Dirty Birds and Good Company

I always feel bad about seeing a show on closing night.  Not that the show won’t be as great, but just that my blog, wee and feeble as it already is, turns completely powerless in the process.  Kind of hard to convince someone to go see a show if the show’s already closed, yeah?  Actually, HAS this blog ever convinced someone to go see a show?  Pipe up if it has, I’m curious.

That all being whined about, yesterday I did exactly that, and saw the final night of a local production, specifically Doug Phillips’ DIRTY BIRD from the New Ottawa Repertory Theatre company.  They’d previously impressed me with SINS OF THE MOTHER, so I was looking forward.  And I actually WOULD have seen it earlier, but a strange thing happened.  Someone actually wanted to see it with me, on THIS nite.  And not just any someone, oh no, but the someone of someones, FamousActressNancyKenny herself!  And while I still can’t fathom why one of the purtiest gals in Ottawa would want to slum it with the likes of me, I wasn’t about to argue.

Met the Nancy at the GCTC, where I bumped into the deeliteful Emily Pearlman and Anna Chambers (Emily previously won the Prix Rideau Award for Emerging artist…this year, Anna’s nominated.  An omen??).  Then me and Nancy headed off in our stretch limo, courtesy of OC Transpo, to a fashionable local eatery for dinner, where we also produced great works of art.

Hers is better, but then again, she IS Nancy Kenny.

We soberly discussed the important events of the day, waxed philosophical on all manner of erudite subjects, and were just generally marvellous.  You should have been there, but then again, you probably weren’t cool enough.  So it’s just as well.

Afterwards, we picked up some caffeine to go and wended our way to the Natalie Stern at OSSD for the show, a new one from NORT and Doug Phillips.  The story, set in the buildup to the Royal wedding of Charles and Di back in the day,  centered around a group of British drunks of varying social classes who find themselves falling in together after an AA meeting.  For one reason or another, they eventually decide that a good way to make some quick cash would be to knock over the local KFC.  It’s a hilarious show, and the main trio of Doug Phillips, Adam Skanks and Garret Quirk are fucking gold to behold.  There’s great supporting work too from Kate Charles, Enya Phillips (Daughter of playwright Doug), Esme Dervis (Daughter of Director Paul…DIRTY BIRD really keeps it in the family), and especially Rachelle Casseus as Denise.  Kudos all around for a mighty fine outing.

Afterwards Nancy and I got to hang out for a bit with the cast and crew, heading out to Whispers for post-play palaver.  Turns out Garret Quirk works right across the street from me in his secret identity.  He’s also a complete madman to go out drinking with, and operates at a higher speed setting than most of us humans.  It’s almost dizzying to witness.  Also had a chance meeting with Henry Austin Shikongo from the awesome UNDER MILK WOOD (which you should all see while you have the chance).  And…good heavens.  Henry Shikongo is, as far as I can tell, the most polite, pleasant-spirited gent I’ve ever met.  You can’t help but feel like an uncultured brute when he’s around, but in a good way.   It was a lovely encounter.  And a great nite out.  I even left the bar at the EXACTLY correct time to catch my last bus.  Nice when things work out like that.

Right, that about wraps it up for me for a day or so…all caught up!  Now I have an audition to prep for (however you do THAT), some story-ish things to brainstorm about, and a good time to reflect upon.  Nice to keep busy.  Keep well yourselves, kids, and watch out for the penguin.   Peace, love and soul,

The Visitor (and Winston)

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