You Shot My Pony! …and other funny things.

Haha, I FINALLY got off my ass and put that package in the mail!  Caren, if you’re reading this (you’re totally not, but, y’know, pretend), you should have gudstuff arriving by the middle of next week.  I hope you think it’s good, anyways…

Oh, shit, this is a blog.  Sorry!  My mind wanders sometimes.  I’m supposed to be talking about theatre, and so I shall.  In fact, after getting Caren’s package (you’re SO gonna love it..!) in the post, I hopped on the #7 and wended my way back, back to my old alma mater at Carleton U once again.  The last time I was here had been for the Sock’n’Buskin production of SIX CHARACTERS IN SEARCH OF AN AUTHOUR.  I had a fine time, and so ventured back into the tunnels tonite for their latest venture, the ONE-ACT COMEDY FESTIVAL.  With a little help from blind luck I found the Kailash Mital Theatre…and seriously, that’s a fucking wicked cool name, guys…and once again found it almost criminally underfilled.  This time I sat right up front, because why not?  And wondered what to expect.

A halfway decent crowd had assembled by showtime, and the 90-minute show of nine consecutive short cemedic scenes got underway.  And whatever I had been expecting, I can very shamefacedly say I had NOT been expecting it to be THAT fucking good.  But I had the time of my life at this show.

I really don’t know any of the source material, if they exist only AS these small scenes or what (at least one was written by show director Adam Smith himself), but they were good fun, occasionally wicked brilliant.  From the opening DRIGS ARE BAD  skit featuring a dragged-out Kyle Roenick and stern Dave Rowan (who, yeah, I completely remembered as Stage Tech #2 from 6 CHARACTERS), to Kayla Isabelle’s fierce about-face on Danny Tedla in NO DOGS ALLOWED, which featured some of the finest vicious threats I’ve EVER heard uttered.  Virginia Woodall very much shone in the surprisingly sweet POST-ITS, and Bev Hinterhoeller had the place howling in BEST DADDY.  Adam Smith’s OVER THE HILL was a crazily cool look at a horrible homeless hierarchy, MISS YOU was beautifully staged and all too believable…and the finale, CONTROLLING INTEREST, pretty much brought the house down (LOVED Alex Lai constantly letting people know what she knew how to do).

And a special shoutout to the two I kept confusing with one another, the Champagne boys, Jon and Jamie…shit.  Silly talented, these cats.  Someone put them in a movie!  Oh, wait…they already did.

I left the KM theatre very, very impressed tonite, and I’ll be keeping an eye out for a lot of the names I learned in this show for the next long while (I expect great things).  This was a good, fun show and if you’re free tomorrow nite (Saturday) you fucking well HAVE to go.  Trust me, awright?  Laughing is fun.  Do it while you have this kick-ass opportunity.  Until next time, SnB, Peace, love and soul,

The Visitor (and Winston)


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