Sweet Tarts 2: Sweet Tarter

It’s Monday, so you know what that means…the beginning of the work week for most of you rotten souls, but more importantly, new webisode of Sweet Tarts Takeaway to enjoy!  Yeah, I’m gonna write about every one of these, deal with it.

Following right on the heels of episode one, our plucky cater-heroines Janis and Sue split up in this one.  Sue (Kate Drummond) checks in on her pooch Jackson, whom she shares with her ex Dan (Jerome Bourgault making his series debut, and looking amusingly forlorn the entire time).  Janis (Kel Parsons) meanwhile, returns the ring from last week’s adventure to Repo Man Bob (Riley Stewart).  Bob’s angry, but a little bit impressed, and tries to tempt the girls into another caper.  And did I detect some Bob/Janis vibes in this ep?  Does the fanfiction need to start flowing?  I say yes.  Of course, it’s all about the slash these days, that’s just the way it went.  I remember back in the day…

Sorry, flashbacks. Anyways, the series is still picking up steam, setting up the story, and they ARE of course short little eppys.  Writer/Producer/Director/Everything Bonnie Robinson seems quite content to let things proceed apace, and I’m just fine with that.  Like any good recipe, these things cannot be rushed.  As for this ep, loved Kate Drummond’s dreamy air during her cookery, and scheming Bob doing his grubby best to get doubting Janis on his side.  They got a good crew on this series.  Looking forward to next week!

That’s it for this short post…more another day about my ongoing adventures in Chapel Perilous (I wasn’t out after all), progress on the 211 in 2011 project, and maybe even a little new theatre this week (hoping for a Long Weekend/ Crystal Basement double-bill tomorrow, we’ll see if that works out).  Oh, and I did end up seeing LITTLE MARTYRS again…but I’m not telling you about my feelings upon the second viewing, no I’m not.  They’re just for me.  Take care you lot, and maybe I’ll see you around someday.  Peace, love and soul,

The Visitor (and Winston)

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