Sweet Tarts 3: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone

There’s really no good, non-maudlin excuse why this is so late, so my apologies all around, and let’s get right to it…the latest eppy of SWEET TARTS TAKEAWAY!

Our heroines are on their own in this one, on their second official mission for repo man Bob (who sadly doesn’t make an appearance this time ’round).  And mission #2 takes place, joy of sitcom-setup joys, in a sex shop (Venus Envy, for any Ottawa spotters in the crowd).  Okay, the sex-shop locale IS a bit of a comedy gimme, but the gals do use it for a few very good effects.  Like the revelation that Janis (Kel Parsons) has been widowed for 12 years, and still doesn’t know what a vibrator looks like close up..it may be why she seems to be throwing herself into her new, more adventurous lifestyle with such apparent gusto, and dragging poor Sue (Kate Drummond) along with her, like it or not.

There are a couple of wicked fun cameos in this one, like Nadine Thornhill returning to the setting of her OREO success, this time as a disgruntled owner of a pair of edible underwear.  And WHO YOU CALLIN’ SWEETHEART’s Guy Buller is gold as the semi-clueless shop owner, pining less than subtly after Sue.  Naturally, that all becomes part of Janis’ plan to repossess…whatever it is they’re after.  Tune in next time, same Tart-Time, same Tart-Channel!

Actually, I’m told there will be a little extra-long gap before the next ep, most likely for some fine-tuning and whatnot.  It’s all good…this is a series that is starting out good and has the potential to get much, MUCH better.  And  am I the only one who’s finding that theme music catchier all the time..?
Again, pardon the lateness of this wee recapping, especially given the special circumstances…so, with all love, a heartfelt HAPPY (LATE) BIRTHDAY KEL PARSONS!!  Keep on awesoming, you.  Peace love and soul from…

The Visitor (and Winston)

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