.

When the Steve furor died down enough, we actually got on with what we were there for, our final day together at fictional Picton Place.  I was happy that everyone showed up in costume, and especially that everyone was back for the last class.  Brie wanted us to work, this last time, on changing some of the status/power balances that had arisen amongst the residents and staff, and he helped out with some fun suggestions.  It all got started with a grant to-do at the Perch (tended by yours truly, Peter Crowley) at which Brad the owner drunkenly announced that Trudy was getting the Community-person of the Year award for her charitable works.  Oddly, this still didn’t endear anyone to Trudy.  Especially Carol, who rather drunkenly shouted out some nasty things about Trudy right there at the party and ended up getting fired/quitting.  It was all quite dramatic.

Somehow, though, Carol managed to parlay that scene into actually getting a promotion as Debra’s new assistant!  Smooth work, , even if she did let it go to her head and try and give Peter shit about some ‘missing’ bottles of wine.  As if.  And..

…you know what?  We just had a whole heap of fun with it.  Sorry, I’m just boring myself with the blow-by-blow playback this week, so I’ll just say that everything turned out AWESOME for Peter (Catherine and I rode off into the sunset together in a surprise twist ending), and then it was time for graduation night drinks at Whispers!

And yes, we did finally let Brie in on the Steve gag, as Dmitri was waiting for us all there ahead of time.  Brie was mightily impressed at being so ably punk’d by his own students, and we all had some drinks and tasty nachos over some good chatter.  Brie told us about his work with Sanitas, who have an upcoming show at the OSSD on the 23rd.  And we all tried to figure out if there were even going to be enough of us signed up to make level 3 happen….I think as of this writing we’re one short still.  Anyone want to join up for some scene and monologue work with Brie and several squinky students like myself?  There’s still time!

But not much, as level 3 starts NEXT WEEK, the result of our being 2 weeks behind.  Which is fine, fine by me.  No place I’d rather be, really.  And after my audition, it’s safe to say I could sure use the practice (post is coming!).  Peace, love and soul (especially you Brie, Catherine, Vanessa, Stefan, Rachel, Daria, Julie, Sasha, Andrea, and yes, even Steve),

The Visitor (and Winston)

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