Coming Up in April ’11

Crap, I’m way late with this one this time, and isn’t THAT getting to be my anthem these days? So let’s skip right ahead to it, bypassing the shows that have just ended on the 2nd (and hope ya had great runs, ANTIGONE, SONS OF ULSTER, LES FRIDOLINADES, LA LISTE, ST.CARMEN OF THE MAIN, CASH ON DELIVERY and UNDER MILK WOOD!) and see what else there is to see in April:

Well, tonite (the 4th) of course there’s CRUSH IMPROV at the Elmdale Tavern, and maybe if you ask real nice Brad and Al will dance to Friday LIVE AND IN PERSON!   I’m sure it’s just what they’re hoping will happen, anyhow.

THE MIDDLE PLACE, already begun at the GCTC, continues on until the 17th, and having already caught it, I can say it is definitely worthy of attention.  Go, go, go!  And the Ottawa U gang have a new one, MEDEE-MATERIAU coming to Academic Hallfrom the 5th-9th.  Always a solid show from these cats.

Ah, here’s something cool…the dangerous trifecta!  First, we got George Walker’s CRIMINAL GENIUS at the Shenkman Centre, from the Orleans Young Players, on the 8th and 9th.  Then Walker’s ZASTROZZI, courtesy of Algonquin Theatre Artss, hits at the college campus from 13th-16th.  And finally, from the good lads at May Can Theatre comes THE DANGER PROJECT at the Avant-Garde bar from 19th-21st.  I recommend all of these shows, and think you should try and catch’em all, and I’m always right!  Problem solved, now look at all the cool  stuff you have to do this month.  And there’s more!

Ottawa Little Theatre brings out DELIVER US FROM EVIL on the 19th and heading into May.  Also over at Shenkman Centre is something called EYES UPON THE CROSS from 9th Hour Theatre co.  That one’s from the 19th-21st, and 23-24th.  And the NAC has a very fun sounding show, LAUCHIE LIZA AND RORY gearing up from the 5th thru 16th.

The Lakeside Players are bringing Norm Foster’s OPENING NIGHT to the Ron Kolbus Center on the 28th to May 1st.  And the NAC French Theatre rolls out TEMPS from the 12th-16th.

Then there’s the highly awaited debut of the brand new Ottawa Shakespeare Company and their debut production, HAMLET 2011.  That’ll be at some awesome-sounding new space at the Centrepointe theatre, and I hope to see you all there.  It sounds cool.  Also, my acting coach Brie Barker brings his Sanitas Playback Theatre peeps to the Natalie Stern Studio at the OSSD for STORIES OF LOVE on April 23rd, 730 start. Which also sounds pretty fantastic.

And finally, the PRAIRIE SCENE festival kicks off at the end of this month, and two of their theatrical offerings are along for the ride: TALK from the 27th-30th at the GCTC’s mainstage, and RUSSELL’S WORLD, a family-fun show, has a solo matinee show at the NAC studio on the 30th.  Get out and see whatcha can!

That’s just about it….sorry I’m late (again).  I suppose I should also mention a few other things, like New Theatre Ottawa‘s fundraiser/John Koensgen’s birthday bash (he’s finally old enough to drink! Buy him a shot!) at Arts Court on the 8th, but you’re so hip you probably already had your ticket for that.   So why bother?  I’m just gonna go and get ready for work now, and you can thank Winston for this post since he will no longer allow me to sleep in past 6 am.  EVER.  Thanks, kitty (*YAWN*).

Peace, love and soul, all,

The Visitor (and Winston)

PS – Oh yeah, something called the Prix Rideau Awards goes down somewhere in Gatineau, I think, on the 10th.  People will win stuff and dress up, and it’ll be  atime, I hear.  Ther’es also that.

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