Coming Up in October ’10

Starting October off with a few cool, random sighting at the GCTC…on the way home today, waiting on that ol’ bus to come, and spotted Wayne C and Nadine Thornhill across the street.  Neither of them came my way tho, so if they’re reading this, I was that weird guy in the hat giving you funny looks from across the street.    And yesterday, when I was coming in for my volunteer shift for THE LIST, I saw superstar Emily Pearlman breezing down the stairs.  Some cool secret work-shoppiness is the scuttlebutt.  MiCasa offerings in the offing..?

But enough with my pointless gossip, there’s a fairly busy Octobermonth coming up, and here’s what I can find so far.  A few of last month’s shows finishing their runs…GCTC’s THE LIST and Ottawa Little Theatre’s CROSSING DELANCEY are still on til the 3rd and the 2nd, respectively.  And SevenThirty’s A FLEA IN HER EAR marches on straight thru to the 23rd at the Gladstone, so you’ve got no excuse not to catch THAT one, at last.

GCTC only has one other business this month, and it sounds good to me…HAMLET (solo) with Raoul Baneja runs just three days from the 15th to the 17th.  I’m all ticketed up already ($28.50, FYI)!   And for just four days (6th to the 9th) May Can Theatre brings Daniel MacIvor’s YOU ARE HERE to the Algonquin College Studio.

Ottawa Little Theatre keeps on going (98 seasons?  Okay, that’s kind of pretty impressive…) with HONEYMOON AT GRAVESIDE MANOR, starting the 19th and going into the next month.    And the NAC kicks off their season with the classic of classics, ROMEO AND JULIET starting the 19th as well (no one tell Armstrong, he’ll lose it!!).  They say Peter Hinton is going all-out for this one, so, y’know…go see it and stuff.

I’m real jazzed for this one…Fringe Ninja Pat Gauthier returns from the awesome SOMEONE FOR EVERYONE with the dynamic duo of Kris Joseph and Kate Smith in tow, and they’re invading Laurier House for THE TURN OF THE SCREW.  A supahcool ghost story at a dynamite location, for 25 dollars you were just going to waste on insulin anyways.  I’d better see you ALL there…starts the 27th, runs til Nov 7th.

What else…Aha!  Over at the new Cube Gallery Salon on Wellington, we’ve got BLACKBIRD killer John Koensgen in ST.NICHOLAS from New Theatre of Ottawa.  John K in a 1-manner Irish play about vampires?  Damn!  Then there’s BLITHE SPIRIT from Linden House company in Rockliffe Park.  I don’t know much about these folks, but they sound enthusiastic and their venue looks perfectly goddamned lovely!

And hey, did I mention Emily Pearlman earlier?  Because she and a few other outstanding folks are gonna be on showcase at Arts Courts Theatre for a one-day only event that sounds too cool for school, the TAXI STAND JAM…it sounds pretty must-see to me.

…But wait, there’s more!  The Capitol gets slammed (that’s a pun!) with the CANADIAN FESTIVAL OF SPOKEN WORD taking over the town from the 12th thru the 17th at a variety of locations.  Plenty going on, and some amazing words to be heard, so get out to as much as you can.

…but wait, there’s STILL more!  Yes, because someone loves us more than we deserve, the mighty Mayfair theatre is putting on a SILENT FILM FESTIVAL this month.  I’m fucking giddy over this…I LOVES me my silent movies (have I bragged to you yet about that cheap Kino copy of THE GOLEM I just found at Turning Point?  SO cool.), and the Mayfair does them better than…well, anyone, anywhere.  I can’t recommend THE GENERAL enough.  If you have a soul, be there, it will make you feel better.

…but wait, there’s STILL…oh wait, no, that’s it.  Right.  Go say hi to your loved ones, they miss you, and remember to always watch the skies.   See you at FAUST tomorrow nite,

The Visitor


  1. Seeing you today reminded me I needed to get caught up on your blog. I generally love my occasional camoes in this space, but this time around seems you caught me in an unflattering, self-involved moment.

    I remember the day in question; however I don’t think I saw you seeing me. I’m so sorry. If I’d seen you, I would have definitely come over to say “hi”.

    • I never intend to unflatter the eminently flatterable Nadine Thornhill! I was fairly certain neither of you guys saw/recognized me anyways. Tho I remember thinking it was weird the way you kept going up and down Wellington, about three times before my bus came. I like to think you were on some sort of crimefighting patrol.

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