It is quite warm

I really have nothing to write about yet.  I’d been hoping to have already seen MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM by now, but with a humidex of 42 degrees+?  Sorry, Fools, you’re on your own.  Try not to get heatstroke, and call me when there’s a cold snap, I’ll BE there.

There’s Alan Shain at the end of the week, and THAT will be a time, but I’m impatient.  Perhaps I got used to the madcap pace of the Fringe updates?  I need me another Fringe that’s all there is to it.  I’ll have to settle for the SUMMERWORKS Festival in Toronto next month, for which I’m taking my first week off in 8 years (which, now that I actually see it in print before my eyes, sounds absolutely fucking crazy).  And it means I’ll be able to see COUNTRIES SHAPED LIKE STARS yet again!

Third time's the restraining order..!

 In the meantime, I’ve been poking at one of my own stories that I’m trying to write into a play of my own.  It’s tricky going…I’m not used to writing in script form, mainly reg’lar old prose, and it’s giving me fits.  I’m doing more walking around, acting things out loud and dramaturging scenes (I think I’m dramaturging, anyways…honestly, I’m not sure what dramaturgy even IS…I’m hoping that’s part of my innocent charm.  Is it?  Oh, God, let it be part of my charm) than actual writing.  But in that sense, it’s coming along, and even though the idea for this one is about 7 years old now, I still like it.  My challenge to myself is to try and have a show of my very own in the Fringe within 2 years.   And I’d kinda like it to be this show.

 Tho I still haven’t even started writing the songs…

But whatevah.  I’ll get it done, and in the meantime I’m gonna keep on writing about and reviewing the shows I see here in O-town and beyond, and missing the Fringe already.   I hear the good sir Barry Smith is doing well in Toronto at their Fringe, which is awesome.  Best wishes to all the folks I’ve met here who are on the road there, and further still (next year, I’m SO doing Victoria Fringe.  Who’s with me..??).  Still, first things first…Alan Shain, this weekend, GCTC.  I’d better see you there!

A warm fuzzy among the banality,

The Visitor

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