YouTube spam #1

This is your old pal The Visitor here, posting just because I can.  Had a few days there where I was locked out of the system, as WordPress had informed me there was trouble with ‘the content of my blog’.  That had me sweating, a rather terrible week of events seemed to have hit a crescendo.  Were all my swears coming back to haunt me?  Well, fuck.

But now it turns out the problem was nothing more than a computer glitch, and there was actually no problem at all.  To celebrate, I’m making this post to pimp some of my fav’rit videos on YouTube that I can think of in the next thirty seconds:

JET GENERATION from the awesomest band in the world GUITAR WOLF, a gang of rockandroll killahs so hardcore they even have their own sci-fi zombie action movie.

From channel Babelcolour, the epic DOCTOR WHO vs. BENNY HILL vs. EMINEM mashup.

A rather great Rogue Traders music video about my fav’rit bad movie, SUPERGIRL.  Which reminds me, I still have to watch my new version with the director’s commentary…

The mighty DIE ANTWOORD.  Pink Floyd boxers shorts in your FACE, bitches.

…and to finish off,the amazing STORM LARGE and 8 MILES WIDE, from her one-woman show CRAZY ENOUGH that I would kill you and everyone you hold dear to see.  Nothing personal.

Back this week with writeups of new stuff…how much depends on what I manage to buy tickets for tomorrow.  Money grows on trees, right..?
…well, fuck.  Later,

The Visitor

PS:  Almost forgot, now you kids can follow me twatting on Twitter!  At the moment I’m grumpy that people aren’t paying enough attention to me there, so I’m starting to tell stories to myself.  Come and watch me self-destruct in a slightly different setting!

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