Coming Up in 2011

God I’m bored.  This whole ‘Holiday Season’ may be all festive and spiritual and what not,  but there’s sweet fuck-all happening theatre-wise (unless I’m right clueless).  With NATIVITY wrapping tomorrow, there ain’t naught but LEGALLY BLONDE going on until the new year.  And since, thanks to Xmas, I can’t AFFORD a Broadway show, all I can do now is look forward to said changing of the calendar.  so here’s a quick list of the theatrical goings-on that, off the top of my head, I’m most looking forward to in 2011:

First off, in January CRUSH IMPROV settles in to a regular first-Monday-of-the-month slot at the Elmdale, with the gig getting started on the 3rd.  An always entertaining night out with some talented monkeys onstage, with the added bonus of pickled eggs within arm’s reach.

The supahcool UNDERCURRENTS festival premieres late January at the GCTC, with eight awesome Fringe-esque shows getting the spotlight over two weeks.  If you’re really good and reserve early, you might actually be able to see SHADOWS this time around.

Also in January, I’m told I’ll finally learn what super-secret project Fringe overlord Natalie Joy Quesnel wants me to assist with.  Given my skill set, it’s either digging latrines, or burning Denis Armstrong in effigy.  Either way, I’m game.  Plus, in January I’ll be starting up my 2nd entry-level acting class at the OSSD, with new instructor and everything!  Will be very, very good to be back.

A fun  sounding FESTIVAL OF ONE-ACT COMEDIES from the good kids at Sock’n’Buskin in February sounds like a good bet…the more festivals the merrier!

February also nets us the debut of Plosive Productions with THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST at the Gladstone, and the triumphant return of Evolution Theatre with their translation of LA PETITE SCRAPE (translated, it is now noted, into LITTLE MARTYRS, thanx Nancy K) at Arts Court.

March sees Third Wall back with ANTIGONE at the GCTC studio, with an absolutely killer-diller cast.  I’m also eager to see Tara Players and Ottawa Little Theatre team for OBSERVE THE SONS OF ULSTER MARCHING TOWARDS THE SOMME, as it sounds like a neat late companion piece for VIMY.

SAINT CARMEN OF THE MAIN should be an extremely good bet for squinky goodness coming up from the NAC.  And April will see smooth Tim Oberholzer in Algonquin college’s ZASTROZZI.

May will hit us with this years YOUTH INFRINGEMENT FESTIVAL, a good chance to see what stuff the kids got to strut…I had a ball at last year’s, and will for sure be back.

Getting into June, the legend Daniel MacIvor himself hits the GCTC with his THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS NEXT, and you know that’s gonna be a fan-fucking-tastic time.  Not to mention, of course, the OTTAWA FRINGE FESTIVAL gets underway, and we’ll see if my body can stand the strain of yet another Fringe-coma…especially considering June ALSO sees the MAGNETIC NORTH festival return to Ottawa!  I’d better start saving…who needs food?

On top of all this and much, much more, I’m still hoping to make another theatrical road trip this year…Summerworks again?  Or another Fringe?  We’ll see which way the wind blows, for sure, for sure…

That’s all I got for now.  Anyone got stuffs to add?  You know you do.  I’m out…apologies to those I didn’t mention by name, you know I love ya.  Now, back to being bored, watching LOST and wondering about whether or not I should try and bathe Winston before bringing him home to meet my folks.  He’s getting a little ripe…

Peace love and soul, y’all,

The Visitor


  1. My bad on my blog: the English title of the Evolution Theatre show is Little Martyrs.

    Also, good luck with the Winson washing. He likes peeking into the tub but really doesn’t like the whole touching water element…

    Merry Christmas, V. Big snuggles to Winston for me! I miss him.

    • heppily Corrected! Still looking forward to that one, fo sho.
      I’ve opted against the bathing for now…getting him into the carrier and out to Kemptville will be traumatic enough for the guy, I figger. Why push it?
      Merry Xmas yourself, Nancy…enjoy the break! 🙂

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